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League of Legends Build Guide Author Cosmech

Sejuani - Soviet Sej Supports You!

Cosmech Last updated on January 5, 2014
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Hi everyone, I'm CosMech, and this is my Sejuani Support Guide for S4. This is my first guide and i'm new to BBCode. So I would appreciate any and all feedback that you guys may provide. Sejuani Is an amazing and underrated support choice i find, she is one of the most unique supports i have played with a well round kit choice through progression. Then there's that Five Man Stun! Glacial Prison, always fun to stun then hit them with a knock up once they run.

However Ladies and Gentlemen i do wish you would view this as my first guide before hitting that downvote button and give this guide a chance.
So lets start this guide!

Pros //Cons


+Excellent Late Game Tank.
+Great Engage and Target Lockdown.
+Reliable in Teamfights.
+One of the Best Ult Initiates. Glacial Prison
+Ult isn't Easily Dodged when Grouped.
+Prevents Escapes.

Sejuani Has some great abilities at her use for many reasons, firstly her ult acts as a great Crowd Control, thus you can follow up with a Flail of the Northern Winds & Permafrost combo and catching stragglers with Arctic Assault only to Flail of the Northern Winds again. Her late game tank combined with a little ability power can prove devastating. Early game she can take the hits from an enemy ADC.

-Mana Hungry
-No Heal.
-Squishy Early Against AP Supports.
-A Missed Ult Is Costly.
-Can k/s with Flail of the Northern Winds.
-Bad Duelist if Alone.

Being a caster champion, Sejuani is subject to cooldowns and mana starvation. Her power comes with her health, therefore she is weak early game. Her damage is poor overall, making her a bad solo team member. She can't often roam alone and when landing phase ends farming becomes an issue with such low damage.



Sejuani needs some help with early defenses. So we take two points in Block and Enchanted Armor . This allows us to take those extra hits from skill shots to save our ADC.
Next we can take a point in Unyielding , just for that extra buffness.
Following this the three points in Veteran Scars scales with our Health so a huge help.
For your next points i take Juggernaut , Hardiness & Reinforced Armor .
The aim here is make Sejuani as strong late game in accordance to scaling with our health and armor values. With Reinforced Armor we can stop the critical strikes from many ADC.
Now why not more in the Defense tree?
This is due to we still need sustainability and gold income. Even with our trinkets it is still better to have some gold income than rely on trinkets alone.
Now we can focus on our Utility, first off Phasewalker is an obvious choice, as you only get limited time to recall and be back at that turret. With Fleet of Foot i like having the speed boost for more time back at lane. Though if you are really spamming your skills then it's best to take Meditation . You could probably split it but there's not much point.
Summoner's Insight , gives us that ever ready Exhaust, Ignite, Flash, depending on our choice.
Alchemist , is a benefit in the fact early game you will be buying a few pots + you have the added mana regen.
Next we have our gold income. Greed , Scavenger , Wealth . All of these give a great gold increase when laning, allowing us to stay in lane till we have the right gold for our next backs. More lane presence = more gold = stronger recipe items. Second to last Intelligence . Adding more CDR and activated item CDR brings more to the table in terms of engages and team strength.
Finally we have Inspiration , i take this with Sejuani as her farming ability is poor and to gain that extra experience when you fall behind is a massive boost.



Greater Quintessence of Armor

Greater Mark of Health

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Summoner Spells

Flash. This can be our escape and engage. Using Flash can sometimes surprise team fight situations. Flashing in from range and then use Glacial Prison to trap them all. Though you can use Flash, Arctic Assault to close even bigger gaps. Remember it can always be an escape.

Exhaust. This is our main summoner spell as supports. This always works well to cause high damage from your ADC, as well causing slow effects. Usually i will use this after i start an engage with Arctic Assault.

Ignite. Now ignite is newer to some supports and some teams don't like it for fears of kill stealing. Though i tend to use this to deter situations. I.E Caitlyn & Thresh combo i will let my ADC peel them a bit. I can then engage with Arctic Assault and Ignite on Thresh this causes him to deter due to it peels him further. This tactic doesn't always work but most of the time people fall for it. check if their support has mana pots as it counters Ignite effects.

Ability Explanations

  • Frost Armor: Bonus armor and reduced movement impairs who doesn't want that!
  • Arctic Assault (Q): This is your primary engage for short distances. This also applies a knock up which when combined with Exhaust and even Yasuo ult it proves so useful. The range is a little short but you will manage.
  • Flail of the Northern Winds (W): This ability is your Area of Effect, this often works well just after using your Arctic Assault or just before so you can engage and start flailing on some damages. At early levels it's a brilliant ability.
  • Permafrost (E): This is slow that just adds on some damage, not a lot, the slow is more effective.
  • Glacial Prison (R): This is our Ultimate, one of the best stuns in the game. Using this as an engage sometimes just to catch solo players once you have enough Cooldown Reduction can be devastating. The range for this stun is more impressive than you think and can turn the tide of a team fight easily.

