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Shyvana Humor Guide by bucher8

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League of Legends Build Guide Author bucher8

Shyvana (SOLO TOP)

bucher8 Last updated on May 25, 2013
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Item Build: In Depth

Mercury :
- Being a front line tank these boots are invaluable, giving you a moderate boost to MR, but more importantly, letting you ignore a lot of incoming CC
- These are your Go-to boots for most games, but you can build (NINJA) for lane and sell them later for teamfights

- These boots are a godsend vs an AD heavy team or even a high-harass AD lane, like GP , or if you need the armor
- Also happen to be the cheapest boot upgrade to get a fast Boots2 if you really need to and need some armor

- Perfect item for dominating as Shyvana and pinning down carries that you want to kill in teamfights
- Gives you a combination of offensive power and a great deal of durability, making trading a breeze
- Perma-slow allows for outstanding chase potential and can net you many kills if you're already ahead

Good against heavy AP teams. Also, if you are laning against Rumble, Kennen or any pesky AP's that are hard to lane against, you might want to consider getting an early hexdrinker. Don't upgrade it until you get your core items though.

Optional item to get, since all stats are really usefull on Shyvana. If you don't have any damage dealers next to your AD carry, or if the enemy team is really tanky, or if you get an early lead in your lane, you might want to pick up this beauty.

Its a really decent item, and I've actually been building it more often than Warmogs these days. Against teams who have 3 or more AD champions you'd rather get this item than a Warmog's. It gives you armor, hp, extra AoE magic damage and will give you AD if you have an Atma's Impaler.

GOOD to fight 1 vs 1 witch wtin bite he penetration armow very fast !!!!

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START items ;)

1- clootch + ward + 2 potions (counter jungle+)
2- Null + ward or Null + 2 potion
3- clootch + 5potion - Main opening, early wriggles, armor for jungle + opponent in top
Most games my final build will look like this:

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The Dragon Nears

Hello everybody, my summoner name is NoULyons, you can call me Lyons for short, and I'm a ~1300 ELO NA player who plays way too many Normals. I recently got up the nerve to start using my favorite champion Shyvana in Ranked, so I thought I'd share some of my knowledge and experiences with you guys.

To me, Shyvana is one of the most amazing champs in the League, her style of play, what she can do by herself and as part of a team constantly surprises me. Shyvana is a really big bully in her lane and can easily gain the advantage over more timid opponents, but she can push her wave if you're not careful. However, if your opponent refuses to come out from their tower to play you can always just push really fast and pressure the jungle or another lane because you can move so quickly. Winning 2v1's vs your opponent and their jungler can also be possible with your ultimate because you'll deal so much AoE and become tankier.

If a go hard or go home style of play appeals to you or dealing large amounts of AoE damage in teamfights gets you going, then Shyvana just may be the champion for you. If you choose to play her then hopefully this guide can get you off on the right foot so you can start wrecking people.

Pros + Cons

huge damage, most of it from just one skill
strong chase potential with Burnout
manaless champion, you can spam your skills
all skill have a passive, allowing you to deal more damage
able to push lanes extremely fast and counter jungle fast as well
pretty good at diving carries if you have to(with Ult)
Ult turns all abilities into AoE, giving you big teamfight presence
excels at taking jungle camps, allowing you to counter jungle to your hearts content

skills can push you wave early, which means you could die
if you can't hit anything has a long Ult CD
can be kited easily if you don't get to extend burnout
no gap closer/escape before level 6(except W's move increase)

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Counter Jungling


So this is the section this whole guide is about. This is where Shyvana shines! Counter jungling and laning top at the same time. First of all let's see why we would counter jungle in the first place.

You can get more exp by killing jungle creeps.
You can get more gold by killing jungle creeps.
You can deny your enemy jungler from exp and gold.
You can get buffs for yourself and deny the opponents from these buffs.
You can gank midlane really easily from the enemy jungle.
You can make the enemy jungler so annoyed that he will underperform in rage. (^^) jk

I've seen Junglers who were 5 levels lower than me, just because my own jungler and I totally messed up their jungler by ganking him and stealing his farm. Its really amazing, just give it a try and I'm sure you'll be just as convinced as I am!

You need to buy extra wards.
You'll be more vulnerable for ganks in the enemy jungle.
You need to be able to push (and win) your lane in order to counter jungle.

You can make up the ward costs with the extra creeps you kill in the enemy jungle, and if you're doing everything correctly, both points 2 and 3 of Cons won't be valid anymore either. So as long as you do everything right, there will only be pros for your team! So what are you waiting for, start countering ALL the jungle!

How to counter jungle?

