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Shaco Build Guide by fire0dude

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author fire0dude

Shaco, need a smile?

fire0dude Last updated on January 7, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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hey everybody,

As first, this is my first guide, no im not lvl 30 and no im not a pro amazing shaco player, but i just like to play with him, because it's rare to see people playing well with shaco. I'm not saying that there are none, but i often see those little things, like starting a fight with your E and forgetting about it's passive. Or not using dicive in the back, for ur passive backstab.

There are other builds for shaco, but this build is going to focus mostly on your Q, ad i think i can let you do more dmg on shaco.

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Pros / Cons


Great counter jungler
Can preform great ganks
has a nice slow


hard to master
Fear is hard to trigger from JiTB
has a hard time with hard CC teams

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Well this guide is focused on our Q, so what we do is gaining AD ad Crit Dmg so our Q deals a lot of dmg. We do this to get IE wich gives us 50% + crit dmg.

We also get a wriggle's lantern to make jungeling easier and a nice free ward :)

we get boots of mobility instead of those att speed boots, because as shaco youre going to gank a lot and get lots of kills :D

We get sheen for the 50% more attack after a skill

We also get a phantom dancer for the crit chance and the attack speed :D

And we get a last whisper for te AD and for some armour pen

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Skill Sequence

So you might think:
Why are we maxing Q first?
or Why are we maxing JiTB last? dont we need it for Jungeling or ganking?

well first of all we max JiTB last beacuse we only need it for fearring our enemy's and second were going to max out Q first because of te ella dmg it gives us at max lvl
Lets say that you've got 280 AD and max Q then you'll get:

220% ( Q ) + 10% ( Masteries ) + 50% ( IE ) + 20%( BackStab ) = 300% crit dmg 3,0 ( 300% ) * 280 ( AD ) = 840 Dmg in 1 hit with your Q :) And dont forget about your sheen :)
This is only with people who dont buy armour.

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so for the runes it's quite the same as other juglers, accept for the glyphs.

As first we want some nice starting AD for more dmg afcourse so we start getting some AD marksWe also want some protection, so we get some defece and . the reson i dont get flat mr or scaling MR is because if you really need it, you can just get it from some cheap items and i think that some more armour will help you more than some MR for jugling.
And last but not least armour pen for whe thay're going to start building some armour.

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I dont think that there's much to explain here.

The only thing i do, that is importent, is getting the crit dmg for shaco's Q
and putting your remaining points into utility for te 20% longer buff duration.

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oke so we pickand for slowing the targets down so we can do more dmg wit our passive backstab if necessary and smite because youre a jungler ad junglers need smite :)

If you dont like exhaust you could also take flash for that extra way out in dangerous situations or take gohst for the same thing.
you could also take ignite for those first kills :) but i recomment you to pick exhaust because this will help you through the whole game where ignite doesn't.

note only change te spells with exhaust because you need smite!

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Shaco's Combo

This should be youre combo:

-if necessary finish of with -

Just start of with a Q ( your invincible make use of it ) AA then drop a JiTB in the direction ur enemy runs for the fear and if necessary ur ult and finish of with your E :)

Ill make a vid if ive got some time ( School :@ )

so Good Luck All And Thanks for Reading my guide :)

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Jungling route

Im working on it
Im still trying some routes :)