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Shaco Build Guide by dmd0916

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League of Legends Build Guide Author dmd0916

Shaco Jungle - The Early Game Killer

dmd0916 Last updated on March 26, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hey! So this is my first build i'm posting on here so try to go easy on me! i've been playing Shaco for about a year now and he is my absolute favorite jungler and i see a lot of people playing Shaco different than me and they tend to not do as good so i'm going to try to post a build on how I prefere to Shaco Jungle!

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Pros / Cons

VERY strong early game!
Strong Ganks of done correctly
Single Target damage output very high
Does not need a leash
Can escape nearly anything

Fairly useless in team fight
does not do well if the rest of your team is winning their lanes and pushing hard

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Creeping / Jungling

So, contrary to most mana junglers, with Shaco i go straight to red. This is stronger on purple team but is fine on blue as well. Take your boxes first and drop a box right next to red (perferably behind him) at the 56 second mark. Every time the box is off cooldown drop another box right ontop of the last one until red spawns. By this time you should have atleast 4 boxes. They will burst down red for you (so dont smite)! red should get you to level 2. Take decieve, crack a potion, and go straight to top

If the enemy top lane was giving a leash you should beat them there, if not get to river bush asap. if they are far enough away from their turret deceive behind them, drop a box and attack. If done correctly, from the critical from a backstab decieve and with the help of your top laner you or the top lane should get first blood. Ignite will more than likely be used to secure the kill. If they flash away thats good too! Remember a good gank doesnt need a kill. If they burn their flash here you did your job by forcing a 2 minute flash.

From here stop by mid and do the same thing. Shaco is very gank dependant. He has a slow clear time so dont bother killing jungle creeps unless its red or blue or if nobody wants a gank. If your able to gank mid do so. If not go straight to blue. If you gank mid go to blue after. This should make you level 3 and grab your shiv.

Keep the pressure on! any lane that you see that has gank potential go for it! Only go after jungle creeps if your about to level up. Your gold and experience should be coming from kills and assists. Every gank should consist of this set up: Deceiving in behind them from a safe spot. While invisible try to drop a box where you think they are going run away when you attack. You'll have but a few seconds to do this if you want the deceive bonus. When you attack open with Shiv. Its strong burst damage and slows thier movement speed: allowing your team some extra time to get in and get the kill.

Remember: Getting kills is great and a lot of fun, but if the person in lane gets the kill you are feeding somebody much more powerful in the late game! Once you hit level 6 instead of dropping boxes behind them use your ult while invisible right behind them before attacking so they dont even know which one is actually you. Plus, who doesnt love the extra damage?

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Team Work / Team Fight

Make sure your team is ready for a gank! Shaco thrives on good team communication. If your grouped with friends in vent / skype / teamspeak you will do much better!

Now I am going to talk about teamfights fast. Remember that con about he is fairly useless in team fights. yes he is. In team fights as shaco you have this element: deceive. When your tank initiates you should deveive to the back of the opponents and hunt down their adc. Your are a single target monster, kill their adc. The adc doesnt generally have much armor and if they do you have the armor pen to take them out fast. Be sure to ult for 2 reasons: 1) its extra damage. 2) The enemy team will turn on you! You are squishy! The chance that atleast one of their champions picks the wrong shaco is high. once the adc dies deceive out of the team fight. Take a second to find the next squishiest target, and go back in!

One thing as Shaco that you always want to have an eye out for is champions who have strayed away from the group. Strong ward presence makes this much easier. Like i said: Shaco is a single target monster. If you catch somebody out you will more than likely kill them

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Run away little girl, run away!

You will get jumped. It happens. Whether your back dooring and they catch you out or just a misunfortunate 3 champions waiting in a bush for you. Good news: your shaco. Now run away!

Your deveive is your best escape tatic. With the same mechanic as flash you can deceive over walls. But dont forget: it makes you invisible. If you want to be cheeky you can run towards a wall then deceive backwards and run. What will the opponent see? You decieved over the wall? did you? no. But hey: if they really want you they will flash over the wall and you are home free. If your not that skilled just deceive over the wall and run in a direction that you dont think they would expect you to take. Towers are your best friend. Get there! drop boxes in bushes along your run path. if they get caught in a fear you got away!

Finally an advanced escape tatic is your ult. If you are getting chased you can ult and run down one path, and have your clone run down another path! they might chase the clone instead. This is stronger when being chased by a team because it will split their team. Some might run at the clone and others might run at you. or they will go all at you: sucks. or all at the clone: awesome

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Shaco is a strong champion if he is played correctly. But he isnt for everybody. If you enjoy shaco give my style of shaco a try. Im sure you'll enjoy it! thanks for reading