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Singed General Guide by Mystiiez

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Mystiiez

Singed Guide

Mystiiez Last updated on November 8, 2014
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About Me

My name on LoL is Mystiiez i'm currently plat 5 as it hits the end of season 4.
I do not play singed that much so i have gathered information from different guides
I'm a support/jungle main so i'll create more guides in the future
Shout out to Snap Dragon (OCE) for suggesting to do a singed guide

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Singed's Hidden Abilities (MUST READ)

Invisible Poison

First, go to your League of Legends Folder > Config > and then open the 'input' file

And then change the following:

Procedure: Go to your Riot Games folder > League of Legends > Config > input. Open up the text file 'input' and edit the following:
evtSmartPlusSelfCastSpell1=[t] and evtSelfCastSpell1=[t] . In game, press t to release a puff of invisible poison.
Usage: Very useful during early game for harassing especially because your poison is invisible. Notice how "Invisible Poison" doesn't expend and has smaller radius than a visible poison. Your target has to literally "step on" it rather than just "touching" it.
Tips: If you barely see the Poison buff on your buff screen and your ability goes on cooldown, then you've done it right. You should absolutely see no poison in the game.
Difficulty: 10% (VERY EASY NOW RIGHT?)

Concealed Poison

Procedure: Similar to Nunu's ult, just stay out of enemy's sight by going into a brush
Usage: Makes your enemies "visually" harder to dodge the poison
Tips: During a fight, when both you and your enemy's HP are low, hide in a brush so that your enemy will eventually give up chasing you. It is possible that your clueless enemy will run over your poison again.
Difficulty: 10% (Very Easy)

Sky Auto Attack

Procedure: Cast fling followed by an Auto Attack. The easiest way to achieve this is by pressing A on your keyboard and then click on any vacant space right after you fling. Right Clicking on your target works as well.
Usage: You can land an additional Auto Attack while the target is unable to perform any actions on air.
Tips: Make sure you master this technique as this will greatly increase your DPS. Note that the target is unable to retaliate and the distance between Singed and the target is being created after the effect of Sky Auto Attack. This technique is very effective for nuking when you are kiting melee champions. If Singed turns around but still performs Sky Auto Attack, it is not bad but you still idled for about 0.3s (Refer to the pictures above).
Difficulty: 70% (Hard, but you have to master this!)

Void Toss

Procedure: Stand very close to a reasonably thin wall (any walls that Caitlyn can jump over) and fling your target perpendicular to the wall
Usage: Escaping, turning a 1v2 fight to 1v1, kiting, killing squishies, saving allies, relocating enemy tanks away, etc.
Tips: Make sure your target keeps a distance with a wall so that you can fit in between them. Always fling your target straight, not diagonally.
Difficulty: 80% (Very Hard, but this can win you games!)

Perfect Mega Adhesive

Procedure: Cast your Mega Adhesive way ahead of your target. The circular spell indicator should not be touching your target
Usage: Landing a good slow is how I determine a good Singed player. You can slow a person up to 4 seconds (without fling) instead of 1s only, which most Singed players do.
Tips: If it is impossible to land Perfect Mega Adhesive because you're not quite in range, try chasing your target for a bit as you are usually faster than them.
Difficulty: 50% (Average. Remember, always lead your mega adhesive 1s ahead)

Fling Lock

Procedure: Order your Singed to Fling a target with Hard CC from a distance. As soon as the target gets in range, Singed will fling the target no matter what kind of Crowd Control Effect has been applied on Singed such as Supression, Stun, Silence, Taunt, etc.
Usage: Soraka, Taric, Volibear, Sion, Warwick and Urgot Supression (Yes, free supression & dmg negation), Galio's Taunt, not get knocked up after blitz's grab, etc
Tips: If you have no idea when the target is going to hard CC you, lock Fling on the target whenever you are moving towards the target.
Difficulty: 90% (Insanely Difficult)

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General Hidden Abilities (MUST READ)

Procedure: If an enemy goes into a brush and no minions are near you, press A and click on the brush
Usage: As soon as your champion encounters an enemy, it'll immediately attack that enemy regardless of your latency and reaction speed. Therefore, if you're a melee champion, you'll end up in a melee range with the enemy champion in the brush, preventing your champion from getting juked.
Tips: Stay away from minions, or you'll chase a minion instead of your desired target
Difficulty: 30% (Easy)

Covering Minion HP

Procedure: Locate yourself below your minion and cover its HP bar with your own HP bar
Usage: In lane, this can easily piss off your enemy and it is more likely that he will miss cs.
Tips: While he's busy left clicking on the minion to manually check its HP, you can attempt to attack him!
Difficulty: 50% (You need to be quite organised for this)

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Singed Carry

0. Beg your Jungler to gank other lanes; In all chat, taunt your enemy Jungler to camp your lane
1. Win your Lane
2. Invade Enemy Jungle and steal their head monsters such as Big Wraith, Big golem, and Lizard
3. In all chat, remind your enemy Jungler how you took all his Jungle. Also tell him that his top lane is losing really hard to you so that he should camp your lane.
4. Waste your enemy Jungler's time. Kill both of them in 1v2 fights.
5. Tell your support to put a ward in bottom lane brush. Give your Bot Lane a good gank with teleport
6. Take Dragon
7. Push your lane and constantly Counter Jungle/Gank Mid Lane
8. Carry your team by taking out Towers with them. Ask your other lanes to camp a losing lane with you


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