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Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page

Azir Build Guide by oONewbieOo

AP Carry Shurima! Ur Emperor Returns! [UPDATED]

AP Carry Shurima! Ur Emperor Returns! [UPDATED]

Updated on December 15, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author oONewbieOo Build Guide By oONewbieOo 57,166 Views 1 Comments
57,166 Views 1 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author oONewbieOo Azir Build Guide By oONewbieOo Updated on December 15, 2019
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Presence of Mind
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Manaflow Band

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+15-140 HP (lvls 1-18)


LoL Summoner Spell: Barrier


LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
Ideal Strong Ok Low None

1.1 About Me

How did i come to Azir?

There was a time in 2015, when Azir was crazy OP. He was a must pick even in LCS. At that time i played in a team and of course i had to follow the meta. I instantly liked his Kit, but the first games were really hard. Like a Month later i finally managed to play him okay and was about to get better with him. Than i literally mastered him, but not long later i stopped playing League because of personal Reasons. Now, one Month ago, i started again with League and wanted to advance my Azir and make it a vaible Pick. So here we go.

Why did i make a Guide?

Because in my opinion Azir is very, very hard to learn. On top, he has a very low Pick Rate, so i wanted to change both with this Guide

Which Elo am i right now?

Actually, I am Gold 2, like i said i started just a month ago, so im confident with it, but of course i want to gain much more Elo until Season Final.

And here`s my latest SoloQ Game with Azir:
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1.2 Introduction

First of, i wanna show you how to play Azir right. At first, there is to say, hes one of the hardest Champions to learn, but when u actually can play him, its Freelo.

Some points that you have to pay attention to:
    - You have to wait until you get your Core before you can "really" trade. Of course, you can do some Damage on the Enemy, and you can also kill him when you get ganked, but you shouldnt risk much because your Early Levels are really, really weak.

    - You should never pick Azir against a very mobile Midlaner, like Leblanc, or Kassadin, because they easily dodge youre ult and also your Sand Soldier Attacks.

    - At generall, Azir is a very complex and hard to learn Champ. You should play 20+ Normal Games with him before starting Playing Rankeds

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1.3 Pros / Cons


- Massive Damage in Teamfights on multiple targets
- very underestimated Champion
- Late Game Carry
- very good Engage/Disengage
- very funny to play


- Very hard to learn and especially to master him
- Got some though Counters
- No real pressure in early
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2.1 Spells

With Azir, you have a variety of Spells that you can take with you in addition to Flash.

    A very common Spell, but not my favourite, because with Azir you almost never get in Range to use Exhaust Offensive. Against Assasins a good choice.

    Very usefull when you want to delete your lane already in 1v1. Something what you normaly dont do with Azir, expect you have a extrem nice lead, what is never completly safe. So its a bit risky but if it works you`ll snowball hard!

    Must-have against Zed and Leblanc, also good against the most other Enemies, especially when you want to hard engage with your Ult. Simply the safest Option.

    Must have against Ahri and Veigar maybe, if you dont feel comfortbale enough too dodge his cage. Otherwise its not recommended.
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2.2 Significant Matchups

Here I will show you my most liked & hated Azir Matchups.

Veigar (+++)
    Azir is incredible good against Veigar when it comes to trades. Veigar has this significant tactic, that he makes the cage around you, waits until you trap in (or even not) and than fires the **** out of you with his Q+W+R. But that wont happen with Azir. after Level 2 you can just farm from 20 Miles away with your Sand Soldiers. And when you see him coming in your direction, walk away, or, when hes alreay near, make an W+Q+E Combo and slide away with Style. Also hes really squishy whats perfect for Azir. You should be able to kill him with Q+ 2 Sand Soldier Hits.

Diana (++)
    Against Diana there is a "special Tactic". First of all you can poke her as hell. She shouldnt be able to get that much farm, but her damage will be high enough even without it. So, what you do is you take Barrier with you, and just farm and farm and farm. When you hit Level 6, try to get pushed a bit in. Not that much, that you are farming under the Tower, no just a bit in your direction. So, you have to try to Sidestep her Q`s, until the Moment you stand there. When she Q`s you, dont dodge, and she will be so happy that she finally managed it, that she will go for it. Now you just have to push her under the Tower with your Ult, and shes gone. Then, when you have ur lead, its almost the same Situation, with the only difference, that you make even more damage and she will miss even more farm.

Ryze (o)
    A complete Skill-Matchup, you have to hold him on Distance or he will burst you very easily. You can poke him out of the lane, but if you miss one Q, he will abuse it and will instant comit on you.
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2.3 Skill Sequence

Like you maybe have already seen, a appreciate the Q Rush first.

Here are the Reasons why:
    First of all, in the early game you rarely use your W. Farming with it is very hard how i already said. Even when you max the W, and have a bit of damage on it, your Attack Speed is too slow too farm very effective.

    Now lets imagine an early trade. What will deal more damage, a skilled Q (that deals massive damage) and 2 attacks with your Q, or, when you skilled youre W, a Q with very few damage and than very, very slow Autoattacks, where the enmy can just walk away? So thats the thing when you Max. your W. When you are actually able deal damage with youre W, when you have Attack Speed and the Rylais Slow, your W is also maxed. So why should you first max it if its just good after 15-20 Minutes?

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2.4 Farming with Azir

Lvl. 1 - ~12

    Try to first farm with your Autoattacks, because youre Sand Soldiers do so less Damage that they you are missing a lot CS because they can hit more than just one Target. Farming with his Autoattacks is quite simple, its a very quick animation.

Lvl. ~12+

    Now you can just stomp youre lane. Youre now at this point of the match where you should finished Rylais and Nashors. When everything goes perfect, you stay in Mid forever, taking the whole minion wave in seconds, making unnormal damage to your lane enemy (so he has to go base all the time), and even if you go base, you just leave youre passive on the lane so you also get the farm. In general, you should be at the end of the match the by far best farming Champion, but of course just if it goes perfect.
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2.5 Power Spikes

The Longer you play, the more likely you win!

I edited a very informatic graph for you, i think the powerspikes are very obvious. I already talked about those items, Rylais and nashors alot, but actually they are the whole power of Azir.

Also i found this Graph, what really amazed me:

I think the main reason for his horrible Winrate is the fact that hes an absolute Lategame-Carry. People maybe think they could trade early and feed the enemys that hard that they never reach late. Or, what is really in common in lower Elo`s, you are in Minute 27, you stand 0-2 with Azir, or something like that, and your whole Team stands like 4-10. Now the your Team wants to surrender and ignore, that Azir has now the most insane Power Spike (When his farm is okay). So relax if you give a few kills to the enemy. As long as your farm is okay, and you arent unbelievable far behind, the game goes completly how you want it to. Of course, you could have some kills, or you shouldnt have give kills to the enemy, but as long as you reach Lategame it just doesnt matter.
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3. Fazit

First of all, im not finished with doing this Guide. I will always try too keep it up to date, and i would really like too see what you think about this Guide!

Now, to come back to Azir, hes at the Moment a very unpopular Pick, which is very good for you, because he wont get banned or played that often. On top, many Midlaner underestimate him very hard. Especially when you play your Early safe and get your farm, your Enemy wont belive how much damage you are able todeal!
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