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Evelynn Build Guide by Shimrra_3

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shimrra_3

Shimrra_3's Dominion: Evelynn

Shimrra_3 Last updated on March 26, 2012
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Hybrid / Pure DPS / Lich Bane

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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Greetings, readers! As you may have guessed, I am Shimrra_3, and this is my guide to abusing people with Evelynn in a number of ways that turns out to be simply astounding. I will warn you now, though, that Evelynn - henceforth referred to as Eve - is not a champion for those of you who have just started playing the game - however, you don't have to be an elite to take advantage of this strategy guide. Sit back and enjoy the carnage!

Some ground rules before we begin:

  • Details of this guide include builds for Hybrid, Pure Physical, and Lich Bane item sets. Try not to mix them up too much.
  • Despite my assurance that you shouldn't use Eve if you are inexperienced, this is in fact a guide that caters for that group of people, because people who already know how to play don't need guides! So if you know a lot about the game already, bear with me while I explain things for the newer players.
  • Also note that this guide solely has Dominion in mind. Use it in other areas at your own risk, don't say I didn't warn you.
  • You are allowed to stray from these builds. You don't have to do everything I say. The runes and masteries can be modified how you want. You can exchange items from different builds, you can build items that I don't even talk about. Just remember that in the event that doing this doesn't work, I didn't tell you to do it!
  • There will be no screenshots! I have experience with screenies and know now that they are a double-edged sword. If you require visual aids, go to the Summoner Profile area on, go to the Champions tab, select Evelynn, go to the Abilities tab, and browse the video clips there. You can also test Eve in a game against AI opponents.
  • Please don't flame me or the guide. I don't have to read a set of rules to know that this would be against them. If you have an issue with me or with the guide, let me know politely in a comment - I can guarantee you now that doing it any other way is going to get you nowhere with me.
  • This guide is current for League of Legends v1.0.0.136 (Lulu Patch). Later patches may render parts of this guide less true or effective than they are at the time of writing, if not totally obsolete; I can not be held responsible for this, but I will try to update when this occurs nonetheless.
Finally, I am new to the site at the time of writing, so any help or advice you can offer me is much appreciated.

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Pros and Cons of Eve


  • The low cooldown of Hate Spike lets Eve abuse Sheen, Trinity Force and Lich Bane.
  • Hate Spike's low cooldown and mana cost, coupled with the fact that it can hit two targets, enables Eve to be an effective disruptor of champions trying to take capture points.
  • Shadow Walk's invisibility makes Eve an excellent scout and ganker, and allows her to roam and take enemy points with impunity.
  • The movespeed granted by Agony's Embrace gives Eve very high movespeed on average.
  • The attack speed granted by Malice and Spite makes Eve a powerful user of items with on-hit effects.
  • Eve's capacity to dish out both heavy physical and magic damage, plus her natural knack for being rather unpredictable in general, makes her unusually difficult to defend against.

  • Eve typically tends to be what is known as a glass cannon: all damage, negligible survivability, and if caught, she isn't difficult to kill. Additionally (mainly because of this), she tends to be a favored target.
  • Hate Spike hits the nearest two targets, making it deal next-to-zero damage by itself if there are enemy minions nearby.
  • Eve has poor range, limiting her poking/harassing capacity (outside of disrupting capture point activity as mentioned) to jumping people while invisible and fleeing before they can counterattack.
  • Stealth detection severely limits Eve's options in general.
  • Eve is fiercely item-dependent, and therefore, rather weak at the start of the game.
  • Eve is handicapped by her lack of a useful innate passive.

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Eve's Skills Explained

The best place to find accurate information (such as numbers) about Eve's abilities is on this page:

Evelynn the Widowmaker at League of Legends Wiki

That page also shows Eve's base stats and stat gains, for anyone who is interested. Anyway I highly recommend reading that, because I'm going to reference it without warning.

Since the Wiki doesn't have everything, allow me to supplement it below:

Admittedly not the best passive in the game. Self-explanatory: you take half damage from enemy minions. This allows you to be a better wall against enemy minion pushes than other small DPSers, but this isn't what Eve is meant to do anyway.

  • OK, seriously nothing to add here. Lame innate passive that we have no use for. Moving on.

A vastly underestimated skill if I do say so myself. The main draw of Hate Spike is that, due to its cooldown, it makes Eve one of the most potent abusers of the items Sheen, Trinity Force, and Lich Bane. Most of what you need to know is listed either below or on the wiki, although this skill will be discussed in depth later.
  • Summary: tiny mana cost, tiny cooldown, tiny range, less tiny damage (but still tiny), hits another target for half the damage.
  • The two targets will always be the two nearest to Eve; this is the skill's main drawback, due to the fact that this will cause it to waste damage on enemy minions if they get in the way. It also makes it hard to predict which targets will be hit out of a group, although this is of little consequence.
  • Hate Spike can be used to trigger the slow of Shadow Walk. A little-known detail is that this will cause Shadow Walk to slow BOTH targets, so if you can pull that off successfully - ie two or more enemy champions with no minions nearby - definitely lead with Hate Spike whenever possible.
  • Hate Spike has enough of an AP ratio that a decent amount of AP will actually turn this move into a great source of damage, outside of minion-filled areas.
  • Using Hate Spike triggers Sheen's, Trinity Force's and Lich Bane's on-cast effects far more frequently than most champions can manage. Subsequently, due to the huge damage output granted by this, this is the main use of Hate Spike.
  • Hate Spike does not have a casting animation. This lets you use it whenever it is off cooldown without interrupting your movement.
  • Hate Spike can not be cast without at least one target in range - the icon is greyed out otherwise. It should be noted that the icon will light up if a target is in range regardless of whether the target is visible. This can be used with Hextech Sweeper on the Lich Bane build to reveal enemy stealth champions who pass by.
  • Only one level of Hate Spike is required in order to gain most of its benefits (the exception being somewhat higher damage).

