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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vertical Dsb

Shen - you tank, they die

Vertical Dsb Last updated on September 21, 2010
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^ Use this remade build, this build is completely out of date, the tips and tricks are still fine so feel free to use them

Vorpal Blade - Shen throws a blade which deals damage (ranged attack), also when you use it on anything and attack them you will regain hp, not much but overtime it starts adding up (great tool for killing dragon from level 8+, slow but handy)

Feint - Casts a shield around Shen which blocks a certain amount of damage (only time you will need this is in team fights where you should try spam it as much as possible and when your running away with an enemy attacking you)

Shadow Dash - Its basically the same as flash, Shen will dash to the location u pick (you can dash over walls etc, handy for chasing and getting away) also if you dash into someone it will taunt them causing a 1 second stun or your tower to start attacking the enemy champion.

Stand United - Pretty much the icing on the cake, Shen will tele onto a friendly champion making them invincible for a few seconds aswell as yourself. This is where Shen needs good map control, you need to check the other lanes occasionally to see if theres a tower to push or a champ to save, you can also use this as an escape method, if they have a stun they can negate your ulti through.

Tips and Tricks

The Dragon - at around level 8-10 Shen can solo the dragon (gives 100 odd gold to each person on your team) with his vorpal blades, its a shockingly slow process but easily doable, however, as it takes along time your lane could get pushed or a team fight could go down etc, use it at your own risk but it is really handy.

Going back to your lane - as your energy is not mana etc and it comes back really fast you can keep using shadow dash to get back to your lane / a team fight faster.

Ki strike - I haven't talked about Shens passive ability yet as i'm personally not to sure how it works myself but everytime it charges up you hit extra damage to a creep or enemy champ, works well if you throw a vorpal blade and then hit them with ki strike for extra damage / health regen.

Jungling - If you notice your lane is sweet you can take your time along the way to jungle abit, just spam vorpal blades and you shouldn't lose any health

Stand united trick - for faster scrolling through your allied champions when looking to save you can use the f# keys (f1 f2 f3 etc). (credits to Morthos)

Thats basically everything I can think of, please feel free to comment / rate and give me CC (i'd appreciate this) if your unsure of anything feel free to ask aswell.

Also remember you are the tank, don't be afraid of just running into the enemy champs (make sure your on vent or with people you trust because it can turn nasty if randoms don't follow you in), also late game you can tank towers for your team.

Just remember, theres no such thing as a perfect tank, you can only do the best you can.

~ Vertical