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Tryndamere General Guide by Conquistador0

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Conquistador0

AP Tryn: It's Legit!!!

Conquistador0 Last updated on February 25, 2013
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Suggested Spells:
Flash is almost a must. It provides that much needed teleport to either get the kill or escape with your life.

Ignite While the upcoming change to AP Tryn will change the way he was able to spam his heals all day, ignite is still a pretty decent closing spell that helps counter champs like Singed.

Barrier Just like a heal, but without the permanent health or the nasty ignite like effect it gives you. Also, the CD on it is 90 seconds less. Consider this after the new changes.

Cleanse A nice spell if your sort of worried about that CC in teamfights.

Exhaust Still a good spell to pick up, if your playing against an AD top. Also adds as a slow too.

Ghost This is really more of a jungling spell. Your not AD, so your not all about smacking your opponent to death....until after the change to Tryn. Then you can consider this.

Teleport This is a nice spell if you want to really mess with people's heads and keep the lanes pushed. Not a bad idea.

Spells you shouldn't consider:

Revive Not gonna comment. No.

Clairvoyance Why!?!! your not a aren't meant to be that. Sheesh.

Clarity I need to spell this one out?

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2/21/13: Added Rune Pages and Added Chapters on Rune/Mastery Pages per request.
Also added a chapter on fighting champs with some advice about them. A
Changed the chapter on items for reflect their actual in-game influence (i.e. early game)
Changed slightly 'What? AP Tryn? Are you serious?' and further explained 'Why AP works on Tryn'.
Added Page on Summoner Spells

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What? AP Tryn? Are you serious?

While you could just build him AD like normal, should you encounter counters like Jax, what then? Are you just gonna fall flat and give up? You might still be able to win, but assuming you ever get to be good at this game, your bound to play against people who are themselves good, and know how to counter an AD Tryn. Meaning you as a Tryn have been countered and will probably not go very far.

This is where AP Tryn comes into play. With his spammable abilities, he actually makes for a legitimate AP champ. Even better than Yi in fact!

AP Tryn thrives against many meta champs. The reason is simple: they might do some burst damage, but they are really more about dragging you down over time. AP Tryn can win this duel since his burst damage also comes with an enormous heal that really deserves a nerf.

Spinning Attack is more than about burst damage. It's also how you farm so handsomely while still hurting your would-be killers. By Mid game, AP Tryn can get whatever farm he wants. This unfair farming power really makes AP Tryn a godlike pusher and someone to be reckoned with.

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Pros / Cons


1) Great sustain. Perhaps one of the best in-game
2) Can easily beat many of the current metas with this build
3) Farms like crazy by mid game. You'll be the fastest pusher in the game.
4) Can easily 1v5 a whole team and get away with a lot of health thanks to his Undying Rage and your Bloodlust


1) Is Ap...and yet your Spinning Strike does physical damage, so can be susceptible to teams stacking armor.
2) Relies on getting Critical Hits to spam his Spinning Slash. Although this is remedied with Cooldown Reduction.
3) Is weak early game and can't survive ganks pre-6 very easily.
4) CC is the death of him.

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Why AP works on Tryn:

1) His Passive Battle Fury
Tryndamere receives 0.35% bonus critical strike chance per point of Fury he currently has, for a maximum of 35% crit chance at 100 Fury. So by this passive, Tryndamere will always do more damage than a Mage can using his normal attacks.

2) Bloodlust -
Tryndamere thrives on the thrills of combat, increasing his Attack Damage as he is more and more wounded. He can cast Bloodlust to consume his Fury and heal himself.
When Tryndamere consumes Fury, he restores 30/40/50/60/70 (+1.5 AP) Health, plus 0.5/0.95/1.4/1.85/2.3 Health per Fury consumed.

With a 12 Second CD, Tryn is a healing monster. For example, with just Rabadon's Deathcap and Nashor's Tooth, your healing your self a cool 480 health every 8 seconds!! Translation, your a lane bully.

3) Mocking Shout
The bread and butter of Tryn, this allows you to get to those champs escaping as well as make your opponent lose a considerable amount of physical damage. 80 when its fully leveled.
The reason this IS the reason Tryn is amazing is because you have a built-in mini exhaust that also will slow your opponents by as much as 60%. And it's cooldown is low enough you can chase people with it effectively.

4) Spinnish Slash
This is where AP Tryn's damage is. PHYSICAL DAMAGE: 70 / 100 / 130 / 160 / 190 (+ 100% AP) (+ 120% Bonus AD)
Technically you might notice it scales with AD more. While this is true, remember that AD Tryn doesn't have the lane bully ability of healing rediculous amounts. Also, once you get the Lichbane, your damage output will dramatically increase by another 600-800 AP depending on your build. That translates into a nuke with a massive healing buff you can spam regardless of rage. Big.

