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Singed Build Guide by Vectos

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Vectos

Singed - The Manamonger

Vectos Last updated on April 3, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello there! I see you've found my little guide on a different way to build singed, now in COLOR! To start, I'll just say that this guide is only ment to suggest a different itemization for singed that has amazing endgame stats by taking advantage of a often overlooked stat on Singed; mana. This guide does not go into depth on HOW to play singed, for that I recommend looking at the top Singed guides. Also, before you click that mean thumbs down button, please read through this guide completely. If there could be a better item choice stat wise, prove its validity to me in the comments section. If you bring up some good points, I'll either make a change to the guide or add a section explaining your suggestion and why. Now, back on the topic of mana. Singed has quite a nice passive, a passive that allows him to build some tanky items most characters wouldn't even consider making core elements in their builds. By building these mana heavy items, you can ignore the HP stat for a while and stock up on items with great defences and effects. This allows you to become a AP nukeing, God-tier, tank when built right. So, how can this build be built effiecently? Well sir/madam, allow my visual guide to fill you in. The stat comparisons to this build's price and endgame stats will also be compared to the top 2 Singed guides' stats to offer a bit of insight on what the stat differences really are.

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Your Visiual Aid

Credit to Xiron for making this amazing visual aid.

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Archangel's Staff Is VS Rylai's Crystal Scepter

Alright, I haz done some math. When Archangel's Staff is finally built, its statistical benefits are 400 mana, 118.5 AP, 25 MP5, and 100 HP. When plugged in with the other AP items (and Rabadon's Deathcap passive), that brings the AP to a total of: 414 AP. That will slowly increase to 1400 mana, 148.5 AP, and 350 HP. When plugged in with the other items, it gives a grand total of 453 AP. With Rylai's Crystal Scepter, You get 80 AP and 500 HP with a 15% slow effect on poison and a 30% slow on fling. The stat bonuses of Rylai's plugged in with the other items give 360 AP. That's quite a bit lower than Arch when fully built. On the other hand, building Arch's passive takes a lot of spamming in order to build up its passive. even then, it takes a while. In the trade off of slightly higher HP and some nice utility vs higher AP and mana, its a tough choice. Rylai's does cost 250 more than Arch, but that utility can do a lot for Singed.

The verdict?

Rylai's Crystal Scepter For a better escape and kill securing mechanism.
Archangel's Staff For better endgame stats.

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My Interesting Masteries Page

The masteries page was made to synergize with this build specifically. First off, one thing worth noting is the importance of CDR on singed. CDR is actually worth investing into due to his amazing ulti's 100 second CD. It lasts 25 seconds and, with the suggested item build, its CD would be 71. That would mean you would have 46 seconds of downtime instead of 75. That means your Ulti's CD is really 38.666% less than it was before. Now, if you wanted to be adventurous, you could strive for that 40% cap which would drop the downtime to 35 seconds. Thats 53.333% lower CD on that ulti. I just find that the sooner Singed's ulti is off CD, the sooner you become the master of troll. And, because of its great regen, dropping its CD can really Help your sustain. Sustain, however, shouldn't be that much of a problem considering the mastery this build invests into; strength of spirt. 1% of your mana converted into HP5. Endgame, thats 34.5 HP5 (or 20.5 HPS for the Rylai's build) for the Rylai's build) for free plus FoN's 40 HP5 and its 0.35% HP regen per second. All of this added together including base HP5 should be about 146 HP per 5 (or 132 HP5). Then add in that ulti and.....oh god....221 HP5 (or 207 HP5).

Td;lr CDR lowers ulti CD, which lets you become a sustain tank. Strength of spirit gives a **** load of HP5.

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Stat Comparisons

Now here is where things get mathy. But before I even go there:

DISCLAIMER: To the authors of the builds being used as examples, I am in no way trying to be malicious or disrespectful to your guides or prestige in the Mobafire community. And, in all honesty, you guys could probably destroy me in game. All I'm trying to do here is mathematically prove that there might in fact be a better way to build singed. If you agree with this method of building singed, by all means include this itemization in your guides. All I ask is that you make a note of credit in it somewhere.

Now, what you have all been waiting for; THE MATH. Keep in mind that I'll be comparing their recommended tanky balanced team build with mine.

Top Singed build: Singed: His Chemical romance (AP, HP)

Items: Rod of Ages, Mercury's Treads, Force of Nature, Rylai's Crystal Scepter, Guardian Angel, and Rabadon's Deathcap

HP: 3179.5
MP: 1550
HP5: 111
MP5: 16
MR: 193.3
AR: 161
Movement speed: 407
Tenacity: 35
AD: 117
AP: 318.5
CDR: 0
M pen: 8.55
A pen: 0
Bonus effects:
-15% slow on Poison Trail and 30% slow on Fling
-Revive with 750 HP (5 min CD)

2nd place Singed build: Poison, Fling, Legendary!

Items: Rod of Ages, Boots of Swiftness, Force of Nature, Randuin's Omen, and Rylai's Crystal Scepter*

HP: 3529.5
MP: 1550
HP5: 117
MP5: 16
MR: 119
AR: 168
Movement speed: 425
Tenacity: 0
AD: 117
AP: 182
CDR: 5
M pen: 8.55
A pen: 0
Bonus effects:
-Passive slow that activates when damaged
-active AoE slow that can be activated

*Note that this build leaves the last slot open, so it can't be properly compared using just stats. Use the gold-to-stats ratio to compare this one to mine.

My Singed build: Well....your already here.....

Items: Mercury's Treads, Rod of Ages, Force of Nature, Archangel's Staff, Frozen Heart, and Rabadon's Deathcap

HP: 3154.5 or 3304
MP: 3450 or 2050
HP5: 146 or 132
MP5: 41 or 16
MR: 155.3
AR: 192
Movement speed: 407
Tenacity: 35
AD: 117
AP: 453 or 360
CDR: 29
M pen: 8.55
A pen: 0
Bonus effects:
-Reduce attack speed of enemies by 20%
-(With Rylai's) 15% slow on Poison Trail and 30% slow on Fling


Now, the comparisons.

Compared to the top singed build, mine has:

-25 HP or + 125 HP
+1900 or 500 MP
+35 or 21 HP5
+25 MP5 or ~ 0 MP5
-38 MR
+31 AR
+135.5 AP
+29 CDR
- Guardian Angel Effects
+/- Rylai's Crystal Scepter Effects
+ Frozen Heart Effects
+25 less gold or - 225 more gold

Compared to the 2nd best Singed build, mine has:

-374.5 or 224.5 HP
+1900 or 500 MP
+29 or 15 HP5
+25 MP5 or ~ 0 MP5
+36 MR
+24 AR
-18 Movement Speed
+35 Tenacity
+271 AP
+24 CDR
- Randuin's Omen Effects
+ Frozen Heart Effects
~/+ Rylai's Crystal Scepter Effects
-4700 or 4950 More Gold

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After all that math, it seems like this method of building Singed has the best possible endgame stats. I haven't tested early-mid game potential yet, but I fear that grabbing that Tear might negatively effect that. Sure, you could skip it and wait to build Archangel, but as explained before, its a risk/reward early game item. Still though, statistically the defensive mana items give better stats to singed due to the passive. That bonus HP can add up fast, quickly making up for the 995 gold pause you took to grab Tear. If someone would like to confirm this theory, feel free to. As for me, I'm done for the week. Making this guide made my brain hurt, but I do hope you've gotten something out of it.

Thanks for reading!