If you want to counter jungle as a top lane, you have to make sure you're winning your lane and are able to push your lane. When you reach level 6, you should have enough money to get a wriggles, if you don't have one already. And if you farmed a bit more, you should also be able to get boots of speed and a ward to boot. When you have these 3 items you're ready to counter some jungle.

Ask your support to CV the enemy jungle, or just wait until the enemy jungler shows up at bot lane, so you can go into his jungle and place your wards (wriggles+ward). Before you do that, make sure to push the lane against the enemy tower, so you don't lose any minions in the meantime. Check if any creeps are up, and if so ask your jungler to help you with them, or kill them on your own. Shyvana can clear creeps at insane speed with wriggles, so it should be no problem for you. Then time the minions in your head, or type them in chat and return to your lane, and push right before the enemy jungle creeps respawn so you can be there when they are respawned.

Other than that, you can also take your own jungle creeps when you're pushed, if your jungler allows it, when he is bot lane or killing dragon for example.

Also don't forget to refresh your wards when they are almost burned out, since without wards you can't counter jungle.

Creep timers
So whenever you kill creeps, they will be dead for a certain amount of time. Try to time them as much as possible so you can kill them as soon as they spawn:
Wraiths, 50 seconds
Wolves, 60 seconds
Golems, 60 seconds
Blue Golem, 5 minutes
Red Lizard, 5 minutes
Dragon, 6 minutes
Baron, 7 minutes

Working together

Make sure you work together with your mid and own jungler. They can help you with counter jungling, or you could provide buffs for them. For example the blue buff would be way better on the mid lane, and then the jungler can take his own blue buff, leaving the enemy team with no blue buff at all. You can also easily gank after a counter run, so make sure you stay in contact with your team.

Just practice on remembering the timers by feeling and explore and try out counter jungling as much as possible in co-op's normals or wherever you feel like using it, to master it, even on other champions.

Guide Top

Wher wardz counter ?

setup 1
You're safe for ganks, but you don't know what's happening in the enemy jungle. You could walk into a Rammus who taunts you and top could get there to finish you off. Still, you could just counter jungle when you see the jungler gank botlane, but this isn't the ideal situation.
setup 2
This is more ideal, since you can see your enemy jungler whenever he is killing anything on your side. It will cost your team an extra 75 gold, but think about it, you'll be able to counter jungle more, so that makes up for that. And that's some exp and gold your enemy team is NOT getting.
setup 3
Most of the times I place this ward a bit lower, so I can see when the enemy jungler takes the wolves, so I'll be there 60 seconds after he killed them and they respawned. But some people might want it to be a bit higher so they can see the blue buff, and are better protected against ganks, which are possible trough the bush, east from the top turret.

Blue Team Warding

If you're playing on the blue team, you'll need 1 ward more than if you were on the other team, if you want maximum safety. I'd ask the jungler or your mid lane to provide that last ward. You can also manage with just 2 wards, but I wouldn't recommend it.

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Late Game/Team Fights


Late game is kinda easy, just stay near your team, keep Baron in the back of your eye, and try to push as much as possible. Shyvana is really good at both pushing and taking Baron, so try to take as many possible objectives with your team. In teamfights, try to go in first, if people focus you, that's a good thing, since then your carries will be able to shine.

If you have a carry who get's focused a lot, then try to stay near him/her and save your ultimate until people get too close to your carry, so you can push them away from your carries. This should buy them enough time to do enough damage output to make you win the teamfight. If possible though, you should ask your jungler to stay near your carries, since you yourself can output tons of AOE damage in teamfights, and you'd preferably be in the fight.

Last but not least, if running a bit of an AOE comp, you could try to ambush your opponents from the back and push them into your team with your ult. Make sure you're team will do enough damage though, because the worst thing you can do is push the bruisers closer to the carries. If you have a Kennen, Morgana or anything like that, then this can work like a charm!

Shyvana is really strong late game, so just play straight up and you will probably be able to carry your team to victory!

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Early Game


If you feel like it, you can try and steal an enemy buff on level 1. Like said before, Shyvana clears jungle really fast with the AOE damage of her W. Either clear the enemy jungle yourself, recall back and teleport into your lane, or if you don't run teleport, ask for a pull and you'll be able to take any buff or camp and heal up with 1 hp pot.

When in lane, depending on the opponent, you should be able to farm just fine against most solo tops. If you have a weaker opponent, try to harass him as much as possible when you see a possibility, since Shyvana has a really strong early game with sustained damage from her W. Just make sure you farm as much as possible so you can get your wriggles as soon as possible, so you can start counter jungling after your first trip back.

Don't push too hard early game, since you don't have a lot of escape possibilities before you have your ultimate. If ganked, try to walk into the bush, and sprint away with your W. There aren't a lot of champions that can keep up with your movement speed at low level, unless they have a jump or flash. Just farm up and get your wriggles ASAP.


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