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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meiyjhe

Smitch - SMELLYO *Revamp*

Meiyjhe Last updated on November 16, 2012
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Madness - Sadness

Ability Sequence

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Not Updated For Current Season

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Offense: 24

Honor Guard

Defense: 6

Strength of Spirit

Utility: 0

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Ewww, what is that smell? Oh, it's you!

In this guide I will explain you a veeeery offensive way of playing twitch.

As you can see, I made 2 builds for Twitch, one that is freaking amazing with damage output, and one where you do not die by one cc spell.

The madness build is for DPS lovers like me and do not give a **** about defense.
The sadness build is a bit more dull with defense and all.

I would advice to practice with the sadness build for the madness build requires a lot of expierence and positioning.

So for the fresh men, follow sadness, and you will not be sad but happy ;D

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Pros and Cons

So lets look at the positive and negative side of our smelly friend:

+ Does great amounts of damage late
+ Does decent damage early
+ Has a stacking damage over time effect
+ Has a slow which also grants DoT
+ Has stealth that increases his attack speed
+ Has a great killstealing ability
+ Ultimate grants great teamfight capability
+ You have great amounts of life steal and movement speed late game

- Squishy, whether it is early or late
- Stealth is just for a short time
- This guide is the ultimate glass cannon, kill or be killed
- You smell

In comparison to cons, there are a lot of pros. BUT, the squishy part is a huge con, so like said before, kill or be killed, or escape :P

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Even though Twitch is an ad carry, his spells are also very important.
So what are these spells and what can you do with it?

Deadly Venom
What is it?: Passive
Function: Does damage over time each hit (stacks)
When you try to poke someone with auto attacks, try to do so multiple times so the DoT gets stronger and stronger. This is the mechanism behind Twitch, so we can't live without it.

What is it?: Q - spell
Type: Activation (works after 2 seconds of activation)
Function: Grants stealth, movement and attack speed
Upgrade: 2, 8, 10, 12, 13
Your stealth, attack speed and mobility spell. When activated, you go in stealth for a short time, within that time you have extra movement speed, and when the effect is over, you get a massive attack speed buff. Use this spell for positioning, escaping and chasing.
Keep in mind: If you are under attack in the 2 seconds of activation, the activation will be delayed even more!

Venom Cask
What is it?: W - spell
Type: Skillshot (circle)
Function: Reduces movement speed and poisons the enemy x2
Upgrade: 1, 14, 15, 17, 18
Adds a movement speed debuff and 2 stacks of Deadly Venom. This helps you with both chasing, escaping, bush checking and also bursting. It has a low mana cost so do not be afraid to use it on bushes when you havent got your stealth up. I am taking this spell first because it'll help you early tricky situations with lvl 2 ganks or an overwhelming suprise from your enemys.

What is it?: E - spell
Type: Activation (Aura)
Function: Damages enemy based on Deadly Poison
Upgrade: 3, 4, 5, 7, 9
This is your best friend!!! It does great amounts of damage depending on the amount of stacks of deadly venom there is on your target. With this spell, you can killsteal easy from your jungler, mid and anyone else of your team. YOU take the kills! Because you smell! >:D
If you were to combine W with your ult and then expunge, you can get pentakills!
Though, due to the fact it only does damage, I first get a point in my other skills.

Spray and Pray
What is it?: R - spell (Ultimate)
Type: Activation
Function: Increases attack range, attack damage and allows hitting multiple enemys.
Upgrade: 6, 11, 16
Your teamfight ability and push ability. With this spell you will hit everone within a certain line. This line is going straight to your enemy. If your enemy is very movementlike, it is possible that you miss with this ability! For that reason, try to use it for fighting more than one enemy.
Also a fun fact, when used, you can outrange a turret, making you able to attack the turret, but the turret not you. You can do that aswell to finish off low hp turrets.

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Summonner spells

Well my dear friend, what spells are viable of Twitch?

The awesome ones:
Type: Instant skillshot
Function: Moving a small distance instantly
This spell is just a need for squishy champs, thus it is a need for Twitch.
You will need this to get out of tricky situations!

Type: Enemy target shot
Function: Doing damage over time and reduces healing gain
This spell is an extra damage spell, which combines pretty well with your passive. Early game it will give you great bonus damage, which grants you more kills, which grants you more items, which grant you more power. Easy as pie.

Type: Enemy target shot
Function: Reducing movementspeed and damage done
Though this spell is great, mostly the support will already take it. You could consider this spell, because it is like I said, a great spell. Take this if your support doesn't.
Unprefered ones:

The 'okay' ones:
Type: Activation (aura)
Function: Healing you and surrounding allies
This was meta, luckily, this meta is starting to become cliché. Most people will take ignite these days, which counters heal pretty hard. I wouldn't take it, if you really want to have more lane sustain, get a soraka or a sona. I think this spell is for wussies.

Type: Global allied non-champion target shot
Function: Teleporting towards your target within a few seconds
This spell is always useful, though not always as useful as others. Allows you to recall without missing farm basically. I never take this as Twitch, but I understand if people do.

Ghost vs Cleanse
Type: Activation
Function: Ghost-> running | Cleanse -> removing CC and enemy summoner spells
Both survival spells and also chase spells. Cleanse really can save your life many and many times, but, this guide is made for pros so cleanse is nothing for you. Ghost could be nice to have, but a slow counters ghost already pretty harsh.

(If you want to pick a different spell than the ones I prefer, replace Ignite, NOT FLASH. Flash is your lifesaver, so do not exchange it)

The rest:

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Runes and Masteries

Here we go again, I do not like this part.

But there is a lot of discussion like: OMG TWITCH Y U SO LITTLE BONUS AD NOOB OMG LOL.
Well you have armor penetration, which in my opinion, is much better than bonus ad.

