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Singed Build Guide by TehPenGu

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author TehPenGu

Singed Guide - AP menace!

TehPenGu Last updated on July 28, 2011
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Welcome to my very first guide. Its focused on my most played champ: Singed.

I will go over the items i use with good results, masteries and runes. And ill try to explain how to play him as the menace that he can be. Stay tuned! And plz comment on the end if you have suggestions.

Hope you will enjoy playing him, and remember folks: you DONT chase Singed. You do NOT.

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Pros / Cons


    Farms with ease.
    Aoe dmg to entired teams if played right.
    CC not a problem.
    Mana = HP
    Naturaly though to take down.
    Nice CD on skills and ult, can use ult to regen alot.
    In my opinion one of the best initiators. (Q-W-E)
    If you chase him you WILL die.

    Poison eats mana, and his regen isnt too amazing.
    Fling needs positioning.
    Team dependable.

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Runes, let us take a look:

Id say they are pretty self explainitory:

Marks to make ur AP really punch, and i never really found anything that could compensate for dropping the Mag.Pen marks. They rock.

Seals for some more survival, armour is always nice no matter what, and early game it will help you stick in lanes when minions follow you after u poison the other team.

Glyphs for more Ap. He needs AP and later he needs it more than ever. He scales well with AP and this helps somewhat. Feel free to take whatever glyphs you want tho, but i will still use these.

greater quint of fortitude
Quints are much like seals for survival. What do ya need armour for if ya aint got the HP to back ip up? Duh ;)

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Ah, masteries.

Well, i generally always go for utility to get the xp boost, and here we also find something very VERY nice for Singed: 3% movement.
HELLS YEAH! Singed will run around a lot, if not all the time. It is essential that u get around ur enemies so u can sircle them around with poison while they stand in your slowing goo.

Also helps you land fling from running enemies so your team can give them a royal F**k, murderstyle.

On the offensive i would NEVER give away 15% MR burn, as this build, if not this champ, is all about Magic.

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I just want to add a quick note here about the items. The Core of the build is:

This item will make you scale somewhat into the game, pluss HP pluss Mana = even more HP! I would Never drop this item on singed.

Another item i would rarely exchange for other boots. Most MS in combat compared to all boots, allowing free movement around and through the enemies. This will make you impossible to chase as the poision will break the movement boost from and therefore you are the fastest one on the battlefield! Not to mention the boost from your ultimate:

The final item that is core, is for survival aswell:

A simply great item! gives HP + Mana= more Hp again, a lot for MR and a decent passive. (This passive is hated by all chain casters, learn it, love it.)

Now you are free to do whatever u like in terms of items. I always grab a giant belt now, and build either a Sunfire cape for HP and armour, since all teams seems to have at least some AA dmg on board, and often a ranged or melee AD champ. The DMG aura is just another bonus, making it less fun for enemies to stand around you.

One of the items i often end up with is because of the MR and the aura + AP. Very good item on a AP offtank like singed. Gives better survival too! So in general i end up with this. In 1 out of 10 matches you will be able to survive well enough without this as a final item, and this opens for you to make any item out of a , and favouring one of the 2 options i tend to go for when things are going great, and whenever i need some more AD survival and also if i am the only bulky char.

This item i am not too comfortable with. A lot of playing singed is about having the enemy recklessly follow you, in your poison trail. Now: how are they gonna do that if they are slowed? Shoot... Well, mainly i find that when u get this item, the other team will in general have stopped chasing you, cos they will have died trying a few times. So getting this item will allow you to pick of any stranglers you come across if you are pushing alone or facing a smaller teamfight (3 on 2, 2 on 3, any fight with less than 4 on from either team) and allow you to prevent them to escape. Your own escape will rarely be an issue, as they will not follow into your 200DPS trail. Not without you getting a free kill.

Great item against most teams. Gives a ton of regen, much MR and even MORE MS! SMILE! Tho its not AP rewarding at all, and therefore its a tank item. Id only get this if the other team is AP heavy, and if your team is having real troubble surviving. This items allow you to soak up that more dmg, and regen it back in no time.

If you like it, get it. Gives mana=hp CDR and some more armour. the aura is a pluss against AD teams. But lets face it: this item is made for counter AD teams, so i dont need to tell you when to use it, do i?

Here is a hint: AD TEAMS!

Now here is a rant you should all read:

Speed boots are often a hated item on Singed, i realize this. Most people will suggest taking mercs against CC, or even Ninja against AD. I never have much problem with CC with veil (which is nerfed, yeah, but still works well against chainers and HP + Mana + MR is nice). As for AD, i tend to be safe aswell. Melee AD will have a HARD time keeping up with your movementspeed, and cant CC you thanks to that sweet ult. Ranged AD will see you comming for them (we focus the squish dps first ladies) and start CC you while they try to keep the distance.

Veil + ult + Mercs would be just as overkill as ult + ghost + speed boots. And it also helps early - mid game imo.

Force is a item i often end up with, more than just often in fact ;) but making it core is not something i would even consider, because when facing a strong AD team its a waste of money and itemslots. So for me the core must be something that works well against anything, and i have tested my core and ended up having scores on 7/0/12 mid game because of the insane roaming speed. (which allows me to basicly "tele" to the other side of the map with lower CD than teleport itself, allowing me to actually use ignite as per explained)

Im gonna cut this section for now: get the 3 core items, then a giants belt Build it into whatever you want to, except for because it is NOT an item for you. It aint.

Now get some AP and start ROCKING.