    Ability Sequence

    Ability Sequence
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

    For our support play we are going to start with the first point in Arctic Assault, this is to help a jungler with early ganks and secure those assists. With an early engage we can dive on the ADC with a little time to react at early levels. Next we can take a point in Flail of the Northern Winds, this is so we can now engage and AoE the ADC, which makes them panic. Following this start maxing out Permafrost as this is now our ultimate slow once maxed (2.5 seconds slow + Exhaust. I normally add another point into Flail of the Northern Winds at a later time just for added AoE. Always add your points into that ultimate Glacial Prison, this can be a lane changer when your jungler is present and a good ulti goes off. Lastly we max our Q Arctic Assault as this really only starts to build more damage into the attack as oppose to knock up effect time.


    Item Sequence

    Mercury's Treads

    Locket of the Iron Solari

    Iceborn Gauntlet

    Randuin's Omen

    Warmog's Armor

    Face of the Mountain is one our tanky items. Early on as Relic Shield we get the ability to heal our ADC twice and share the gold pool. As a gold income it's a little slow but we can suffice with it's cool down timer and the added health it gives us. When upgraded to Face of the Mountain we now gain an awesome shield, if people remember to use it. Though we sacrifice health at the means of the shield we should be tanky enough to handle the hits.

    Mercury's Treads. I often choose mercs due to the extra magic resist at an early level. Often mid will try to gank bot and it's best to be safe, plus with Nidalee and Annie supports we are going to need some early magic resist.

    Locket of the Iron Solari. Now for me this is a must, as it provides Sejuani with some CDR and the overall shield and added effects on allies proves so useful in team fights. Going in without this is just chaos sometimes. One of my must haves for support.

    Iceborn Gauntlet. For me this item fixes the mana issues Sejuani can have as well as boosting our CDR percentage to a decent level while maintaining an input to our armor value. Sure spell blade isn't that effective but it does a little helping hand damage.

    Randuin's Omen. This is one of those items as i like to add more slows and effects in team fights. Slows can be some of the best as it prevents escapes. We already have Permafrost so we can add on the extra slow from Randuin's Omen and they you can ace in an instant.

    Warmog's Armor. I'm not always a fan of this but lately i have opted to use this in my build to further increase my health to beyond 5k sometimes reaching 6k. When your this high people try not to mess with you as you can out sustain team fights for huge lengths. Plus with the amount of CDR and stuns you are now equipped with you can just cycle through rotations while in the team fight.

    Optional Items

    The great question?!
    Relic Shield or Ancient Coin. Here i always look at my team comp, if i know my ADC is a little rusty or new then i know he will play passive so i will tend to go for Ancient Coin as he will play safe and farm a lot. For more aggressive team play i tend to go for Relic Shield. It comes down to your masteries and runes too. As i could take out my gold income masteries such as Greed , Wealth & Scavenger so i can rely more on Ancient Coin to give me that extra gold per minion. You have to weigh up whats in your favour really by talking to your ADC, find out if they are passive or aggressive don't just assume. Then look at the enemy team see how much lane presence they can have and can you adjust your income to match that of theirs.


    In teamfights Sejuani is going to be our tank support, she will engage and come out still alive. it's pretty scary being an engage support. communication is key don't all sit mid and then suddenly engage, let the team know you are going to ult in. Timing is key, when you see them group or you can target a small cluster 3 champs preferably start with Glacial Prison. Getting that early stun you're team can burst down targets, lead in the charge with Permafrost and Flail of the Northern Winds going. As soon as your Glacial Prison ends start hitting that Randuin's Omen for overall slow following up with Arctic Assault to close the gap and knock up any stragglers.

    So the rotation is?
    (R) Glacial Prison > (E) Permafrost > (W) Flail of the Northern Winds > (Q) Arctic Assault for stragglers or gap closing.

    For single targets we can use:
    (Q) Arctic Assault > (W) Flail of the Northern Winds > (E) Permafrost.

    Map Warding

    Here i have listed where i often Stealth Ward
    • Stealth Ward. Stealth ward all the access ways whenever you can to show movement in all directions.
    • Vision Ward. Vision wards can be hidden around the map behind trees and rocks, for instance by dragon, you can hide a ward behind the rock face and people often miss it.
    • Free Ward. These wards should be place around these sort of locations and only used when necessary.
    • Red Zones. I marked these as sometimes you just get pushed back too far, i drew a rough defensive perimeter i use and the Stealth Ward markers are where i aim to get my team and myself to ward.
    • Keep Baron warded at all times when pushed back. Use the jungler with a Sweeping Lens trinket.


      Sejuani is a fun and completely new way to engage supporting, even though she has poor attack damage the tank factor makes up for this. Often you might even be focused for fear you can out sustain a fight! If you have any question or comments feel free to ask.

      Upvote if you enjoyed and liked this guide, if you're going to downvote let me know as to why and how i can sort this out. Remember this is my first guide. Thank you for reading.

      Enjoy Sejuani supporting.
      - CosMech.
      If anyone can help me with the Abilities etc keep coming off the page and i'm not sure why in my code.