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Sejuani Build Guide by th3doorMATT

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author th3doorMATT

Sejuani Poro Ride Your Way to Freelo!

th3doorMATT Last updated on March 7, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Threats to Sejuani with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Sejuani You're Sejuani...Therefore I put this threat level at the lowest setting. NO ONE is a threat. You will carry so hard with Sejuani and even with this build it As long as you play smart you have no one to be afraid of, at least on the enemy team...your team is a different story haha. But really, you can carry with Sejuani's kit and force your team to fight and win them even if they are not that great, you can gift them kills left and right and if not, take them yourself and get tankier faster! (never hurts)
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Why is Sejuani so strong?

Sejuani is one of, if not, the best tank junglers currently in League of Legends.
She has decent camp clears with her W's %max health damage, as well as it's AoE, and her E's damage to every affected target of her passive.
Her ganks are extremely strong as she has a knock back, once again her %max health damage, and her slow from E and even chilling smite if you have it.
Let's not even mention her ultimate. Her ultimate is an AMAZING tool to engage or disengage practically anywhere on the map. You can engage from range or charge in and point blank several members of their team before they can react while your team collapses on them. Found yourself in a sticky situation or your team member is getting collapsed on and you believe they can escape if they had a little head start? ULT! Her ultimate at rank 2 (especially) is on a fairly low cooldown that you can use it whenever you want and it will pretty much be guaranteed to be up the next time you need it.

Let's talk a bit about jungle clears and pathing...

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Jungle Clears

Alright so let's talk about camp clears as a jungler. I am not sure what your path is or what you have heard, hell, maybe you already know this but these are my routes. I just put Blue and Red Buff paths on the same side rather than cramping all on the right side of the map, but you get the idea! Also, you should really only have to use two biscuits, but in case you need the third, use it, but if you can, try not to.

One thing to remember is that Sejuani's W is an auto-reset, this means that the auto attack animation and speed is reset when you activate this ability. The most important part when clearing camps is that you AUTO ATTACK, press W, and you will find yourself immediately smacking your target for a % of their max health. This is a very small mechanic that is extremely useful; whenever or wherever you can sneak that extra auto...DO IT! Especially with on-hit effects like Iceborn Gauntlet it's nice to get an auto in, press W to get your % damage in before your next auto that proc's the slow field and damage to nearby targets. Another great thing is that with my build, Sejuani's W and E are on about even cool downs as you rank them so you will use W, immediately followed by E (assuming you've hit all targets in the camp with your first swing of W) and they will both be off cool down at the same time for another rotation!

Check out the map for clears and pathing here

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First Back and Itemization

It's happened to me a few games and I'm sure if you're an avid jungler, it may have happened to you. Sometimes at your level 2 while you're clearing Scuttle, you'll see either a fight Top, Mid, or Bot breaking out (depending on which side you start on) and you might see an opportunity to gank and secure a kill if they're super low, take advantage of that and get some extra gold in your pocket!
Either way it is important to do the above path because it will ensure that you have enough gold when you back to upgrade machete AND at least get one extra pot.

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Your role as a tank and initiator/ganker

As Sejuani you have an amazing amount of CC. Your AoE attacks and AoE slows/stuns make you an unstoppable force. As the main tank for your team, stay close to your carries and watch for their assassins to dive your back line, such as Katarina or even a LeBlanc (or whoever else has huge diving power), and make sure you have your Q up to dash into them and knock them around a bit, hopefully this will buy time for your team to chain some CC on them as well and secure a quick and easy kill without blowing too many skills on them. If it is a very high priority target, don't be afraid to ult them, you still have so much CC to mitigate damage and peel for your carries even after that is done. You can use Q to engage and initiate a fight but remember it will be on about an 8 second cool down if you do so, so once again, just make sure you're putting yourself in a good enough position that you are providing CC while also staying close to your carries in case you need to peel.
Chilling Smite is your friend! (especially with two charges)
Want to hold onto Q? Use chilling smite to get close, land a nice W on their head, and hit E to keep them close by even after Chilling Smite wears off or vice versa if a champ is getting away and you already used E (oh no, it's on a 4 second cool down), you smite them to buy you just a little more time to charge into them and E them to keep them even closer.

Honestly, I could talk about ALL of the scenarios of how to use what and when but you just need to play her as much as possible and learn her kit and you will soon learn how to use her abilities and when to use them to make sure you are always where you need to be.

As far as ganking goes, Sejuani, like some other champs, has the luxury of dashing through walls for unconventional gank routes, just make sure you have vision and knowledge that there are no wards ahead of time if possible so that way you can wait for the cool down before going in, you don't want to bait your lane into a bad engage! If the enemy doesn't have vision of you, you can ult to initiate OR dash in, try to force a flash burned with your presence and then ult them as they are out of escapes (unless it's LeBlanc, Kassadin, etc.) Once again, you'll use what you think works in a given situation once you've mastered her abilities, ranges, and timings/cool downs.

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End Game

Congratulations! You've made it to the Late Game!
Here you are entirely unstoppable. Very few champs can out CC Sejuani and with the tank items you've built by now it is hard, if not damn near impossible, to shred through you.
At this point, have fun, troll, face roll on the keyboard and you cannot go wrong!
...okay you can, but it's REALLY hard to at this me.

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Be S-M-A-R-T

Just be smart out there on the Rift. Play out a gank or rotation in your head; do you have vision? does your lane or team provide enough CC? If the battle turns against you, do you have the ability to escape while trying to get as many people out as possible?
Always think a few steps ahead and make sure what you're about to do is smart, even if it's a bit passive at times and not the BEST call, you'll never know until it's too late but it's better playing smart and relatively safe than face-checking every bush and telling your team to over-commit to a play and you have no way of ensuring your safety or theirs.
I have had too many games where I've had only 1 or 2 deaths and a fair amount of kills and a whole lot of assists. You'll learn to play smart with Sejuani and where she excels the most and knowing when or where you should go in.

Keep it smart, keep it safe, keep it fun!
and most importantly...CARRY SO HARD!