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League of Legends Build Guide Author Considereth

Sion: The Critical Strike Zombie

Considereth Last updated on January 29, 2011
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.


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Sion: The Undead Champion

Sion: The Axe Wielding Zombie

Sion is possibly one of the most diverse champion in league of legends, being able to fit into two of the most important roles in the game, namely ap caster and atk damage carry. He is extremely tanky even when not built as such due to death caress shield and farming with enrage, plus his passive. He has an excellent stun as well and his ult is extremely useful in team fights and when pushing turrets. Without further ado, Critical Strike Sion.

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Greater Mark of Desolation Greater Quintessence of Desolation

Armor Penetration Mark are the only marks you should have on Sion, period.

Dodge Seals because you take 6% less damage, arguably the best seals for any dps champion.

Cooldown Reduction Glyphs are very nice on Sion, being able to spam his shield and stun is the different between kills and deaths in many cases.

Armor Pen Quintessences
because we are not building Armor Pen items and need as much as possible in order for those critical strikes to get through armor.

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Summoners Spells:

gives Sion a escape mechanism.

is good on Sion as well, allows him to chase and get away better.

helps to escape, chase, and CC.

is worth mentioning, great for finishing people off.

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Masteries and Skill Sequences:

21 in offense, most noticeably picking up improved exhaust, armor pen, and critical strike/chance. The rest into Defense in order to improve his dodge to stack with his runes.

As for skill sequences, you will want to max out enrage first along with using his stun to put you in range for kills and shield for protection.

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How to play DPS Sion:

Always have Enrage on, always. You want to always be last hitting in order to abuse Enrage to gain the extra life. During the laning phase, you can solo pretty well. However, you are best when paired with another person who has Crowd Control. You have the ability to dominate a lane early game, so take advantage of this. Mark the target you wish to stun with Cryptic Gaze in order to let the team know who to focus. Use death's caress, your shield. The shield is for defensive purposes only, as you are not building ap. Anyways, use your shield and stun the target. Get up close, exhaust, use your ultimate which is Cannibalism and start whacking them down with your axe. Watch for your moves to come back up, as Sion has a very quick cooldown on stun especially with proper runes. In team fights, you want to always be attacking someone in order to gain the life steal from Cannibalism and heal your team. You want to stun their carry and take them down. You are an anti-carry that can take a beating in order to get the job done. You should be right behind your tank when going into battle. When played correctly, late game Sion is a beast who is extremely hard to take down and deals a **** ton of damage fitting into his true role as an offtank.

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Grab and a and head into your lane. Focus on last hitting in order to power up enrage. As soon as you have enough, buy . Next, grab your boots which should be as Sion biggest weakest is CC. If they have little to none CC, pick up . The whole theme of this build is to get Sion a high critical chance while being extremely tanking in order to take advantage of his ultimate and be nearly impossible to kill with the correct team support. As noted in the core section, you should complete those first 3 items on sion first as they are the most important in order to get him going. Purchase a to later build into and then you want to build Zeal into . Congrats, you just finished all the damage you will need in order to bring down the pain. Now time to build some survivability and take your place as an offtank.

Ok, so now you need to make a decision. Does the enemy team have a lot of CC and/or Ap casters are shutting you down that you cannot seem to stay alive? , it will mend the problem along with providing health and mana. If that isn't the problem, perhaps you are getting ripped apart by melee/ranged dps? Build , it will allow you to debuff their atk speed and slow them so that you to chase/get away better. If you are doing extremely well, go ahead and pick up .

After solving the survivability problem you want to pick up . Atma's Impaler is extremely good on Sion, I mean extremely good. Sion has a huge hit points pool thanks to enrage if you farm properly along with the items I have suggested. With this, you will be ripping the enemy team a new *******.

The result of this item sequence is: large and often critical strikes coupled with his ultimate results in nice healing for the team along with excellent survivability, Enjoy!