The ad you can get from runes is very little so I wouldn't advice at all to take them.

But there are many ways to do masteries and runes right for Twitch, so just experiment as always.

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Items (Madness)

I like fighting the meta, the meta is my true enemy!
So other than a lot of fools, we won't start with boots and 3 pots.

We start with: Doran's Blade
This will make last hitting easier, prevents you from wasting gold on pots, gives you extra hp and also a small amount of life steal. This is enough for early game, so please just buy 1, not 6.

Then we go to Berserker's Greaves
We want as much attack speed as possible due to your passive + expunge + ultimate. Other boots are a waste anyway because you are going to sell this one later.

And off we go to Phantom Dancer + Vampiric Scepter
Like said earlier, we want as much attack speed as possible, so get your phantom dancer.
The vampiric scepter allows you to take hits, since you regen your hp anyway per auto attack.

Infinity Edge
This item makes you an ad carry, I need no more explanation.

Phantom Dancer
Now you have amazing crit damage thanks to IE, we want more attack speed and crit chance.
Wait I know what item we need! An another PD, so here you go.

The Bloodthirster
20% lifesteal + 100 ad. MUHAHAHA. The corpses of the enemys will be more smelly than Twitch!
Get this a bit later, because we really need more AS than AD.

Trinity Force
BANG, 100% crit chance! Nothing will stop you! Besides that, you have extra movement (which is enough to sell boots now), extra attack speed, extra slow, extra ad, at any rate, it has everything you need! Though the sheen buff isn't that epic for twitch, it is still a fun extra for this great item. Though there are also alternatives.
If you do not care about movement speed, you can get rid of the trinity force and instead buy a Frozen Mallet, a The Black Cleaver or even an another The Bloodthirster! Take what you prefer.

The Bloodthirster
With the last bloodthirster you can solo baron, solo their team (if they dont CC you), solo their base. It makes you pure boss, YOU ARE A GOD NOW!!! :O

But, if you really are a bedpeeing kitty cat, go take some defensive item instead of bloodthirster, but this is way way more fun.

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Items (Sadness)

This one is a bit easier to play. It has the same items as Madness untill after the infinity edge, if you already have read it, skip it.

Just like madness we start with Doran's Blade
It is healthy for it gives all the early stats we need. Boots are NOT necessary as Twitch due to your slow and stealth. If you are very insecure, get Boots of Speed anyway, and do not forget to buy health potions!

Berserker's Greaves
We want as much attack speed as possible due to your passive + expunge + ultimate. Other boots are a waste anyway because you are going to sell this one later.

Phantom Dancer + Vampiric Scepter
Like said earlier, we want as much attack speed as possible, so get your phantom dancer.
The vampiric scepter allows you to take hits, since you regen your hp anyway per auto attack.

Infinity Edge
This item makes you an ad carry, I need no more explanation.

Frozen Mallet
Now here it gets more sad, you get hp from me. The frozen mallet will give you a low amount of AD but also a high amount of health and a very nice slow. Makes it easier to survive and to chase, great for Sadness Twitch.

The Bloodthirster
AD carrys get lifesteal, that is what they do. This one gives the most, GET IT!

The Black Cleaver
Armor penetration, attack speed and AD. Everything you need for Twitch.

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Early game just act like an ad carry. Do not think like:
Omg im twitch, i kill them all with ma op stealth and expunge!
Just a waste of spells and hp, just last hit and when you see the opportunity, poke with auto attacks.

You can also gank great with Twitch, so if your lane is pushed and your opponents have left the lane, go to mid and give Annie a hard time.

Killing someone:
First go in stealth, then block his/her path by standing in his/her back. Throw your slow towards the guy, !! YOU ARE NOW OUT OF STEALTH !!, Ignite him if you can, Auto attack like a boss on him AND DO TARGET THE CHAMPION, Twitch tends to attack a minion sometimes when he gets out of stealth. When he is almost out of your reach, expunge and BANG a kill.
(Do you think you need 1 more auto attack but is he out of range? Just use your ultimate. Ultimates are made to be used after all)

Let the teamfight start before you are there, you are VEEERY squishy, come in as last in stealth.
When their team is standing close to eachother and the fight has started, ultimate! Got around 5 stacks on everyone? Use expunge! They are getting close to you? slow!
Your team is losing the fight? Use stealth and get the FCK OUT OF THERE NOW!!!!

You are chased by 5 enemies, what do you do? Slow them, stealth, and then run run run.
Remember, if they do not have stealth detection (oracles or vision ward) just run right the other way than they expect you to, so they all walk the wrong way.

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Calculations (Madness)

Well well, just to prove that my guide kicks ***, I will show you how much damage I can do with twitch late game:

I have around 400 ad at late game.
I crit 100% of the time, and crits deal 260% of the normal amount of damage.
I do 2,5 shots each second after my ambush.
I have 43% lifesteal.

With each hit I will do: 400 * 2,60 = 1040 damage!
Which means each second I will do: 1040 * 2,5 = 2600 damage per second!!!
Which means I get this amount of health back each second: 2600 * 0,43 = 1118 hp

And this is just with auto attacks. You also have expunge, your passive and your ult which also will increase your damage output.

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The madness way of playing Twitch can either make you the god of the game, or the weakling.

If you were to him just as awesome as I do, you will be a god.
If you cannot rely on your lifesteal and damage output, you will be weakling.

So, use this guide and take the risk!
Because risks are freaking awesome!

And for the Fresh men, Good luck practicing, may you be number #1 some time ;D.

Im out! Peace Smellyos!
-Meiyjhe the Epic-

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Please, I want to know what you think of my guide :P

So please leave comments and your votes.

I would be grateful