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Sejuani Build Guide by Altera

Sejuani: Ice Cold Killer.

Sejuani: Ice Cold Killer.

Updated on January 21, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Altera Build Guide By Altera 7,950 Views 2 Comments
7,950 Views 2 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Altera Sejuani Build Guide By Altera Updated on January 21, 2012
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  • LoL Champion: Sejuani
  • LoL Champion: Sejuani

Sejuani, The Winters Wrath.

When Sejuani was born, the mystics of her tribe foretold that she would be the one to unite and lead the divided territories of Freljord. Her people had suffered for centuries, as a losing war on the frozen tundra pushed them farther and farther from Freljord's limited food supplies. Sejuani grew up surrounded by this misery, and it fueled her desire to fulfill her destiny. She pushed herself to extremes, walking out into blizzards without food or furs and training while frigid winds raked her flesh. She sparred with the strongest warriors of her tribe, one after another, until her legs would give out beneath her. She sustained injuries that would have killed any other member of the tribe, but she would only rise again, driven by sheer force of will and what her tribe took to calling her ''heart of the blizzard.''

On her twentieth birthday, Sejuani declared that she would lead her people out of their remote isolation to conquer the lands of their enemies. She had completed her training and she was ready to face the leaders of the opposing tribes. Her feats had already become legend and soldiers in her company were inspired to new heights of strength and resolve. However, before she struck out on her campaign, Ashe began campaigning for peace in Freljord, joining the League of Legends to demonstrate how the people could be spared violence. To Sejuani, this was a violation of tradition - a coward's ruse to hoard Freljord's precious few resources. She saw the confidence of her people wane as it seemed they would never be delivered from their plight. She decided that to truly prove herself as the rightful ruler of Freljord, she must defeat Ashe completely and unquestionably on the world's stage in the League of Legends.

''Freljord provides for the few. For the others, 'peace' means only death.''
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Sejuani Is the most recent addition to the League. Like many champions she can perform well in a few roles, but i think her strength lies in the role of a high damage tank, In the summoner spotlight Phreak suggests jungle possibilities but i have yet to try these. Her abilities all gain bonus damage from AP so an AP, or AP/Health build may be possible. If i had to briefly describe her i would suggest you think of a Shyvana/ Ashe Hybrid.
In the games i have played her (using this build) i have scored quite high ending with 10/4/20 and 8/6/18 in my last two games. Previous games have been just as good assuming you dont do stupid things during the laning phase.

Important note: This is still a work in progress and Sejuani is new, this is also my second guide. I honestly don't know how people tear themselves away from games to make the huge guides we see.
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Pros / Cons

-Surprisingly good movement speed
-Great Mid-Late game
-Great CC with her slows and her Ulti
-She is on a boar! C'mon that's pretty cool

-Poor AP Scaling, Just dont do it
-Quite squishy at start
-Suffers from New hero syndrome (Gets focused down atm)
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Ok i am going to keep it short and sweet for runes. I suggest Flat armour Marks and Seals with Magic resist glyphs. I use Experience Quints because i am accustomed to them in games. If jungling A bit of attack speed might go far too.

In truth i dont have this yet and am currently using Flat Attack speed Marks and Per level cooldown Glyphs.
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Currently i am running Sejuani as a tank, so Focus on Defence. Demolitionist and Siege Commander are extremely important imo as it allows your, and your team to take turrets quicker, often meaning you wont have to tank one. Also remember, if your not using Flash/ Exhaust you can change Summoner's Wrath and Summoner's Insight if needed.
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Summoner Spells

Ok so what about summoners? Well that's entirely up to you, but i'll give you a hand anyway :P

Flash: Flash is my bread and butter, i have it on nearly every character because it is just so useful. It can be used as to close gaps and chase, to escape, avoiding those pesky skill shots that would kill you, jumping walls, and if you wanted to, a great utility to steal a kill (But prepare to get yelled at)

Exhaust: Not a spell i equip that much as i usually carry Ignite But i am finding Exhaust to be much more useful for a tank. You can use it to slow an enemy whilst your team pounds them into the dust, Slow/weaken someone who is chasing you or a team mate. A clever tank will bait an enemy into engaging you before you drop Sejauni's slows then bringing in a team mate and exhausting the enemy on their retreat, or if things begin to go wrong.

Ignite: Quite possibly my favourite summoner spell. A damage over time effect that scales with level. You can usually take down fleeing enemies with it, although i have seen (and participated in) Rage Ignites in which you ignite an enemy for no reason, amusingly this tactic can be beneficial early game, and less so late game. Pop it if your going down in a team fight regardless as it might just give your team the edge, and means you are on the assist for longer.

The other spells i can't really comment on as i don't use them much but i will give it a shot.

