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Shaco Build Guide by sk4t4nic

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author sk4t4nic

Shaco-Send in the clown

sk4t4nic Last updated on November 26, 2011
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This build doesn't just focus on ap like every shaco I see in dominion. With this build I usually get first and win every other shaco. I don't like going straight ap because shaco shouldn't just be about his two shiv poison, clone and boxes. Attack damage is also just as important. Every game I go up against an ability power shaco I completely tear him apart. Ap is good but it is not the way. You may be able to get a few "cool" kills with stacked Jack in the boxes, but trust me. On more than one occasion i've had people saying.. WTF shaco? Your insane! And most games i'm pushing 20 kills and nearly the most captures on my team.

Make sure to leave a comment if this build works out for you, I like it because its not the same old shaco builds I always see in games. Ive tried the other ones and they just never worked out for me. Maybe its my style of play but regardless this is a great build.

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Summoner Spells

Main Spells I choose

GhostI get a ghost which helps me get to top tower quick after capping mid. Also It provides excellent speed for either escaping or trying to save or capture a turret, with his speed boots deceive and a ghost no one is going to catch you.

Ignite I always get an ignite because not only does it help with the initial team fight at top but it is always just a great ability to intimidate (people often run once they notice they are ignited) or to cut away at the last bit of health to secure a kill.

Other Possible Spells

Exhaust You could replace one of the two with this, but if you play anything like me you'll realize that its not the spell for you. But if it works for you go for it everyone plays differently and this could be your favorite spell.

Garrison Shaco is a decent guard for a tower, with his JB's and deceive so this may be a good ability for you if your more for guarding. It also comes in handy for back doors. But I like to leave this ability for an Alister or another tower guarder like him.

What not to get

I would just recommend staying away from everything else. I don't see a point to any of the other spells, like flash because you are already excellent at escaping, and promote doesn't do much good cause you are not a frontal attacker. And revive really isn't that useful in my opinion, especially if you play like I do your not going to die too often. So just stick with the ones up top

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Phage Mana Potion I start with a phage and mana pot. That ad and chance to slow is great for fighting up top. Also you need the mana to stay in the game and win the top turret. The phage also starts you into your trinity force.

Boots of MobilityI then move onto boots of mobility for their speed. Really helps for sneaking and capturing turrets, escaping in the mid, and aiding your own towers. I believe that extra speed makes up for the lack of other stats. Its never been a problem for me.

SheenAfter taking top and getting a few more kills I go back to base and buy Sheen this gets your deceive working very effectively. And your that much closer to being a killing machine.

ZealAs soon As I can I buy my zeal and continue harassing towers and sneaking kills here and there

Trinity Force Then Comes the trinity force. By this time you should be nearing ten kills if not more. You'll be having quite a bit of fun by this time, unless of course your team fails.

Bilgewater Cutlass Next I get the Bilgewater Cutless its active is good for getting quick damage in combination with your deceive and two shiv poison. With that 50% slow and the the 25% chance to slow for 35% you get with your trinity force and your jack in the boxes fear they will not be going anywhere any time soon. By this time the other team gets really annoyed with me.

Hextech Gunblade By the time you buy this you'll be pushing 17 kills easy, the game is almost over and you are a force to be reckoned with. You may not be able to stack boxes and get a kill because of your overload of ap but you will definitely be making up for it in your basic attack, your clones basic attack and every other ability that you use.

Youmuu's Ghostblade If the games still going on I like to get myself A Youmuu's Ghostblade. The active with Hextech is a great way to secure a kill.

Im currently trying new things, so If I find something I like better than any of these I'll keep it updated. This is just what I use right now.

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Skill Sequence

I usually Deceive in and right after I hit I throw down a Jack In The Box and then Two-Shiv Poison I throw down a JB second because if by chance this is an enemy you quickly realize you cant take then that delayed fear will come just at the right moment for an escape. Or even to keep them from escaping. Use the bushes to your advantage. I've won many fights because I've retreated in to the bushes. Make like a George Washington and run if you need to. Remember, You don't have to win, just don't lose. Also keep in mind that your a spineless deceiving clown who would kill his own mother for a ice cream cone. Not a honorable spartan that charges into battle head on.