At the same time, you should remember that Tryn does PHYSICAL damage. This means that while you are pretty stupid in lane when you have AP, your damage can be scaled down by heavy tanks. Of course, you can just get a Last Whisper and problem is solved.

Plus, you can use this to escape or chase your enemies!!!

5) Undying Rage
And this is where Tryndamere becomes OP. You become invincible against all damage for a few seconds, and can help you lull your enemy into thinking he has you before you crush his hopes.
For Tryn, this also gives him up to 35% Critical Strike, which means you will lower your already dumb cooldown even faster on Spinning Attack.

One hint of advice: When fighting your opponent who has Ignite up while you use your ultimate to escape, don't use it until your ultimate is about to end. This way, you can guarantee your survival from the ignite. Even as a regular Tryn, this is something that all good Tryn's know.

The Best Part is Lich Bane procs with your abilities. So even your Undying Rage is a weapon beyond being invincible

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So When do I use AP Tryn?

Anytime you want to!! Although, if you've been countered after you picked your champion, this style of Tryn makes a great alternative to your AD version, which will undoubtedly suffer early and possibly the rest of the game.

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Skill Sequence a general rule, don't follow guide builds. Its the INFORMATION that is useful.

Since your survivalbility hinges on your Q, its best to level that up first. Your E is your damage maker, so be sure to level that up second.

I can't stress this enough, your Q is how you stay in lane, and is key to your success as an AP Tryndamere. Use it wisely and you'll crush your Top lane.

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Please understand, my dear reader, these are mere guides. Following my exact runes or masteries isn't going to automatically make you good or anything. In fact, you might even have an idea that turns out to be even better!

That being said, once you understand who AP Tryn is, then you understand why giving him Flat Ability Power runes are important. Most games are decided by the first 10-12 levels.

That being said, I always like to add some armor for an early kill (since minions do a lot of damage early game) and some armor pen for my damage.

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Again, Masteries is totally up to you. When I first started to play AP Tryn, I was running my AD Carry 28/1/1 Masteries. I've changed it since then, but feel free to try different things.


. If you are really aggressive, having some extra AD damage might be better. Aggressive just means your more vulnerable if you fail to get the kill.
Some of the uses in this mastery page perhaps are wasted, and you might find the extra defense, or Frenzy being more useful. Your choice. Just remember this style may very well rely on your skill shot rather than Criticals to do damage.

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Ranked Play

Believe it or not, but going AP on Tryn is probably the best way to play him. Almost no one uses him that much, as many players feel he can't really survive against a lot of the newer players. Not only is this wrong, but when going AP, you can present to them a new kind of OP.
I first came across an AP Tryn who wiped the deck with everyone. It was so funny to see him crush top and push all the way to the inhibitor, while he killed top and jungle together!

Would I play him every game, no...but certainly, he makes for a great surprise champion.

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Explaining a few early game items

Frankly, your AP Tryndamere is going to smack your opponent top! But in case you are playing a few tricky people, let me give some advice on how to build.

Fiendish Codex Your burst damage and heal is via AP, so its important to get an early start on maximizing its effects. Besides being a cool 820 Gold to buy, Fiendish Codex offers you some early CD which in turn helps you stay in lane.
Champs like Malphite or Brand are probably your biggest counters anyways, so items that help you stay in lane (and farming), will undoubtedly help you take control of the top.

Nashor's Tooth Normally in a match, like against a Jax, I'll opt for this item next. The extra cooldown and attack speed will greatly increase my harass potential and usually result in me farming to my hearts content.
40% attack speed is huge for any melee champ like Master Yi and Fiora, because they have a natural boost to their AD damage from simply leveling skills passively.

Needlessly Large Rod vs Blasting Wand: Of course, if you can get the Needlessly Large Rod first, by all means get it! You save 120 gold (which you can invest in at least a pink ward) and make a big impact.

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Some Basic Strategies against top Compositions

For now, I'll only list the possible tops:

The one item that makes Singed so godlike actually dooms him in this match-up. He loses resistance for life. Just get your early ability power (nvm the attacks speed for now) and you should be fine. You can out heal his poison anyway.
You don't really have to chase that much because of your Mocking Shout (assuming you use it when his back is turned to you). The only other suggestion is Cool-down plays a big role in stomping him mid game.

Really? ouch. Your gonna stomp on him pretty badly. His only hope comes when he gets to level 6, and by then its pretty much over.

