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Shaco Build Guide by holytoast

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author holytoast

Shaco-Why is jungling so serious?

holytoast Last updated on January 1, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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This is my guide to my favourite champ, shaco. I needed some time to learn him and figured out some tricks so he is just so op. With him as my jungler i normally get first blood around 3:25 and by 10:00 i normally have 4-5 kills ( IN RANKED ). So with no further ado, this is my shaco playstyle :D

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Pros and Cons

Pros: Awesome jungler
good assassin
op when fed
can get double buff at around 3:10
Can get first blood at like 3:30
really fun
he is a fckn DEMON CLOWN and a bit like jigsaw :P(Who doesnt
wanna play jigsaw)
Contra: really hard too master
very squishy
very mana dependent
counter ganks vs shaco = really hard comeback (buffs stolen)

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ArmPen = aromor penetration
dmg = damage
fckn = fu*****
hp = health points
cdr = cooldown reduction
mr = magic resist
as = attack speed
ms = movement speed
crit = critical
JiBs = jack in the boxes
lvl = level
ap = ability power

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=Here i take ArmPen because my enemies normally tend to stack armor when they see a jungling shaco so the ArmPen helps out alot.

=Here i take armor just because shaco is so fckn squishy it just helps out a lot while ganking. You dont know how many times i escaped with like 3 hp from an ad carry while i killed their teammate.

=Here i take magicresist to again make me less squishy because shaco needs this ALOT.

=Here i take again ArmPen for the stacking armor problem.

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These masteries give you a really good beefyness and provide you with the dmg you need. I copied these masteries from a person i cant find anymore :S Pls if you are the person pls tell me so i can have put your name in my guide :D I know he is a person from mobafire...

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= This item is for junglers really good, shaco is no exception. It gives shaco the life steal he needs to survive the jungle creeps.
= These boots are so epic on shaco. Because shaco relies on ganks so so much he has to get around the map quickly. The berserkers greaves would also be a viable option.
= This item is a MUST on shaco because it gives everything he needs. Cdr is just awesome on shaco because he escape constantly through his decieve. The ArmPen and dmg is also very good. The active combined with your clone is just gonna rape towers and make you be a game changer with splitpushing.
= This item gives shaco the mr he needs + a nice AS boost which totally helps him out in getting kills.
= This item just gives shaco boosts in so many ways. The sheen proc really makes you a burst assassin and the zeal MS + the phantom dancer MS + boots of mobility makes you around 520 MS (!) and you even have your ghost still.
= This item is god for shaco. It gives him the crit he need, the AS he needs, and the MS he needs. Perfect.
= This item is especially good on shaco due to its passive. The spell shield makes you come out of sticky situations much easier to be able to decieve away and not get stunned and bursted down.

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Situational Items

=You can buy this if you feel you need more burst dmg. I often use this, it helps to burst down squishes which is very effective and helps you out a lot.

= You can buy this item instead of if the enemy doesn't have much casters or you feel you would need more dmg or more attack speed

= This item is actually pretty good on shaco, but only if you do enough dmg and burst them down very fast. I usually get this last if i feel i need to be more tanky.

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Skill Seuquence

= This skill is shaco his bread and butter skill. This is why people find shaco annoying and op but i mean shaco deserves an op skill because he is so hard :). With this you can come out of every situaiton and be very creative. People will think when you deceive you will go some complex way and try to follow you into the jungle, but if you just go forward they will never follow. I skill this skill 1st because it maximizes the burst dmg of shaco by quite a bit. You can use this to initiate a fight or get out of one, in combination with your clone you cant focus carries down very quickly. Just also use a JiB to cut off their escape patch. The most awesome skill in the game.
= This is shacos skill for ganking and kiting. I dont lvl this skill up untill i have no choice because it only scales off of AP. It is really good for junglingand for kiting opponents in ganks. Always use this to cut off the escape paths of opponents, ALWAYS, the fear is just awesome.
= This skill is really good for ganks but be careful when to use its active. Its passive slow is like a miniature red buff. When you activate the skill the passive is gone untill the cd ends. If the enemy is out of auto-attacking reach then use it. But if you can auto-attack him use the passive!
= This separates a good shaco player from a bad shaco player. I see so many shacos waste this skill by just rushing with it into the enemy when they are b by the tower. DONT DO THIS! Use your clone efectively and smart. For example, there is a teamfight breaking out but no one wantes to initiate. What does a decent shaco do? He will make his clone where the enemies cant see it and iniate with it. But i dont mean suicide. I mean walking with it infront of the enemies and then running away because they will focus "you". Most people are too unaware to see your using no skills at all and that you must be the clone.
But when your clone dies or they stop focusing it just suicide your clone and assassinate them
with your real you. You could also deceive to a carry that is alone, then use hallucinate, and auto attack the carry. Remember, use JiB to cut off their escape path!

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Summoner Spells

= This is in my opinion the most viable spell for shaco. You dont need a flash because of your deceive and ghost actually doesnt stop the spell of your deceive! This is really useful for ganking and baiting enemies into your team.
= This is A MUST for all junglers. You dont necessarily need smite with shaco but you wont be able to use boots 3hp pots at the start which is essential for his ganking potential.

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Jungling & Ganking

This is my typical jungle rout:1) I start by stacking 3 JiBs by the lizard camp like this:
2) Place 1 Jib by wraiths and when they spawn smite the big one and kill the rest:
3)Then do the red buff
4) stack 2 JiBs by ancient golem and kill it like this:
5) now go gank!
I had some footage to show how to gank but it somehow vanished i will post it later.
Remember: 1. Always place a JiB behind the enemy to cut off their escape path!
2. dont be afraid to use ghost while stealthed, it wont break stealth!
Footage to show this will come soon!

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I hope i showed you how i played shaco i would like to thank these people for helping me out with my guide:
Random person for masteries
Pls send me images of your scores so i can post them ty :D