Usually if its a fight im scared I might lose I Deceive in and then Hallucinate and continue with the regular rotation.

Keep in mind that your very squishy so your going to need to good with your alt key to confuse the enemy as to which joker is real or fake.

Also since I am usually first place I like to get middle buff, even though you look really goofy with it, and it makes telling you from your ult very easy, the extra damage and the shield you get is too good to pass up. I nearly insta kill squishy characters with my decieve and two shiv combo. Throw your clone into the equation and you make for a very scary Shaco. If the team hasn't learned yet to not mess with you. They will.

One thing you need to watch out for are people like Tryndamere however. Never fight someone like him 1v1 you'll definitely have a story about how you got those scars after that battle. It will go "Well he hit me twice and, ya..."

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Early game

Your going to want to go top every time with shaco. I recommend running up and deceiving to your middle turret. Capture that, either alone or with someone else and then begin running to the speed boost. Right before you hit the speed boost I would pop my ghost. This ensures that you get up top just in time to help out your team, and since you have not boots at this time you've got the speed you need. If played right you should get 1-3 kills up top right at the starting. I like to look for the squishy or the weak player and jump on them. Throw down a Jack in the Box by the turret to ensure no one caps it and wreak havoc up there. Phage and Mana pot come in handy because of the extra Attack damage, and the mana to ensure you can stay in the game. Before I got the mana pot I would run out of mana too quickly to effectively kill up there.

Mid Game

Your going to be getting kills, harassing turrets and having a ton of fun. Usually if I see the majority of their team trying to take my bottom turret I wont help that turret. Ill go straight for their middle turret. By doing this you make a few retreat from bottom and it gives your team some breathing room. I usually don't secure the turret, but I do neutralize it. So when someone comes I deceive to a bush and wait for them to start capping. I put a Jack in the box in the bush and run out and two shiv poison. I keep up this rotation until either they get another team mate or get sick of you and try and attack you. At this point they've fallen into your trap. Once feared in your bush, deceive hit them, ult and watch them complain about shaco being over powered.

Late Game

Basically there's not much more to say as far as game play in the late stage. Just continue on how you have been with shaco and you will be a major pain for the other team. And your team is going to love you!

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I haven't taken the time to think of a good rune build yet. Basically all I have right now is crit damage and ability power runes. I figure that the crit damage is great for decieve, and since my build is less ability power than Ad why not give it a slight Ability Power boost to make him a more hybrid. Why fix what isnt broken? Its always worked for me; however I'm still experimenting with a few things to see if I can make him better.

What Im working towards getting right now is.

I want to get 9 Greater Mark of Critical Damage For its Critical Damage
I want to get 5 Greater Seal of Critical Damage For its Critical Damage
I want to get 4 Greater Seal of Scaling Ability Power For its Ability Power
I want to get 9 Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power For Its Ability Power
I want to get 2 Greater Quintessence of Critical Damage For Its Critical Damage
I want to get 1 Greater Quintessence of Scaling Ability Power For Its Ability Power

I also Chose the runes that give you more ability power, and Critical Damage at level 18 because lets face it. Compared to normal games, your at 18 very quick so that extra Critical And ability power come in handy.

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Pros / Cons


[*] Great at escaping with the Boots of Mobility
[*] Great at assaulting towers
[*] Way more fun than going straight ad or straight ap
[*] Never failed to be first with this build
[*] All around damage output
[*] Targets have hard time running away


[*] Squishy, like any shaco
[*] Expensive

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Team Work

Shaco is best when you wait for a fight to initiate and then jump in. Try your hardest not to get caught initiating the fight. unless of course its a lone squishy or the people have near to no health. Shaco is great for deceiving in, hitting them with a few things and retreating into the forest to pick up a health pack and coming back to harass after the cooldowns are up. Always make sure you have a Jack in the box as a getaway plan.