*EDIT* Updated this after some testing, still allowing the old stuff to remain here because its still viable but since banshees is somewhat useless against singletarget spammers like vlad i've adapted the build a bit.

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Skill Sequence


In general every champ wants an early lvl on every ability, just to be able to use your champs true potential. In this heros case: its absolutely so.

We focus so that we can deal that lovely high dmg. This skill is your bread and butter: it will provide many kills you (probably dont) derserve, and even more assists cos in a teamfight the entired team on the other side will feel the pain. This is an AMAZING farm skill. Run around through the minions (most times i dont even bother auto attacking) and watch them die. When taking down towers u should at all cases run out and meet the next opposing enemy wave, and let it chase u in the trail back to the tower. This will kill them 9 out of 10 times.

And i start with fling. I realise that getting poison first is much wanted for most players, after lots of testing fling really is the better choice for lvl 1. Why? Well as i'll try to explain in the guide a well placed fling increases the distance to run to safety for an enemy if you excecute it perfectly. This combined with any CC on a lanemate is a MUCH easier firstblood than the dmg on poison. ITs great dmg on poison! dont get me wrong! But at lvl 1 i find auto attacking over a large distance WITH your lanemate even better. This will allow you to gank, and later on deal tons of dmg. Im not gonna teach you how to use it, you will do that yourself. But it flings the enemy over your shoulder, where your poison trail will be. this allows you to litterarely SERVE your lanemate a disoriented freekill, if he is ready for it. Experiment with fling, have fun with it, and dont forget your:

the CC that will make you a true pain. Another skill that u need to test for urself. But remember that it too has a cast animation, so a running enemy can escape it if u target them directly as they run.

All i want to say about is that you wanna use it if you are kind of low on HP or mana, need to be on the other side of the map in a blink, or if ya need to initiate. Combined with Ghost, you will not be unstoppable.

Finaly, the summonerskills is always something i leave in the hands of the people. Take whatever u like. But know that ghost gives a great movement boost, which is VERY helpfull for landing a good and ignite combined with poison is a KILLER. The main reason we get this, however is again for an early advantage. It seems like a waste of a Sum.Skill but has its uses in a teamfight when you go against healers, and there is a lot of them.
Playing a lot of solo ranked and solo MM just goes to show that you can't rely on other ppl to counter big issues on the other team, like mundos ult and vlads tons of heals, so i generally take ignite even if others on the team have it. They tend to use it as a extra "nuke" on enemy dps. I call that a fail. Given that i could take any other spell instead (that i play with a buddy on skype e.x.) id never use ignite.

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How to play

Now you must be dying to know how you play singed!

I always lane him. Mid never seemed like a choise for me, as he isnt that great at staying in a lane without some backup. I always head straight for the brush, where i often pick up either a kill or some serious dmg on the other team. Standing on the very entrance to the brush (seen from the other teams side) will give u an unexpecting element allowing confusion and a lot more distance to cover for the flinged oponent, if he intends to get safely to the tower.

Enough, now the creeps are comming!
In general, stay in the brush, go out to lasthit only if the oponent team is staying way back, singnaling they know you are in there. You are harrassing, all the time. creep kills are TOO easy to get, cause all you need to do is push the trail and chase around the creeps once. so you are not conserned with getting teh moneys! you will get them soon enough. We are predators:
We stay in the brush, waiting to flank and kill the opposing team when they least expect it. Have your lanemate ready to back you up, and laning with a CC hero will make it easy to get kills. Anyone with a HP around 20% will die if u get them poisoned and then hit ingite.(I would recommend saving ignite for lvl 3-4 for some extra dmg).

Okay, so the other team is pushing like a boss! Its morde and zillean! (i'd cry if i met them, but nvm.)
What do ya do? Well, you try go get lasthits, but want to avoid getting hit by the and Zil's . Let them push and have them close to ur tower.Land ONE fling on morde, have him slowed and pick up the kill. Now make zilean pay! ;)

Who knows what i am saying? Kudos to : McR00ster


Mid game you want to farm a lot. Find a lane that is pushed by the other team, then hit Q and farm away. Get ur core 3 items before u get too aggressive. But dont ever back down from a team fight, you can do a LOT even at lvl 6.

When both teams are grouped up and everything looks to be melting down to a fight, taunt them. I dont mean /t then, but run up just in range of their spells, then turn back. If they follow you just a liiiiittle bit to nuke you, slow them with ur W, hit R, Hit Q, hit Ghost. Find the closest enemy, fling him back into your team, then run away to a side.

One of these things will happen:

1. they chase you! ZOMG IDIOTS! they will get low and your team (provided they have brains) will eat them.
2. They chased you before and they aint falling for that Sh**t again!
Oh noes! you got away safe, so now you regroup with ur team and u take a pizza whilst talking about the free kill you got on their hero. Now its a 4 on 5 for around 30 sec. Have at it!

Farm Singed and he will be a beast. Know that ur auto attacks are OK, but ur real power is in a keg on your back. Run around and get aggro from others, u have CCR and regen that allows this. Make good use of fling and your slow, and watch as the DMG on fling skyrockets! (100% of AP)

And finaly, if you ever play with gragas: dont be afraid to cheer with him, you both make excellent moonshine.

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Does it work? Yeah it does.

If you dont want banshe's veil then replace it with this!

Trust me; you will have enough activates during the entired game to make this item worth while. Also this item is great because it gives not only AP and mana, but for each activate = 4mana = 1 hp from your passive. = 250 max HP at 1k mana.

Here is a vid showing activations on tear and then getting archangels. This is proof that it works fellas.