Shadow Walk is the run-of-the-mill stealth skill of old - lets Eve become invisible for a stupidly long length of time, which essentially defines Eve. Most of what you need to know is listed either below or on the wiki, although this skill will be discussed in depth later.
  • Summary: Eve goes invisible. 60 mana cost at all levels, cooldown decreases with level, duration increases with level a lot, slow increases with level.
  • Shadow Walk has a fade time of 1.5 to 5 seconds; 1.5 is the minimum, and any damage dealt to Eve before she stealths increases the duration of the fade time to a maximum of 5 seconds; damage-over-time spells are particularly good at preventing Eve from stealthing.
  • Once stealthed, the slow is triggered by the next attack or damaging ability Eve uses. As mentioned, Hate Spike will slow both targets. Obviously, directly attacking or Ravaging the intended target is the most reliable way slow who you want to if there are too many targets for Hate Spike.
  • Casting Recall (and/or Teleport on other maps) during the fade time will allow Eve to be stealthed while teleporting and arrive at her destination stealthed (assuming she isn't interrupted in some way before the channel finishes).
  • Activating Zhonya's Hourglass during the fade time enables her to fade to stealth with impunity, which is a free escape assuming a lack of stealth detection.
  • Eve can also begin channeling to neutralize and/or capture a point during the fade time and become stealthed without interrupting the channeling process - while the capture point will reveal Eve nonetheless (until your team successfully takes it), you can use this to your advantage by having invisibility and/or a slow ready to use without having to wait for the fade time. I will point out that this is not advisable until you have at least three levels of Shadow Walk, because your stealth can either have too little time left to utilize or simply end way in advance of when you want it.
  • Eve can cast Malice and Spite without ending stealth.

Ravage is actually one of the strongest nukes in the game. Its sole downside is its near-melee range, but this can be worked around rather easily due to the fact that Eve can be invisible. Most of what you need to know is listed either below or on the wiki, although this skill will be discussed in depth later.
  • Summary: short-to-medium range, high damage nuke with a 1:1 AP ratio, reduces target's armor and magic resistance for 5 seconds. Damage, mana cost and defense reduction increase with level; cooldown is 9 seconds at all levels.
  • Ravage's defense reduction applies to the target through [spell_text=Black Shield].
  • Not a lot to say about this spell. Its a very strong nuke in general, with 320 base damage at lvl5 and a 1:1 AP ratio that places it above most spells; it is balanced by its average range, single target capacity, and the fact that Eve has no other burst damage abilities to chain with it.

This unnecessarily complicated skill does many things; overall it is rather useful. It also seems tailor-made for Dominion play, which we don't mind a bit. Most of what you need to know is listed either below or on the wiki, although this skill will be discussed in depth later.
  • Summary: passively restores health when you get a kill or assist; activating the ability grants Eve bonus attack speed and movespeed for 10 seconds; getting a kill or assist refreshes the active's cooldown. The active ability has no cost.
  • Activating Malice and Spite does not destealth Eve.
  • Malice and Spite's active buff does not stack with itself, although casting it again while it is already active will refresh the buff's duration.
  • Because the ability refreshes upon earning a kill or assist, you can - and should - use it whenever you are about to earn one, and take advantage of the speed boost it provides (even if it is already active, because it will refresh the duration). Similarly, you can activate the ability prematurely in order to reach an enemy more quickly, provided that you only need the remainder of the ability's duration to kill them.
  • It should be noted that the passive healing component of Malice and Spite is reduced while playing Dominion.

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Pre-Game Prep: Skill Build

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

The order of the first five levels is slightly negotiable, as long as you end up with the same five points at the end.

Short Form Priorities:
For the impatient and/or illiterate.
Explained Priorities:

At the start of the game, Eve is most likely to end up at the Windmill (the northern capture point) and its ensuing clash, and she will need every available asset for this.
  • Hate Spike to disrupt enemies' capture attempts, as well as provide a consistent source of damage.
  • Shadow Walk for sneak attacks, or running to another part of the map without alerting the opposition).
  • Ravage for burst damage and defense reduction.
Even at with only one or two skill points each, these are valuable tools to have.

You will want another point in Shadow Walk as soon as possible, because the 10 second duration of the rank 1 skill is really not useful enough for Eve's purposes. If you do end up at the Windmill before or around the time you reach lvl4, you should continue to ignore it and put another point into Ravage since you are about to be fighting. Otherwise, or if there is a stalemate taking place, put your fourth skill point into Shadow Walk to double its duration.

Agony's Embrace should be leveled whenever it is available. It is your ultimate, it is very useful and exceedingly dangerous to enemies. I'm not sure I have to specify more reasons to grab this at every possible opportunity.

Ravage should be maxed out at rank 5 once you hit lvl9. The sheer power of the move makes it a great burst nuke, and its high time is around the middle of a Dominion game. Its notable side effect of reducing both its target's armor and magic resistance by a flat value is further reinforcement to take full advantage of the skill as soon as possible, because champion's armor and magic resistance tend to get higher rather quickly.

Shadow Walk should be maxed out after Ravage, by lvl13. Its key attributes - the duration, cooldown, and potency of the slow - all scale excellently, but furthermore they scale much better than those of Hate Spike, which is why that skill gets sidelined for Shadow Walk.

Hate Spike, as has been said, doesn't get that much of an improvement in further ranks - really only its damage. One of the other things that goes up in level is its mana cost, which Eve isn't going to like until she has a somewhat larger mana pool. Overall, since we want to see Hate Spike more for its utility than anything else, take the one point early and leave it alone until everything else is maxed out.