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Shen Build Guide by VanHendrix

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author VanHendrix

Shadow Dashin on Fools

VanHendrix Last updated on July 19, 2016
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Gnar Shen does just fine into every matchup top lane he wont really "win" any match ups unless he gets jungle help but he wont lose either. He is a tank so it wont matter once he gets two items anyway.
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Hey guys my name is VanHendrix. I'm a Platinum Jungle and Support main, but Shen is one of my favorite champions in the game. I've been playing him since I started playing league way back in season 2. I have close to 500 games on shen between all the normal and ranked -which for my off role is a lot- and im sporting a 62% win rate and a 4.0 KDA on the ninja.
Hope this guide helps you to understand the power that Shen brings to a team and to top lane.

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Early Game

Shen early game is actually his best time to duel people. His damage and tradin potential with Vorpal Blade and Shadow Dash is huge. If you're playing against another tank you can usually bully them out of lane and freeze it so they cant get xp and CS and then you become a monster into the mid game. If you are playing against a lane bully (ie Riven, Jayce, Gnar) you probably are going to be subjected to farming under tower most of the laning phase. This is fine as Shen has great ease of last hitting under tower thanks to Vorpal Blade and his passive. Your entire goal during laning phase is to try to stay close in CS and to level up as quickly as possible. Since most matchups will put you under tower ask your jungler if you can farm gromp/krugs to keep up in cs/xp this will help you immensely as one jungle camp is approximately 4-5 cs so its almost an entire wave if your lane is frozen or really far extended. Once you get sunfire though you can almost always trade well. The only matchup ive had trouble with after sunfire spike is riven, but lets be honest it is riven.... Anyway after you get your first back in for a bami's/chain vest you should be close to if not all ready level 6. Shen is now online!!! Look for TP plays, and watch the health bars of your teammates and PAY ATTENTION TO THE MINIMAP!! If you see your teammates getting chased by 4 people use your ult to get to them and turn the tide! Shen is easily the best global presence in a game. TF is nice but he doesn't provide the protective capabilities and the raw CC and sustain that Shen does.

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Mid Game

Your entire job is to split push, ward so you can split push, and ult when you need to turn a fight around. This is THE SIMPLEST job on the planet. Farm your *** off and press R every so often. If you don't have R use your TP! Shen has the luxury of virtually always having up a "teleport" if you get distortion boots. At this point too you should have Sunfire Thornmail and be close to your Spirit Visage, which means you can take one hell of a beating. Don't be afraid of really anyone -minus vayne cause she is a jerk face- when you go to split push they wont be able to burst you out anyway so just stay calm and push on. If you do get collapsed on make sure your team is at least pushing something else or taking something else so your death is worth it to the team! This also has a flip side. Don't go off split pushing when your entire team just recalled and then blame them when you die. Watch the map, watch your team, and ward for yourself. Shen easily can take over a game if you play smartly.

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Late Game

You are an unkillabe ball of meat -except to vayne- because by now you have your core items and you are getting hit with cuddles and kittens from everyone! This is where Shen is a monster. You can go sit in bot lane with your ult and tp and just get free towers while your team does baron. Again don't be alone with no wards and your team isn't even close to objectives. If you cant justify a death with something then it is a pointless death so don't over extend because you are the teams main tank by now so they need you to be alive if they want any hope of taking objectives. This is the ONLY flaw of Shen is since he is the main split pusher AND main tank he relies heavily on the shield from his ult to turn a fight. If your carries get caught don't ult into your team. I know this seems counter productive to Shen but it is better to trade an inhibitor for baron then to have them ace you AND get baron. This is one of those judgement calls you will have to make in the moment but if you see that your team clearly is losing the fight as soon as it erupts keep calm and split push on.

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Thanks for baring with me in this guide guys hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoy Shen!
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