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League of Legends Build Guide Author Adonikam

Sivir, Guess who she's hunting? -Revised-

Adonikam Last updated on March 10, 2011
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Adonikam is back, creating his first build with the new tools (Thanks MOBA admins) and apparently talking in third person.
I've decided to create a Sivir guide as she is one of most powerful carries in the game. Her power comes from and , moreso from . Her ability to pretty much always, have the highest minion kills in the game is why she can have a good game, every game because she doesn't rely on early champion kills/assists.

Please note, this build is assuming you have skill as either;
Ranged DPS,
Last-hitting and mana conservation
ALL of the above.

Also, keep in mind this one is a "build" NOT a guide.

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Pros / Cons

Anyway! Great Kiter
Best farmer ever!
More useful in team fights then other carries I could mention.. (Not naming names here)
The damage dealt by pretty much wins team fights single-handedly

Pokimoki's internet
Not funny?
Pretty bad attack range
Uhhh... She's got a weird face?
Is hard countered by most other Ranged DPS's

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Summoner Spells I would take

Wait Adon, Sivir has Spell Shield why do I need this? Well, I say, You need to be constently AAing the whole team fight. The enemy will likely Stun lock you which is why I have decided to take this. NEVER GET SHUT DOWN AGAIN.
Fantastic positioning tool.
Why? Run to a lane, back door, back door, back door. They coming? Teleport to opposite lane, back door, back door, back door. Also great for the laning phase and ganking.
I love to run fast. Haha, but seriously, helps with kiting, chasing, etc. Some would recommend but it's really not that great anymore, and are all you need and will guarantee you a kill/escape.

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These runes are ALWAYS viable on Sivir.
Marks: ArP, AS , hell even MP is viable for her awesome
Seals: Dodge, ManaR or ManaR/lvl
Glyphs: CDR, CDR/lvl, ManaR/lvl or MagicR/lvl

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I prefer to keep her bulky early to set up for a strong late-game. Whatever you choose though I'm down as long as you win eh? I have always been a fan of the defence tree as you can see here haha.

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If you are only going to get 4 main items let these be them;
Banshee's Veil - OP Sivir just became more OP. Never die, always Kite and Richocett your team to victory.
Basically a second ultimate for personal use.
One hell of a damage output, Lifesteal and the fact that it can gain stacks is pretty awesome.
This will be the best late game item for you when everyone stacks that armour.
Of course don't forget boots! Whatever takes your fancy.


Ehhh not necessary, Kiting and Red buff will solve your problems more.
Pretty awesome item, makes Richocett even more OP. Don't hate on this item.
Only for tanks that are being more pesky then they should be.

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Skill Sequence

I take first because it is completely OP at level 1 and your other two options don't deal enough damage/cost too much mana to be useful that early. Everything else is basic, Max for those kills and richocett for that farm. Of course taking her sweet ultimate every chance you get!

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Team Fights

Pretty basic stuff here actually.

Allow your tank to initate but don't be afraid to get real close before the initiation and spam some /Richocet, your will keep you out of trouble.
Keep in mind that if you can't reach the enemy carries then just FOCUS the tank! It seems ******ed but if you let you richocett gain momentum the whole enemy team will die because their tank was the launch pad for awesomeness.
Keep in mind that your item build doesn't finish when all 6 slots are done, buy those elixers whenever you can for that edge over your opponents!

BTW, in case I haven't mentioned it ten times, grab RED buff, HAVE map awareness, KITE the enemy, SPELL SHIELD often, BOUNCE richocetts, SPAM Boomerang Blade, BUY elixers and FARM the **** outta those minions!

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Not much to say. I will update for you all whenever I can and I will continue to create builds as long as there is at least one person wanting to use them. If you want to join in the MOBAfire premades with the MOBA krew (working on the name lol) then feel free. Drop me a comment, hop on MOBA vent, add me in-game and we set.

Thanks go to everyone who puts up with my feeding in-game, my dreadful Mundo skills when I get ignited/killed by OP vlads lol and all my mates on this site; Scrax, Pokimoki, Ravioli, B-Wong, Taggrin/Restrictnine, Chaotic Bliss, HeAt, DavidSS, Gokuma, SixSonatas and the admins, Matt and FlashJ. Hell I know I missed some names here and I'm sorry!