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Skarner Build Guide by PandaGame

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League of Legends Build Guide Author PandaGame

Skarner AP - Dragging to Death

PandaGame Last updated on May 12, 2012
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Hello, my Summoner name is 00000X and I play LoL for 1 year, playing support role, but also love playing weird AP champions like Tritana or Yi, I decided to try Skarner mid as an AP carry and found some potential in him, all his skills uses AP with good ratios.
This is my first guide and I'm not american so my english isnt so good.Rate and Comment please so I can improve this guide.Thanks

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    Good Initiator
    Decent sustain in lane
    Aoe spells and Good AP ratios
    Great Late Game
    Low Range
    Need Farm to do damage
    Weak escape mechanism

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Summoner Spells

    Great for Mid lane (you can change for Ghost in Top lane).
    Escape mechanism
    Good Initiation
/ /
    I use [Ignite] to help me get early kills.
    [Teleport] for map presence, and to dominate the lane early(recall, buy items, tp back and push the lane).
    [Exhaust] is just great all the game.

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Magic Pen is the best mark for any AP Champion.
Greater Seal of VitalitySkarner is a melee Champion with 2 low range skills, The extra Health
Why flat MR over Mr per level?-Makes your early better, lets you farm( and you rly need that farming early).
Common AP Quint

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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
Always get you ult when you can, great start potential.
Lane sustain and harass, remeber that you heal yourself if you hit a target marked by this skill, or kill minions with it.
MS, Shield and AS, lets you initiate, tank and win trades early.Max it by level 13.
Pick 1 point at level 4 for the slow, max it last(your E has more damage).

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Starting Items:

+ 3X : Classic Metagame starting items, lets you dodge SS, get away from ganks, Sustain with pots and, above all, makes farming easier.


+ + : RoA is a must, lets you take some damage, gives you mana to spam skills and damage.But it needs some time to be effective, so rush it before level 2 boots.Sorcerer's is good for the Magic Pen, but you can also use [Mercury Treads] or [Ninja Tabi], if you're havinng problems.Sheen is just damage, you'll upgrade into [Lich Bane] later.

Mid Game Goals:

/ Shurelya's Reverie : Get Shurelya's if your support or jungler don't have one, Rabadon for extra burst.

Late Game:

+ / / / / : Lich Bane makes you a monster, the last item is situational:

-Magic Penetration, if they stacked MR.

/ -Magic resist and prevent CC, QSS against heavy CC team( or [Malzahar]/[Warwick]).

-Dual AP teams if your other AP didnt get it and you need MR (Decent aura).

-Personal favorite last item, lets you tank AD champions, and nice debuff(even without the bonus).

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Early Game:

Focus on getting last hit, if you can last hit and harass great, but dont lose minions just to do an harass(unless you think you can get the kill).Rush that RoA and don't overextend the lane.
Mid Lane is very common champions snowball, don't let it happen.If you think a last hit will cost you too much life, dont go for it( if you die your oponent can zone you pretty hard).
Ask for ganks after level 6 as your Ult almost guarantees a kill.

Mid Game:

It's really hard to know when mid game starts, but it's usually when any team can get Dragon/Baron, and teamfights start.You wanna have that RoA so you wont be so squishy.Remeber to control Dragon and Baron(always buy 1 or 2 wards when you go back base).Try to be in every teamfight, you make an huge difference.

Late Game:

Pick the teamfights you want, focus on starting the teamfights getting an squishy enemy with your ult( AD carry if you can).This can turn into a 4x5 that youll almost always win.Ask for wards and dont go alone, you're not so strong to solo more than 1 nor so tanky, butyou're godlike in teamfights, as they , probably, wont focus you(make'em pay for it), and if they focus you, your team is freeto hit them.

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As I find some nice videos ill post them here

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Thanks for reading this guide, commennt please so I can improve.
I want to thank my friends:MatheuzBR,ReaperJoker, ShugoXD, Kenshi666, Derfloo ,Ghaia, Maggie and Fadelarius that play with me and handle my rage quotes and let me play whatever I want =D.