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Tristana Build Guide by haasje

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League of Legends Build Guide Author haasje

Small guide for AP Tristana!

haasje Last updated on April 7, 2013
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The items explaned!

I can be pretty short also about this guide:
This isn't a full Tristana guide for learning how to play with her! This is only a idea how a build can look for ap mid Tristana, because most people think i'am out of my mind when I say that I go play ap mid Tristana!

But there is another side: They see me ulting! With this build you have so much ap and since your ulti scales so hard with ap you can one shot the carrys when you want!
And since all your spells (except Q) scales pretty good with ap you have a little glass cannon. And your q is great for tower pushing.

But the items:
You like to start with the Dorans Ring because it gives a nice ap bonus and some mana regen so you can spam your E when you want.

Most likely you poke alot with your E and then pick a nice kill mostly before 5min so you can A: get the Blasting Wand for more damage ore B the Catalyst The Protector for some more sustain.
but one thing for sure: get the Rod of Ages ASAP.

Then you can buy boots but i mostly don't buy them before 25mins because your W is so great and chasing? Not if they are dead!

Rod of Ages
Good ap and health+ the level up health+mana will let you stay in lanes for ever!
Sheen: Is a little must on Tristana for high burst with later the Lich Bane

Lich Bane Great item also for poking with your E and just extra burst.

Liandry's Torment: Great poking! Also the health and magic penetration will help you survive and deal more damage late game.

Rabadon's Deathcap: No words here its a must for all ap mid players.

Zhonya's Hourglass: Good ap+armor and the Stasis is great for initiate with your W+mid air E then turn it on and let your team roll in.
You can replace Hourglass for a deathgrasp you will have less armor and no stanis but you will get a 15% total hp burst what is quite nice.

Some general tips:

when someone pops a health pot do your E it will cause them to recive less healing.

Do W+E mid-air you also can use your ignite if you like.

Your W resets at a kill or an assist so you can turret dive in with it and then jump out again.

Your ulti is extremely powerfull against carries and other targets, but remember: you will knock them trough a wall.

I hope you understand that I dont want a newbie guide or somthing but its an direction people can use to make some fun ingames!

Note: you can add your own items etc for more survive or even more damage but you will get oneshotted aswell.

so please what do you think?