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Skarner Build Guide by MysticDragon

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League of Legends Build Guide Author MysticDragon

Skar-Skar-SKARNER Guide (Patch 5.19)

MysticDragon Last updated on October 4, 2015
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Hey guys, I'm MysticDragon and this is my Skarner guide. I'm currently ranked Silver 1 (yes, i know its kinda low, but I know how to play Skarner^^). I already played Skarner back in Season 3 and now he's become my main again. This is my first guide ever, so feel free to give me some Feedback in the comments :)

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Runes are pretty difficult. Many things suit Skarner, I had the best experience with this stuff. You get 16% ATS, 7 AD and still moderate resistances. Worked pretty well for me.

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Skarner needs some CDR and AD to clear his jungle. Overall he is still a tank though. Thats why I go for 9/21/0 for masteries.

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Why do I choose the items presented? Because I can... and because they are awesome choices in my opinion. Trinity gives you everything you want. Damage of DOOM, speed and a little tankyness. I pick Mercury's because you always want some tenacity. Deadman's Plate enables you to chase everything. The other items are self-explaining.

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Skill Sequence

Some people might be surprised because i max out E first, which I can totally understand. The thing is, that your Q was your main damage output in the past, but since Skarner's E has got his old passive (stun) implemented and you deal lots of bonus damage, maxing out E is the best thing you can do. W gives you a great shield and movement speed. You always want movement speed.

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Creeping / Jungling

As Skarner, you always want a full clear. So you want a good pull. That's why I start on the bottom side, be it red or blue side. Doesn't really matter. After you clear your second buff check what toplane looks like. If the enemy pushes, go for a gank. If not, go for Rift Scuttler and then check toplane again. If theres an opportunity to hit your enemy with your E and AA he will be dead (as long as your allied laner supports you). One last hint: clearing Raptors and Wolves is way easier than Gromp or KRugs. That is because of your passive, Crystal Spires, which gives you tons of ATS. Spires spawn at set locations and you can conquer them by just standing there.