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League of Legends Build Guide Author Shplock

Shplock's Turret Guide

Shplock Last updated on September 29, 2012
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Ladies and gentlemen, behold ! This is my first guide here on Mobafire. Although there are some helpful tips and tricks scattered around this page, the majority of the contents should not be taken into consideration (HINT: title). I've witnessed so many matches that i cannot possibly succumb my urge to write this guide. There's no reason why it shouldn't be there. Forget about specific builds, overpowered champions, counters and what-not. The biggest problem was in front of us all along; or should i say, above our heads, smiting the ever-living S*HIT out of us: THE ALMIGHTY TURRET. So, without further ado, let's begin our lesson.

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Turret Spotlight

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Turret Pros / Cons

Pros / Cons
  • Great damage, especially on successive hits against a single target
  • Life saver, if player jukes around properly (acts as terain too)
  • EHRMAGERD 1550 HP on first outer turret
  • Makes your nexus harder to destroy, D'UH
  • Reveals stealthed targets
  • Can only be damaged by AAs and abilities wich reset the AA animation
    (yes, i'm looking at you, Nasus -_-)
  • Can be manipulated easily by experienced tower divers (like myself :3)
  • Loses 150 armor and magic resistance when enemy minions are in its range
  • Can easily waste your CS if you can't last hit properly
  • Useless against late-game ad carry backdooring (DAT Fiora)

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Obviously, if you're gonna duel a turret for the rest of your playtime you might as well stack armor / damage mitigation. You aren't sure if 0/30/0 is viable? Of course it is, silly. Let me break it down for you :

Shut up and take my point! No, really, Garrison is enough to jumpstart you into the pro tower divers

Who cares if you're ap carry. YOU WANT THAT TOWER DOWN, don't you?

Baron Nashor would be jealous of you.

Dibs on main tank ! Wow, facechecking bushes has never been more enjoyable.

HOLY SH*T! Towers crumble at the mere sight of your clenching fist ! Why wasn't this nerfed?! Let's keep it between us, alright? :o

Self-explanatory. Might as well go afk under the enemy tower.

I guess that includes tower damage too. Herp Derp.

Lux got you snared under her turret? Nice weather we're having.



Terraforming here we come.

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Greater Mark of Health

Greater Seal of Armor

Greater Glyph of Armor

Greater Quintessence of Health


With a full set of Greater Mark of Health you should have no problems with your turret-diving shenanigans. Look at that turret. Now back at you. Now back at that turret. Now back at you. Luckily, the turret's healthbar isn't yours. It is so huge, it extends in 2 different timezones. *cough* that's what she said *cough*. OP you say? There's always room for more.


More is always better! In this case, Greater Seal of Armor is your best friend. You get +12 armor on the full set, wich is quite noticeable. I'm not gonna go over how great is flat armor on early game, especially top or bottom lanes. No, we don't care about those amateurs. TURRETS are our main objective.


Did someone say armor?! YES PLEASE. Greater Glyph of Armor will surely mitigate the shortage of your awesomeness. Be sure to towerdive as often as you can, you might just get that pesky LeBlanc who's always baiting you. Oh wait, did i just kill her Mirror Image? Meh, better luck next time. This turret tickles.


Not sure if OP or simply invincible at this point. Greater Quintessence of Health makes you god-like comparing to those matchsticks aka turrets. Why do you even bother?

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Summoner Spells

Viable Summoner Spells (Dominion)

Strengthens allied capture points or weakens enemy capture points. Say what? This here is your soulmate. You may now kiss the bride.

Promotes the nearest super minion to an Anti-Turret Cannon, healing it, granting bonus stats and causing it to grant the caster gold for its kills. Need i say more? It says Anti-Turret; and it's a cannon. You can't really ask for anything else.

Useful Spells for Classic Mode

This is somewhat useful if you're familiar with the term "Juke". If not, i suggest using it near your fountain for the lulz :3. Or even better, while almost dying, approach a nearby wall/ledge and attempt to fail-flash it ( doing so will result in you getting called a noob, and possibly epic laughter; trust me, it's worth it ). But of course, not all fail-flashes are in vain :

Attack speed doesn't hurt anyone... BESIDES TOWERS.

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Item Build

X 5

Armor? MOAR ! Hp pots? Meh, don't need 'em but i guess you can't call it a day without a nice beverage.


