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Shen Build Guide by theORIGINgamer

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author theORIGINgamer

Shen Support Guide

theORIGINgamer Last updated on October 1, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Ok So Why Shen Support?!

Well, it is commonly known that Shen is an amazing Top Laner and Roamer but Can he really be a good support? The answer to that is YES!


Your Answer? There Is None...Unless you scroll down... like next line

So how is Shen a good support well lets get into his kit.

Q this skill drags the sword to shens position until it collides with him, which provides extra damage to the enemy champion hit by the sword as well as improving shens damage against the struck champion.

W This skill is one of the most unique support skills that any support really has in its kit. Any Allied champion within a small radius of the sword will block minion and basic attack damage which in the early laning phase most AD Carries use there auto attacks for some nice sustained poke and some that use basic attacks for all there kills for example Vayne, Ashe, Jhin in most cases, twitch, teemo, so this skill is pretty good against those champions.

E This skill is the main Forte of Shens kit that makes him tick off as a good support.
So it taunts an Enemy wether it be a monster or champion and force them to use basic attacks on Shen, and since this skill is also a dash you can use it as a defensive escape tactic if you had prior used your flash.

R this ult is a pretty unique ult skill that sets him apart from other champs. Most supports have some stuns, heals, or an occasional invincible skill, however this is similar to that but with a twist. Not only Does it protect an allied champion, it teleports to their location and his sword follows with so you dont need to drag it to you.

Now that we saw the skills we can see that he can be a good support, wether you ult an ally to save them, make them invincible in a push or even taunting the enemy and keeping the damage away from your ADC in lane, Shen is a very adaptable team fight champion who can roam and easily take objectives and even win most solo fights.

Combos. Most Champions have some skill combos and shen does to.
So what i like to do with shen is keep my sword and myself in a position to leep at an enemy and bring my sword into them so position is key between you and your enemy if your looking for damage. So i start by using my taunt (E) and as im dashing at my target, i (Q) to start dragging my sword, once i hit my target i (W) to bring up my safty zone and protect me from damage. This Combo Early Laning phase is a killer against your opponents especially if your opponent is out of mana and cant use skills on you which with the damage you can do with your ADC on a given target can either take them out or force a back or there flash/heals and more then likely win you the lane early enough.

Items, Now this is tricky part because there are so many items that can work on shen and really almost any style can work on him but maxing the CDR is probably your best choice. There are several ways you can really build but i prefer to go with a supportive kind of build by means of CC some decent damage and even some Cleave potential. Most Shen players like to Build all tank but i prefer a more DPS HP role.

So as a support getting the Relic shield augments your early game abilities. Gaining Extra gold for some consistent spending and also getting chances at a few CS gaining Full gold to both you and your ADC and even giving a bit of HP in the process. Also Refillable Potions will keep you tanking and when you and your ADC back you get them back without having to spend any needed gold.

Choices for Boots Lie in 3 options, the Ionian Boots, The Boots Of Swiftness or Mercury's Treads each of these being easily relevant and very situational however i usually get the Ionian Boots for a cheap form of CDR but movement speed is pretty nice so the Swift boots are also a good trade end game when you want to move around and slows being reduced are pretty nice form of counter play to CC champs such as Nautilus.

So i tend to Build the Frozen Mallet first for the Big HP boost and nice slow potential, this allows him to freely roam and get some picks off early on and get him nice and fed and make you an unexpected beast and a possible carry. Next is usually Warmog's Armor. You have alot of HP as shen and this allows you to tank damage, get the job done and fall back, wait a moment and dive back into the fight and start finishing things off. Afterwards I either get the Black Cleaver if my opponents are Building Tanky armor wise so we can cleave off the armor and deal increases damage, However if they dont Build tanky, then the best choice is the Titanic Hydra which deals damage based off your HP and give you some nice regen. and since you then Deal HP based damage enemies can fall quickly and your Wave clear becomes immense and you can massivly gain gold allowing you build much faster. The next item is situational. if im not max CDR then i will get a Spirits Visage to get the CDR and nice regen buffs, as well as MR, but if i am Max CDR then i get the Ravenous Hydra and then Dying is almost impossible. Your Actives on the Hydras Can get rid off waves of enemies, deal massive damage to Champions, as if you didnt already.

The Masteries are pretty simple and straightforward. The Main facet of being a support is being able to help your team when they need it most and since Shen is a really good Roaming champion after he gets his ult so having the movement masteries out of combat and in bush and river allow you to roam lanes and support your other players. Since Shen is tanky and we want survivibility it is recommended getting the potion skill and the runic armor and pereverence skills for the max HP regen and survive. As a support you give the CS and gold advantage to your ADC at the start of the game so going with the bandit skill for the extra gold gain along with your relic shield.

Runes, these are also pretty straightforward, Attack Speed Marks for auto attacking faster for the early game damage to enemy champions, Armor Seals for Tankiness and MR Seals with EXP quints for a bit of an extra level advantage and get your abilies and power spikes 6% faster.

Thats the Jist of it so i hope you guys enjoy this Build and leave comments and let me know what you think :D thanks!