Ghost: One thing you may notice about [Sejauni] well her Boar is its quite large, i have seen her vibrate on the spot when surrounded by minions and unable to escape. Practically speaking it functions just like flash and is a great tool for chasing or escaping. If you are a ghost fan drop flash for it.

Teleport: A spell you should consider if you are going to recall (or die) a lot. It might also be a good choice if you are solo top. Teleport can also be great for ganking or assisting a random lane and starting the team fight phase.

Promote: An underrated spell in my opinion. This lets you increase the stats of a siege minion (the canon ones) and the improved minion will give you gold for its kills. This effectively doubles your farming potential until the minion is killed. Something you may consider is promoting a minion in another lane allowing you to basically steal their gold, This is a bit harsh though.
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Ok so firstly i think i need to say that i have not got the items perfect yet (this is day one of release after all)
I start the game with a Regrowth Pendant and a Health Potion upgrading to a philosopher's stone and purchasing Boots during my first recall. Next i attempt to farm enough gold for a Heart of Gold and Upgrade my boots. Currently im using the Ninja Tabi but mercury treads are equally useful, especially against a High AP team. Warmog's Armor comes next, but you probably won't want to try and purchase it in one go, Giant's Belt first then the other parts. Usually i find myself selling Heart of Gold to make up the final bit of gold for the Armor. As is often the case Atma's Impaler follows Warmog's if aiming for the Frozen Heart it might be best to buy a chain shirt for it first, the extra armor may be needed. Work towards the Glacial Shroud next but you dont need to finish it. At this point in the game AP champions might be becoming a serious problem and it may be time to invest in some magic resistance so pick up a Null-Magic Mantle which whilst providing a little MR can be built into the Guardian Angel later. Finish the Frozen Heart off and you should find most AD champions dont seem to threatening, but dont get overconfident, AP champions, Teams with heavy Crowd control and conniving players can still take you down. Invest in that Guardian Angel and not only are you a little more resistant to magic, you will also get back up after dying.

Now you have your 6 items you might think of upgrading your Philosopher's stone , However i dont and usually sell it when/if i earn enough money for another item. As will likely continue in most builds your sixth item should depend on the situation. A Thornmail is great against a team filled with AD champions whilst a Banshee's Veil will serve you better against an AP heavy team. You might look into a Wit's End if you need a little boost to your damage output and magic resist. Or you could of course upgrade your Philosopher's stone either of its upgrades are great, but the Tenacity of Eleisa's Miracle could prove incredibly useful.
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Skill Sequence

Briefly put, you want to max Northern Winds first followed by Permafrost and Arctic Assault Of course remember to level her ultimate, Glacial Prison as soon as you can.

Now for a quick run down of her abilities.

Her passive is Frost this causes her basic attacks to reduce enemies attack speed by 10% for 3 seconds. This means her basic attacks are great when chasing, but remember to hit enemies that are chasing any weakened allies as you might just save them this way.

Arctic Assault is Sejuani's 'Q' and functions like a skill shot. Upon use she charges toward the destination dealing damage to the minions she hits but will stop upon hitting a champion. Using Northern Winds before this will cause its effect to hit a line of enemies. It is nice to note that Arctic assault will go through walls and up ledges so is great for fleeing or ambushes.

Northern Winds is her 'W' and functions much like Shyvana's Burnout. It is a Short duration aoe extending from Sejuani dealing damage to those in range. damage dealt is increased by 50% against those afflicted by [pPermafrost]]

Permafrost, Her 'E' functions like Twitch's expunge this strengthens the effect of Frost already on enemies further increasing the movement speed reduction for 3 seconds. It also causes Northern Winds to do increased damage.

Glacial Prison is her ultimate, her 'R' and again functions as a skill shot. She throws her weapon stunning the first champion it hits for 2 seconds, stunning all nearby enemies (including other champions) for 1 second, this also applies Frost and is great when followed up with her other abilities. This is a great initiator and potent chaser.
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Jungling: A wild boar has appeared.

I have yet to test jungling, But i will update this ASAP.

Update: i have given jungle Sejuani a go and it shows promise. I built similar to Jungle Rammus starting with Cloth Armor and five Health Potion building the armor into a Wriggle's Lantern and picking up Boots ASAP. I stuck with Ninja Tabi in the game as the enemy team was primarily AD. Still working on something more sturdy though.
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Ok so to summarize you are infact on a boar, and her dance does involve dancing around on top of the boar. You might have won the game or lost and have learnt a lesson regardless, but don't sell the character short. She isn't the strongest character around but makes a good tank with a nice supply of damage. She most certainly is not my favourite character but she is quite fun to play.

This is my second ever guide my first being a Viktor guide.

Thanks for reading anyway, good luck in the League.
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- Proof read and corrected some spelling/grammer
- Updated some sections
- Changed name as someone used the same name -_-
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