Brand...yes...he makes for an awesome counter to Tryn, Garen, Olaf, Chogath, Darius, Mundo, Gangplank, Jarvin (yup. even Jarvin), Kayle, Lee Sin, Lulu, Malphite, Pantheon, Renekton....shall I go on? Go in a different lane for a time. He has a built in stun he can proc faster than your heal ever can. (yours sincerely from a Brand Player)

While normally an AD Tryn would probably mess him up, you have to worry about his armor buff passive. The way around this is still Last Whisper (which you should plan on getting) as your Spinning Attack is physical damage.
To be honest, Garen won't be that hard, as you can always save your E until he's about to hit you and instead give him a taste of AP Tryn while you dash away from him.

You got heals, right? So Olaf's stuff is kinda useless. His only hope is hitting you with his Q. Of course, get the early ap (if you want the armgaurd, that's totally cool too) as at first his harass might prove more annoying than you're prepared for.

Make sure you have those early ap runes going. He's a toughy and if he's smart, he's gonna stack all the armor he wants and still have sustain. But once your ap ratio is high enough, things will get better for you (which is when you'll be ganked more often).
Homestly, Chogath can be a really hard counter, so play carefully.

Easy-peesy. Play it cool until your level 5-6, making sure to get early ap on Tryn. After that, you pretty much dominate him as he can't do enough damage to you.

Umm, After the initial level or two, you win. Again, make sure to get that early ap (though not as pressing as against Darius), and Jarvin will find he can't match damage output.

Can be a tricky on here. While you certainly can be okies mid game, a good Kayle will be patient with you and her slow can really hurt.
But in the end, you are still Tryn, so just be a little more patient with your use of Spinning Strike.

Lee might be great, but frankly you are way better. yeah, he has that attack speed debuff, but your not beating him with speed anyways.

Potentially a hard counter for you, in reality he has no sustain against mighty AP Tryn. Just be a little careful early game, and you can make him pay for using his Q on you.

His CC might be the death of you, but again, your early AP boost should be enough to win after level 6. Just be wary for ganks, as the extra stun will kill you.

Easy. Even easier than Panth considerably. He just can't dish out enough pain and his stun is countered with a little AP via your heal followed by another Spinning Strike.

His stun will be trouble for you. Depending on his build style, he also can really hurt you.
At the same time, if he's AD you can win via your Mocking Shout to keep your distance before you swing back into the fight.

Poor Shen. Other than his taunt for ganks, he really doesn't stand much of a chance against your OP heals. Just be aware that if he builds armor, your getting tanked successfully will increase. At least, assuming they have a capable jungle. lose. At least if you dare play AP. Go AD like all the other normal Tryn's out there. This isn't a match you can win normally.
What makes Swain so good is his harass and slow ability. Your early game suffers dramatically and all he has to do is use his stun when you engage, and it's over.
You might still find a way, but don't try this intentionally in a ranked game. He might be really good and you will regret it.

This poor little guy just can't win. Assuming you build ap early, you can out-heal his damage. Arguably Teemo has been dramatically nerfed since season three, and frankly unless he goes AD, he can't survive long against you.

Thresh might be a problem, or you might just pulverize him. He has a short range compared to other ranged Champions and his abilities are better suited for a support role.
Just remember he doesn't get natural armor and make him pay for getting those souls. Because you will regret it late-game if you don't.

Vi may be really cool, but other than her ultimate, you should still be ok. Your heals are too powerful if you get a little AP early. Just be aware that ganks might hurt with Vi around.

Interesting matchup, but one that ultimately is yours to win as you get more ap. I mean, to get 400+ health every 9-11 seconds with just the Hat and a cheap Nashor's Tooth makes you a boss by mid game.

This one might be tricky. His passive will make him hard to beat at first, and his other abilities allow him to build tanky without sacrificing much damage output. Be wary and you should be ok. Just be aware ganks might be a little annoying.

Poor Xin. You could practically wait until AFTER he dashes in and still hurt him as you get away from his knockup. For the most part, your gameplay isn't about out dueling him at first. You don't need to and your harass is better. Plus, in case of a gank, you don't want to have your Spinning Escape on Cooldown.

Early game he might be a real problem for you. However, just follow the same pattern: harassment followed by heal, wait, repeat. , by mid-game you should be able to take anything he puts at you and win handily.

Interesting matchup. You might actually lose this one if she's really good with her skill shots. So feigning might be better suited until your able to out-heal her ultimate.

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Tryndamere is the best 1v1 character in the game late. Going AP just means you hurt a lot in spurts, but at least you'll never fear an ignite again.

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I noticed you didn't finish the build, why?

Umm....Guide people....its called a guide. Each game is different from the others, and so mixing up your build style is important. Heck, you might even find building AD afterwards to be a better option.

Just experiment with your strategies, and understand that AP Tryn is still a Melee champion, so CC will hurt his game big time (for example, against Brand top, you might find it better to switch lanes for a while.)

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Is this it?

Of course not!! But while I expand the build later on, like adding video, having some feedback would be help me make the best of your AP Tryndamere days!!!

Thanks in advance.



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