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Skarner Build Guide by ramflax

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ramflax


ramflax Last updated on April 21, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello everyone! This is my first real guide so please show mercy. I have been a fan of skarner for a while now but not until his rework that I actually fell in love with this scorpion. I have been working on this build since then and tried many approach's such as AP jungle, heavy tank jungle and hybrid but when I finally settled on this semi bruiser-off tank monster that I really found the sweet spot for skarner. so I hope you enjoy and thank you for your time.

PS: This is created and based on Normal's and lowly bronze level ranked play as I strive to climb higher I will end up tweaking this page accordingly

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Pros / Cons


    great jungle clear
    good early ganks
    amazing counter jungle
    is a scorpion

    very mana hungry early game
    can fall behind
    pre level 6 CC is a skill shot

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With skarner you always want to start at blue and go with a pretty basic route of wolves, wraith, red after grabbing red just look at the 2 nearest lanes to see if they are being pushed under their turret if so go in to cause some chaos to get the breathing room then go back to jungling and pick up wight and golems doesn't matter what order. After level 4, 5 if your lucky head back to the fountain get your mana back and start going after your first ganks. After this its more regular jungling and ganking nothing to special.

This is what I do 90% of the time with skarner because of how good his Q and W are he is a great level 2 dueler. You got a shield/move speed and a Spam able Q that gives AS boost.
After grabbing blue buff try to get wolves as fast as you can some enemy junglers have a very good clear time or skip other camps and go right for their red so sometimes getting wolves might miss your opportunity, up to you. If everything went as planned pop your W and run to their red follow the bush's and get to the tip of the 2nd bush it should be about 2:45 on the clock when you get here and when u see the camp is still there throw your ward in and back off to the space in-between the two bush's most enemy junglers ward the bush next the camp. While you are full health they will be about 80% or less let them weaken the buff more often then not people wont expect skarner to invade and will throw their smite early if they do jump them when the buff is about 1/3 of its health throw your smite and start bashing their skull in, they will either flash away or give first blood. If they are holding onto their smite you want to engage on them while red buff is still 1/2 of its life they will either panic and waste their smite or run away because your full health and they are at least 75% and being focused by creeps and you if they run try to get the buff quickly if not keep bashing them in and try to out smite them.
If you fail
If you arrive and find their red is gone just go right to your red buff and throw your ward between the 2 bush's this will give you a better warning if they are trying to take yours after they grabbed their blue. If you did fight them over their red but they still got it just do as above and go grab your red they should be to weak to try and go after it and will have to recall then or soon this gives you more time in the jungle over them and you still secure your own red buff.
If the clock gets around this time and they still have not shown up at their red its a good chance they are currently stealing yours bait their red into the bush, smash it and grab it and move on with your life.

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Team Work

With using skarner there is a good chance you will initiate most of your team fights your ult makes quick work of anyone u can drag into your team making it an instant 4v5. If you have a tank with a strong initiate then you will follow right in with him and try to drag away one of their carries into the other 3 members of your team for a quick burn down. After this point its all turns into smashing anything squishier then you. With skarners speed and slow don't worry about chasing an enemy a little bit but don't get to far away from your team just to secure a kill.

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Thank you for reading this guide since it is my first guide it doesn't look as clean or extensive as a lot of guides out there. I would like to add chapters about skills sequences, and item selection but without knowing how to put in the thumbnails for items and spells it would just be a very meaty paragraph as I learn more about setting up strategy pages like the others and any advice on such would be appreciated. Have a nice day.

PS: I will be adding a top lane AP skarner once I settled on a proper build for it and some more testing.