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League of Legends Build Guide Author Fydoe

Shaco: Just a little bit closer

Fydoe Last updated on March 8, 2011
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Hello there, I'm Fydoe, some might know me as Dante Fydoe from my youtube, taking my first shot at doing a build since I've become so recently addicted to League of Legends, and the awesomeness that is Shaco.

This is a build for AD Shaco, emphasizing his quick attack speed, hard hitting opener, Deceive, and focusing on stacking armor pen, this build is used mainly for 3v3, as I've noticed that's where Shaco has the best survivability, and with this build you can pick off champions before they even know what's hit em.

As with several builds/guides, this is not a "Do this or your ****ing head will explode from failure" this is simply how I play, and what seems to work best for me. Having said that, this is a slight change in a popular build that I've found seems to work a bit better, so let's get started.

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Pros / Cons


    Excellent Ganker
    Teleport Stealth, can be just about anywhere at any time
    Extremely fast
    Ultimate decoy
    Turret crusher
    Jack in the box wards

    Very squishy
    Usually focused in team fights
    If Q is on cooldown, not much else to escape with

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Skill Sequence

I take this first as it's extremely useful early harass, and max it out as soon as possible, the slow on it when using Deceive makes sure no one gets away and it can still hit pretty hard on it's own when thrown.

Grab this at level 2. and max it out after Two-shiv Poison, your gonna be use this for just about everything you can think of, ganking, escaping, wall hopping, dragon slaying. Probably the best thing about this skill is not only does the damage increase with each point, but the mana cost goes down as well, making it practically free to use when maxed out.

I don't get this till level 4 as I find the early harass from Two-shiv Poison will keep most people off you, however once you do get it, you'll be using it to ward areas, set up escape routes, and generally wreak havoc on people.

Pretty much get it whenever you can, hide in the bushes, pop it, hold alt to control the clone, and send it out after someone and watch them be all over it like white on rice with a glass of milk on a paper plate in a snowstorm, and when it explodes in their face and kills them (or even when it doesn't) feel free to laugh, Also, pop it in team fights and you'll confuse the hell out of the other team, and it might even save your life.

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Summoner Spells

Should your E be on cooldown for the slow, your gonna be using this quite a bit to finish people off, also extremely useful early game for first blood

Nothing sucks more then watching someone walk away with 10 health after you've Deceived em in the back and threw a dagger through their skull, use Ignite to finish em off, or even in an unsure 1v1, it will save your ***.

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Greater Mark of Desolation I go with 9 of these, since once you rip away someone's armor, their pretty defenseless (and naked XD)

Early game Shaco is pretty mana dependent, the combination of E harass, dropping Boxes, and stealthing like a ninja with Deceive can be pretty taxing, this helps you stay in your lane without having to worry about mana pots, at least long enough to get Sheen.

Nothing sucks more than running around Deceiving people left and right only to find it's on cooldown, or dropping your E down for some quick harass is always nice as well, 9 of these runes helps that out.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation Once again, it's all about stabbing naked people.

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I go with the 22/0/8 the reason being to put the last point into more Sorcery, which will give you further cooldowns, I think the rest is pretty self explainatory, the 21 in offensive for Shaco owning madness and the 8 into Utility to keep his mana regen and exp up with everyone else.

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Start yourself off with and 3 that should keep you in lane long enough to take any harass, since you've got the mana regen from your runes, you really only gotta worry about your health, once I hit 1000 gold I go back for and Feel free to go back and get your boots sooner if things start to get out of hand and you need the movement/attack speed bonus right away. Assuming your health pots are gone, the life steal from the scepter will help keep you in lane long enough to get This item is just overall amazing for Shaco, the bonus damage, the armor, the higher life steal, the 500 damage to minions, and the free ward every 3 minutes basically makes this a must have.

Next we go for this takes care of your mana problems for the rest of the game, and now your Deceive is gonna hit like a truck, let the ownage ganking commence! Once you've saved up enough cash you'll be going for which shortly after, since it's relatively cheap *drum roll* Stacked with the armor pen from your runes and the armor pen from this item, along with the speed bonus makes you a killing machine. Decieve behind someone and watch yourself tear them to pieces in only a few hits, even tanks drop down insanely fast.

The rest of the items are simply icing on the cake, get for a nice movement, attack speed, and crit bonus, which will later become your If for some odd reason the game is still going and you haven't decided to back door their turrets and/or Nexus, go for and turn that into the always handy if the game is STILL going on you can turn that sheen into and have fun 3 shotting people (You will literally 3 shot them, tested it out in a custom game with my cousin XD oh and at that speed 3 shots is 1.5 seconds, enjoy the mayhem! :D)

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Team Work

Early Game

Start off with Two-shiv poison and go in for the gank, focus someone, hurl a dagger at their face, and help your team tear them to shreds, assuming you weren't focused yourself, your team should get an easy first blood if you pop Exhaust and Ignite. I alternate back and forth between top and bottom lanes, Shaco can do either quite well as long as you keep up the E harass, you pretty much don't need to worry about mana. Stay in your lane till your at 1000 gold and get your boots and vampiric scepter, and keep an eye out for anyone who appears gankable, a quick Deceive followed by a Two-Shiv Poison can take out half health on some of the squishier champions early on.

Mid Game

By now you should have your Lantern, and working on Sheen or already have it if things have be going smoothly, start farming that dragon, and every time it pops back up, ninja your way through the jungle, Deceive past the wall and burn it down in moments before the other team has probably even said "Shaco mia" That extra gold will go a long way toward your build, also feel free to jungle for more buffs and keep your Lantern ward on the red buff Lizard as that's the most trafficked area in a 3v3.

End Game

Now this is where the fun begins, unfortunately this is also where most games end as well, once you've got your Black Cleaver, it's time to burn down anyone who crosses your path or that of your team, assuming your team isn't a complete failboat, you can take on just about anyone, and use those Jack in the boxes! One of the first games I tried this build, I got Master Yi and Jax to follow me into a bush with a Jack in the box, popped Deceive and burned down Yi by the time the fear was over, and Jax went down shortly after. Once the other team sees you've got Black Cleaver, they'll be too scared to leave their Base, and anyone who does, wreck em.

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So that's pretty much it, hope you guys enjoyed reading my first guide and I hope it helps at least someone roll some faces out there on the Fields of Justice, thanks again for taking the time to check out my Build and I'll see you guys on the battlefield!

Not the best scores in the world >.> but I've only been playing Shaco for about a week