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Shaco Build Guide by sanckh

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sanckh

Shaco: Attack Speed & Attack Damage

sanckh Last updated on July 31, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey there, this is Sanckh with my very first build guide on Shaco, The Demon Jester.
Shaco is a great character for 3v3 and 5v5, although I prefer 3v3 with him. He is great for jungling and laning, but I play a lot of 3v3 so I don't usually jungle except for early game. This build guide is mainly for a person who is just getting started with Shaco, because I would play him a bit differently for ranked play.

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You can still check the bush even though you don't have deceive. Just pop a Jack in the Box right at the edge of the bush.

You can easily get dragon by yourself at level 6 with your Jack in the Boxes.

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For the runes I use Seal of Malice, because it definitely corresponds with the critical items Shaco buys. With his attack speed, and those crits, your auto attack will do a lot of damage. I use Marks of Desolation because it will help do even more damage with your auto attack, because of it's speed and critical hits. It helps a lot with tanky champions. I use Glyphs of Fortitude because Shaco is very squishy and that definitely helps. I use Quints of Alacrity because that just helps improve your attack speed early game before you get attack speed within your items.

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With my masteries for Shaco, I go 9, 0, 21. I believe the utility part of the tree is very beneficial to Shaco so I definitely used that the most, because of the health/mana regeneration, more experience, it increases your buff duration as well. Buff duration helps Shaco a lot especially because of red buff, considering it would make his better because you can slow them with that, and then continue to slow them with your auto attack. I then put 9 on the offense part of the tree mainly because of and what it does to .

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With the items build for Shaco I would like to get my basic boots first in case of an early chase and then follow up with I then get some early life steal just to stay in the lane longer. I get some critical attack for jungling and getting red buff again around level six. I then follow up and get some attack speed with and then get the next time you have the money. I get right after usually just for the extra critical and attack speed. I then get so I can start getting some attack damage and lifesteal. I then get the because it gives you some extra ability power to do some extra damage and it leads right up to your next item . The next item on the list is my personal favorite the because of all that attack damage plus some more lifesteal. I then get for some defense because of the crazy late game, and of course, some more lifesteal.

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Skill Sequence

I know it says that you should get your W first even though I would stress that is very un-important. The reason being is that if you have the time and if you really really wanted to, you could easily get every single buff at level 1. I usually have both of my team-ates ( In a 3v3) come with me to red buff, (in case of gank) and then I just start placing . You can generally put as many as you want I usually only need to put around 5 because that is all you really need. Sometimes you may lose some health but if you want to use your ignite on him so you can jump right in to the lane with the buff you can. I then get because it is great for harassing because it always kind of scares enemy champions when you disappear in to thin air. I then get and then upgrade that to full as quick as possible because it doesn't a lot of damage, it's great for harassing, and it has that slow. Obviously get your ultimate whenever you can, and use it a lot. It doesn't have to long of a cool down, and it is very helpful for solo, and team fights.

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Summoner Spells

For summoner spells I get and . You can also use instead of because they both help to chase and to run away when you need to. I mainly use because it definitely helps for that early game gank in 3v3, even if you use it for red buff right away.

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This is my first guide and I hope I didn't do to bad of a job. I would like to here all of your criticism but please make it friendly so I can improve this build guide. Please comment and rate!