Armor for everyone! You're just beggining to show your territorial dominance. Not by "zoning", or "pushing" or even "warding".NO. These are for cowards. You simply leave a load of crumbling waste. That should send a message; if towers had legs, they would've been running by now.


Turrets can't stand a chance now. It's like, they're waiting to be crushed. Ever heard of the Three Little Pigs? Yeah, same story, minus the last one.

x ∞

Where did everybody go?

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Viable advice (no trolling this time)

Okay, so here we go. You actually didn't own turrets that much, but instead got blown into oblivion by that vengeful blue ball of doom. I'll settle this into categories:


There are many occasions on wich you're forced to farm under your turret (lots of harass, 2v1 top, no sustain in lane, your partner is recalling, etc.). I see alot of players that don't know when to last hit minions and the turret kills all the wave, resulting in low CS. It isn't that hard to master, you just need to guide yourself after these rules:

If you're an AD carry, then your autoattack(AA) damage is decent early game and last hitting will be like this:

Melee minion - Tower Hit x 2, AA for last hit

Caster minion - Tower Hit x 1, AA for last hit

If you're an AP carry, your autoattack will do puny damage early game and the above rules won't aply. The last hitting sequence will look like this:

Melee minion - AA, Tower Hit x 2, AA for last hit

Caster minion - AA, Tower Hit x 1, AA for last hit

If you still can't manage to last hit, then i suggest speccing or for better results.


The difference between dying and escaping with a successful dive kill is knowing the attack prioritization of the turret. There's no if, maybe, chance, luck, and so on. You think you could kill that Dr. Mundo with his condescending Infected Cleaver UNDER HIS TURRET? Hmph. Oh, he got away with 10 hp, lucky bastard. But wait, there's something in the sky ! Is it a bird? Is it a plane? no ! IT'S A BALL OF RIGHTEOUSNESS ! ... You bite the dust hard, still not knowing how did you not manage to escape it. Joke's on you, he didn't even use his Sadism.

So kids, what do we learn from this story? Turrets have no mercy. Let's continue.

So this is it, you can compare them with the Ten Commandments, although they're only six:

  • The turret will target the closest unit first and continue to attack this target until it dies or moves out of range.

    This means you better not check the shop while farming under the enemy's turret.

  • If an enemy champion inflicts damage to an allied champion (ie: auto attack, ability, damage over time such as poison) while in turret range, the turret will immediately switch targets to that enemy champion.

    If you're a fan of harassing, you should do it outside the range of the tower. Simple logic.

  • If an enemy champion that is in range of a turret damages an allied champion that is not within range of that turret, the turret will not switch targets to that enemy.

    If you feel like you're at an disadvantage, you should turtle under your tower and prepare to trade. If they decide to dive you, CC ( as in ) the player that is currently damaging you, not the one who's tanking. It's better to mitigate your overall damage recieved.

  • If a pet damages an allied champion and the champion responsible for the pet is within turret range, the responsible champion will be targeted.

    Hi Annie ! Wanna play hide and seek around my tower?

  • If no champion-to-champion damage is inflicted, the turret will continue to target minions.

    Y'know, the turret won't notice if someone is giving you the eye..

  • Once all enemy minions are dead or out of range, the turret will target the closest enemy champion and will not change targets until that champion is out of range.

    In case you cant afford another hit from the turret, try to Flash away from its max range right when it's about to attack you; this way, you'll cancel the attack and survive another fight.


You should never do this 1v1 when:

  • Enemy champion doesn't have any cooldowns on abilities / escape mechanisms; especially on Flash or his ultimate ;
  • Enemy champion is bulky as hell ;
  • YOU have cooldowns ;
  • You don't have any escape mechanisms available ;
  • You don't have any wards and might get picked up by the jungler even if you manage to dive successfully ;
  • Can't afford too much tower hits because you're squishy.

You should do this 1v1 when:

  • Enemy champion is low on health / mana and has cooldowns ;
  • You have gap closers and disables ready ;
  • You can manage to get away safely if something goes wrong ( Flash) ;
  • Your healthpool can barely be scratched by the turret ;
  • You're so fed that you can take him down without breaking a sweat ;
  • You're Chuck Norris.

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I doubt this guide would've been made without my friends. I've never had so much fun playing a moba game. They are an ever-flowing source of inspiration. No offence guys, someone had to do it. Towers are such a nuisance lately. I hope this guide can shed some light on others too xD.


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