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Sivir Build Guide by Conquistador0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Conquistador0

Sivir: The Mighty

Conquistador0 Last updated on June 21, 2011
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Usually when anyone picks Sivir during a game, people either laugh or outright become jerks at that person.
Frankly, playing Sivir was for the brave. She was never great at anything except as a tankish thing who blocks a few spells and has a decent ulti.
Combined with her 300 start speed and the slowest moving projectile made Sivir perhaps one of the most useless characters in LOL.

However, a recent change has given Sivir improved abilities that make her deceptively good.
Her Boomerang and Ricochet were improved so much, that Sivir can take on people like Ashe or Karthus early game!

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Pros / Cons

Pros -
Because of the improvement to her Boomerang's speed and damage output, Siver's Boomerang is really effective against champions (especially early game).
Her Ricochet makes Life-steal up to 5 times more efficient than anyone else in the game.
Feeding off of minions never got easier.
Her ulti "On The Hunt" makes ganking or otherwise teamfights quickly in your favor. And since it lasts an amazing 15 seconds, no one will get away easily.
Most people think Sivir is useless, so you have the element of surprise.

Cons -
Lacks getaway speed and thus requires team-play to push for a large part of the game.

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Runes are the key here for my build. Without the proper speed, my build cannot work early because of her being squishy top of things. In my build also, I have a 25% speed increase with armor penetration (and a little bit of cooldown), though you might wish for more penetration.

My build requires Runes to work. Because I don't focus on attack speed much for half of her build, having attack speed runes is a must. Her Ricochet is much more efficient when she has a reasonably high attack speed. Don't underestimate this.

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I mention this because in the masteries you will notice I selected Archaic Knowledge. This helps Sivir's boomerang (which the base is magic damage) deal more damage.

(And besides, its not like one more attack damage is really an equivalent to the Archaic Knowledge. It just makes sense)

I also included Evasion to help Sivir's dodge chance and included Nimbleness to aid her flight. You might have noticed I didn't get much for dodge in the Runes. That's because the Runes offer a limited dodge percentage compared to the many benefits, say attack speed, has to offer.

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My Items are high in life-steal, as you see. it IS vital that you get the first Bloodthirster so that Sivir can sustain herself away from base.
The only exceptions to this rule is if your crushing the other side, in which case getting two BF swords B.F. Sword will maintain Sivir's Boomerang as a difference maker throughout the mid game no matter what they build. Plus, farming does get easier.

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Team Work

Unlike most AD champions, Sivir isn't blessed with speed. And without any escape mechanism, you are very squishy, so team-play becomes really important for most of the game. Not that you can't go on by yourself time to time.

This is perhaps the only frustrating part with Sivir. Not pushing much or just sitting back can seem really frustrating, especially when you don't have many kills. Worse yet, this build will try your patience as everyone will be out to get you and you cannot get away!
But stick to this strategy, and your team can't go wrong...even with that bad player(personal experience)...

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Summoner Spells

And that's where you two Summoner spells come in handy. Because Sivir is slow, having Flash Flash is a must.
As for the other spell, my personal favorite is Teleport, since I like to roam alot.
You might like Haste so you don't have to use your precious ulti.
Exhaust Exhaust is nice if you want that early kill against the enemies best champion. It really is up to you.

Remember, Sivir is NOT a good escape artist. So don't rely on either spells nor abilities completely. Use your head and get out when things are looking too "iffy".

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Situational items

Last Whisper (which doesn't have to be your last item) can be switched with some mid-game items if your up against AD people.

Or perhaps your facing that champion like Rammus. Whatever you do, don't get items that merely increase life and regeneration. Instead, combat the source. I've seen way too many poor champions like Master Yi literally kill themselves attacking Rammus.
Items like Thornmail and the Sunfire Cap The Sunfire Cap deal MAGIC damage. So the answer is an item like Force of Nature to kick your resistance up high enough. Force of Nature is my personal favorite since it gives you a lot of AP resist, with increased HP regeneration and speed!

On occasion (and increasing with the new champions) you'll find you want higher attack speed mid game. Get the Dagger early. This way, you have the speed and if you want to get the Black Cleaver early too, your already one item closer.
But whatever you do, get the Blood Thirster FIRST. Like Mordekaiser in your own way, farming minions is your strength.

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Here is a build that is largely dependent on your Runes...without the proper Runes, this build will lack the speed that is necessary to crush your enemies. Even if your not doing so great levels 1-13, don't worry about it. Focus on the build and your later game will reward you quite richly.

All in all, what really makes this work is the use of Sivir's Boomerang and her Ricochet. With her Boomerang and Ricochet so improved, you will find that Sivir's ganking power is unlike most champions.

Last Words of Advice: A definition of a good player is how many times they die in a given match. Smart game-play requires you to be careful and you will find that this build is especially juicy if you just don't die. Sure that means you might be a little slow, but late game this skill of knowing when to back out can be the difference between Losing and Victory.

My prediction is that people will start banning Sivir in professional Ranked games in time due to her buffed up abilities. Enjoy!