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Sion Build Guide by Oyooy

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Oyooy

Sion AP mid -

Oyooy Last updated on January 2, 2013
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AP is my favorite way to play sion. He is played as a mid or a solo top. This build will be about mid. In mid he can take poke damage with Death's Caress and Feel No Pain but can also give off huge damage with a stun+shield pop combo. They will almost certanly have to go back to heal after that combo in the early game leaving you alone with the minions to get farm. He is also more tanky than most other mids and will grow tanky faster with each minion kill he gets.

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Pros / Cons


  • The combination of his passive and his W help him resist large amounts of poke damage.
  • Can return huge poke damage.
  • At around level 8 can farm a whole minion wave with 1 shield pop.
  • Naturally tankier than most other mids.
  • Quite easy to play.

  • Can accidentally over push a lane when shield is popped.
  • A huge damage attack can destroy your shield before it is popped.
  • After doing stun+shield pop combo you often end up in a bad position and can take quite a bit of damage.
  • Your E and ultimate are pretty useless when you are AP.
  • Mana hungry early game.

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Greater Seal of Mana

Greater Glyph of Ability Power

Greater Mark of Scaling Mana

Greater Quintessence of Magic Penetration
These runes are there to improve his low early game mana, give another boost to his early game AP and let him get through some of the early game magic resist. You need the early mana because the first 2 items he buys increase his mana regen but his maximum mana wont hold very much until you buy the catalyst the protector so you boost that with some runes. The runes increase his starting mana by 72.54 which is enough for an extra level 1 Death's Caress and at level 4 you can do an extra Cryptic Gaze

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The masteries are simple 21-9-0 masteries using AP damage masteries like Blast and Archmage , and then health, armour and magic resist from the defence tree to help you survive just a little bit longer. I don't think I need to explain them because it is very obvious.

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The items have been split into 2 separate groups offensive and defensive. Offensive should be used when:

  • You are against a high damage, very low health champion so you can get them underleveled before they start becoming a major problem.
  • They are already losing the mid farm battle so you can just smash them as they are already weaker than you.
  • You are just playing against a bad player because you may as well make the most of it and get as fed as possible.
Defensive should be used when:
  • You are getting a lot less farm than them (remember that at about level 8 you will be able to farm a lot faster).
  • They are a fairly tanky champion but are still hurting you a lot(like Darius or Cho'Gath).
  • They are a better player than you.

The offensive items have a very large boost to AP so your abilities hurt a lot more. The defensive build has magic resist and some mana regen to help you stay out longer as well as kage's lucky pick to give you a bit of a gold advantage to help you pull it back in your favour. Until you choose the offensive or defensive path always stick closer to your tower and try not to push too much.

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Summoner Spells

The spells Ignite and Flash are very useful when playing AP sion. Flash is useful for quickly getting in a short enough range to hit your Cryptic Gaze if the person you are laning against is always trying to stay far enough away from you as well as the obvious reasons of escaping, chasing and ganking. Ignite is possibly more useful because once you use your combo you have almost no way of stopping them from escaping. You can use your Ignite to finish them off because it deals true damage but remember, ONLY USE IGNITE WHEN IT WILL ACTUALLY KILL THEM.
Other possibilities for summoner spells are:
Ghost to replace your Flash because it can fill the same role but I think it is a lot less effective.
Heal could be used to help keep you in your lane for longer and help you survive long enough to reach your tower but you have high health so the heal only heals a small part of it.
Teleport can be used to quickly return to your lane after dying or recalling so you don't miss as much farm or let your tower get destroyed.
Cleanse is a really usefull... oh wait, no.

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You mostly level up your Death's Caress because as well as providing extra damage it also gives extra damage you can take before detonating your shield. You level up Cryptic Gaze as second priority because it is the other part of your huge damage combo and allows you to get close to someone. You get Enrage at level 3 then just leave it because it will provide you with the health bonus from minions but it isn't particularly useful as an AP champion as it only effects your basic attacks and takes no benefit from AP, mana, cooldown reduction or mana regen. Your ultimate is quite unusual because you take it quite late in the game as it is only life steal and attack speed. It can be used in team fights to heal your team and slightly increase your damage output.

There is only one main combo with your abilities which is Death's Caress and Cryptic Gaze with summoner spells in it. This combo is particularly painful because both spells have extra damage of 90% of your total AP meaning you are throwing 180% of your AP at them on top of the 600 base damage(at max skill level). At max level at the end of the build your abilities do 765 damage on top of the 600 base leaving you with 1365 damage from each combo(obviously slightly less because of magic resist). At the end the cooldown of this combo will be 6.8 seconds and 10.8 seconds meaning that in theory you will be doing just over 163 DPS (not taking into account magic resist) with just those 2 abilities (all of that was without runes or masteries)!

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Farming as sion starts off as just normally last hitting minions (remember to leave your E on). Once you reach a high enough AP you can just farm by bringing up your shield and running into a crowd of minions before detonating it. This can be used to very quickly push a lane and can also be used to back door a team but that is risky so be ready with your Cryptic Gaze to target the most dangerous person and your flash. Don't use your Death's Caress to farm early game because you will run out of mana very quickly and will be completely defenceless. Don't bother using your Cryptic Gaze to farm as it will only kill one minion which really isn't worth it for the mana.

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Sion is a good ganker and if his lane is doing well, he can improve the situation in another lane. Bring your shield up before a gank. Flash in followed immediately by a Cryptic Gaze. Follow this up with popping the shield and igniting them. If you are helped by the person in the lane then this should be enough to kill them.

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Team fights

As soon as a team fight starts you should begin your combo on the AD carry of the team as well as using your ultimate to keep yourself and the rest of the team healed. If the team fight is going well just continue to fight and use your Cryptic Gaze to stop anyone from escaping. If it begins to go bad you should get out of there trying to use your shield as much as possible. You should use your Cryptic Gaze to stop anyone who is chasing you.