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Shyvana Build Guide by Tweezy

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Tweezy

Shyvana The Ultimate Assassin Jungle How 2 Penta As A Jungle

Tweezy Last updated on August 26, 2015
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Vi In my opinion vi is not much thread for shyvana with this new build she can't do much to you. And I haven't really ever met any Vi on ranked match that caused me trouble.
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Hello my name is Tweezy currently im a gold player but often I play with my friends from diamond and platinum. I've been playing Shyvana for a very long time but now on this update you can use her assassin potential fully. Test it by yourself ,full build history is shown on the screenshot in the Late game chapter ("?" are new hydra and sterak) I wish u good luck and have fun in killing people with your powerful bites :D I apologize for the quality of guide but it's my first one.

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Early game

In the early game start with red of course. Clear the bot camps and crab if it's not killed, then head to to the blue camp side and clear it too (if u are experienced with shyvana that shouldn't be a problem). If you are on the red side u might try to gank top on lvl 3 after clearing camp and killing crab u should have like 4/5 hp. You should say to your top laner to let the enemy top push so u get more chance to kill him or atleast burn his spells (flash/ghost). Slow champs/squishy ones are easy target for you with red buff. If the enemy champ manage to run with just a little hp dont worry to flash for kill if its 1 hit belive me its worth it. As for builds u shouldn't buy any shoes just rush your devourer. When you get 6 and devourer get 2-4 potions and rush to drake. Use your ulti, activate all potions and kill it. Make crab before if possible. Ofc if its warded by crab don't start it, also best if you ask your support to make some wards around it.

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Mid game

After you killed drake keep farming jungle as much as possible (if there is a chance for gank cause enemy is pushing try it, but don't waste much time for useless ganks). When I play shyvana I often reach stacked devourer in 15 mins by killing 2 drakes/kills/farm. After u kill the drake and farmed alot of golds(I usually clear all the jungle + make some farms on lane when keeping it or gold from ganks = 2-3 k gold) after dev you get shoes only the basic ones(if better ones are required for you then buy it), then you get giant's belt and tiamat for new hydra. Once you get it you are unstoppable in mid game. You should start making ganks if its still lane phase or join the teamfights aiming at squishy targets. Just jump in with ulti +w, activate your hydra and Q, 1 hit can make half hp to enemy ADC or APC so their positioning will get broken apart. Important thing: choose shyvana only if you have good cc's and engage champs on your team, otherwise it will be hard for you to start teamfights and not die. Other important thing is this new item Sterak, because shyvana always had to jump in the enemy team, she risked to just die easily but now with this new item you can easily tank alot of dmg and deal alot of dmg without even having much resists. Don't forget to making farms you clear jungle very fast now so you dont spend much time on clearing all the jungle. Now you have to make choice: 1 get more tanky, 2 get more burst. If it's first option you should get hp+resist item depending what you need first(armor= Dead man's plate/sunfire/randuin, m.resist= spirit visage), but then there is option 2 you can have tons of burst dmg just by getting trinity. You can ask yourself okay I have hp and alot dmg but I dont have much resist. But look if you kill 3 ppl in no time then what's the problem with no resists? Test it yourself Q+trinity+hydra active+ dead man's it's totally insane dmg and mostly adc like jinx/graves/ashe can't do anything to escape from you they will simply die in 2-4 hits. Won't even tell how yasuo is squishy when you bite him once.

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Late game

Late game can be difficult for shyvana with this build if the enemy team is fed or have way to stop you. But mostly if you are good with shyvana and your team follows you + make fast baron then enemy team is crushed in 25-30 mins. Things getting bad when they have almost full build. In that situation you should consider going more tanky = that means selling trinity and building more hp or getting guardian angel. That shouldn't mean any problem for you(usually I get full build first in the team, my record was this game where I did 1 penta 1 unofficial penta and 1 quadra kill)Try to enter the backlanes of enemy aim for most fed ones if you kill them the rest should be really easy. (Yes I had 8 k gold lead on our adc and dealt 30 k more dmg than him)

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Pros / Cons

-High dmg
-Tanky(around 3,5-4k hp)
-With new item (Sterak) you can engage the teamfights and endure more dmg than old build in short time (Sterak passive= 30 % hp as shield)
-Stacked devourer activates the hydra passive by the shadow hit as well as Q
-You are not as tanky as old build so you can't stand long pokes from enemy adc
-You still don't have any cc's

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Team Work / Team Fights

Shyvana with her high mobility and unexpected entrances with her ulti is very dangerous. Best if you have someone with speed boost ability or item (sivir, janna, RG). Because Shyv have no cc's you need a support/top/mid to have some slows/stuns for being very effective (Naut, Braum, Orianna, Rumble, Mao etc.). When team fighting 5v5 if you have good teamwork (follow) you should jump on the enemy ADC APC or top/jungle if its squishy and fed, just simply take him down or make him to retreat from teamfight. You should never be scared of 2v1, with this build you can easily take down melee champs or even ranged ones that doesn't have any escape ability or cc's.

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Unique Skills

-Very fast turret pushing (new hydra works on turrets as well)
-Drake control
-High mobility
-Very high burst dmg