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Shaco Build Guide by Maikyo

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Maikyo

Shaco, The Demonic Clown

Maikyo Last updated on June 22, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Shaco with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Rammus Really tricky matchup, if you're against a good Rammus, he'll taunt you as soon as he sees you. You probably can't survive that in a team fight.
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Hi, and welcome to my first guide on Mobafire. I've been playing Shaco since the start of season 4 and he's been my main ever since. Why is Shaco my main? Because he is really fun! In this guide I will explain the threats and strengths with Shaco as well as giving a few tips and tricks that you probably didn't know yet.

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Runes and masteries

As you can see, I've put a decent amount of AP in the runes and masteries. This is because it'll greatly benefit the early game. Remember that if you do not get ahead with Shaco early, you're probably gonna have some problems finding a foothold in the game.

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Passive - Backstab: Shaco does 20% increased damage from behind with his basic attacks or abilities. Note that this doesn't enhance your Jack In The Box damage.

Q - Deceive: ACTIVE: Shaco instantly blinks to a target nearby location and enters stealth for up to 3.5 seconds. Dealing damage will break stealth early. His next basic attack within 6 seconds is guaranteed to critically strike for modified base critical damage.

W - Jack In The Box: ACTIVE: Shaco summons a box at the target location that stealths after a 2 second delay and lasts for up to 60 seconds. When an enemy comes within 300 units, the box springs open: causing surrounding enemies to turn and flee while it attacks nearby enemies for up to 5 seconds.

E - Two-Shiv Poison: PASSIVE: Shaco's basic attacks poison his targets on-hit, slowing them for 2 seconds and giving minions and monster a chance to miss their basic attacks.

ACTIVE: Shaco throws a dagger at a target enemy dealing magic damage and applying his slowing poison to them for 3 seconds. The passive is deactivated during the cooldown.

R - Hallucinate: ACTIVE: Shaco vanishes for 0.5 seconds, then creates a clone of himself that will last for up to 18 seconds.
The clone deals 75% of Shaco's damage and receives 50% extra damage. This clone deals 50% damage to towers and inhibitors. At the end of its duration or when dying the clone will explode, dealing magic damage to enemies within 250-range.

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The build

This build is purely made to delete an enemy carry in the blink of an eye. I'm not a fan of crit Shaco, since he already has the 100% crit with his Q. However, Infinity Edge is still an amazing item because of the 80 AD and the crit multiplier. But I very rarely build Static Shiv or any other crit item.

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Early game

As I said, you're early game is very important. As long as you're not against a Lee Sin, you can pretty much invade anyone on their first buff. Get a general thought of where the opposing jungler is gonna start. For instance, if i'm against a Rengar, I know he's gonna start golems and then go to red buff. In this case, start at your own blue. ALWAYS PLACE YOUR FIRST BOX AT 0:56. If you wanna invade you should also keep your smite, but you wont need it for your first buff anyways. So, as soon as you have your blue/red, jump immediately over the dragon/baron wall. At red buff, Wait in the bush and let the opposing jungler do all the work, smite away the buff and you can probably get an easy kill for free.From there on, having a level advantage, plundering the whole enemy jungle is a breeze. Just remember to keep enough mana for your Q, as it is your only (amazing) escape. At blue buff, he probably can't contest over it because of the smite advantage but it's more unlikely to get a kill here.

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When you gank, use your Q to get in lane unnoticed. Get your first auto attack off in their back and immediately place a box behind you, limiting their escape. Remember that your E gives a passive slow on your auto attacks as longs as you don't use it. Therefore it's recommended to keep on to your E to use it as a finisher.

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Late game and teamfighting

Late game, you should try to avoid teamfights when possible. Shaco is an amazing splitpusher with his ultimate and boxes. If you happen to be in a teamfight, try to get either their ADC or mid. You'll probably die doing this, but in the end it's #worth in 90% of the cases :). Do NOT use your Q to killsteal an enemy that was dead anyways! I can not emphasize enough how important this is, you'll just die for no reason.

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Tips & tricks

1. When you have already used your ult and you want to escape out of a bad situation, use your Q and let your ult go in the opposite direction as you're going. Normally, your clone will always follow you, so they'll think that you're going the same direction as your clone's going.

2. Your ult makes you invulnerable for 0,5 seconds. This will take alot of practice, but with the right timing, you can dodge almost every ability in the game, such as Karthus ult, Lux ult or even things like Sejuani ult.

3. This one is actually really hard to do. If your Q is on cooldown and you really need to get out, you can stand against a wall and use your ult. As soon as you click your R, click over to the other side of the wall. When done fast enough, you'll be at the other side of the wall and your clone will be at your original possition.