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Shyvana Build Guide by NAPKEtheBLOODY

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League of Legends Build Guide Author NAPKEtheBLOODY

Shyvana: Cinderhulk Alternative

NAPKEtheBLOODY Last updated on December 1, 2016
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Hi I'm NAPKEtheBLOODY and Shyvana is one of my favorite champions.

The best way to built her is going high attack speed with some tank-items. The builds on this site have got this type of build already covered. However, there are some situations where I feel Cinderhulk-Shyvana is the better way to go;

-Sometimes you'll find that your team composition is made up of champions who have high damage and are very all-in (assassin-meta). In this situation your team needs an agro-magnet.
-Enemy team-composition heavily relies on a single damage type (AD or AP). In this case having high resistance against this damage type makes you almost unkillable.

In these situations Cinderhulk-Shyvana really shines. Although I build her more tanky, she still does more damage than your average bruiser, clears the jungle insanely fast and can 1vs1 most other champions, which makes her an amazing split-pusher.

This guide is ment to make people aware of a different way to play Shyvana. She still is very much Shyvana so I can't be bothered going over stuff already explained in most other Shyvana guides.

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Why Cinderhulk instead of Bloodrazor?

Is most cases against balanced teams Bloodrazor will be the better option because it synergizes so well with Shyvana's kit and it's the best for jungle clearing. The %-Health damage is a lot less useful against squishy targets though.
Cinderhulk with it's health-multiplier got a lot better for Shyvana after her rework. Dragon's Descent now provides up to 350 extra health which results in 52,5 additional health because of the multiplier. Her reworked passive Dragonborn has the potential to give her a lot of extra armor and magic resist which makes stacking health even more valuable. If you add Titanic Hydra and Burnout (increaed range in dragonform after rework) to the mix, you do an insane amount of AoE-damage.

Going with a Cinderhulk/Titanic Hydra build makes you impossible to ignore for the enemy team but they have to burn too much resources to bring you down.

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Exhaust & Blue Smite

Flash and Ghost are viable summoner spells as well, but I feel Exhaust is better because of the CC it provides (which isn't included in Shyvana's kit);
-it allows you to gank overextended lanes quite well
-it gives you an edge 1vs1, especially against the enemy jungler

Dragon's Descent is huge gap-closer and Burnout is like a mini-Ghost. This is usually enough.

Blue smite is usually best because it also compensates your lack of CC.

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Trinity Force

Trinity Force is the only damage item you really need to remain a big threat until late game. The spell-blade, attack-speed and cooldown reduction is needed to destroy jungle, epic monsters and most champions. Late game it's up to the carries to provide most of the damage, but your high AoE-damage will definitely help, especially if you get to complete Titanic Hydra.

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Your are still Shyvana. You want to farm the jungle, take objectives, fight the enemy jungler, split-push and gank overextended lanes using Exhaust.

Because you are more tanky than Bloodrazor-Shyvana you can play even more reckless during teamfights and towerdives. If your teammates are good at following up an engage, you should actively initiate teamfights. Because of your high AoE-damage multiple enemies will have to react to you, burning valuable cc-and-mobility abilities. This makes them easy targets for your teammates to finish off. The best way to engage is usually sneaking up from behind them, don't worry to much about tower-diving, you are very durable.

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In certain situations Cinderhulk-Shyvana outshines Bloodrazor-Shyvana. She will always be amazing at farming and also have kill-potential. This build focuses more on AoE-damage and Durability, which improves her teamfight ability IMHO.