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Sona Build Guide by UncleOffmeta

AP Carry Snowballing Mid Sona AP

By UncleOffmeta | Updated on December 21, 2016

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I've been playing as Sona AP mid for quite a long time now (three years, I'm not sure now). I've seen this girl change and change and change. I've seen the items change and had to rework everything. This is the best build so far I've felt comfortable with. No active items (so you cold keep your fingers to the skills and spells), a very good growth for a balanced to agressive player. But i have to add something. As a paper of sorts (I love Sona, but she IS kinda feeble when it comes to sustaining damage), you are not supposed to go head on (unless you're VERY sure that you're gonna win). Instead, try to be as a pendulum in the lane. Don't go back and forth, go diagonally. It sure helps when you are facing Ahri or Nidalee. Second, save up a bit of your mana. Try to take minions down with basic hits and spam your abilities and passive on the enemy. That's why I like to use Teleport as Summoner Spell. You can bide your time avoiding the enemy (and damaging them) and, when you run out of mana, recall and be back on track as fast as you could say "I'm gone". This build is intended to work best from middle to late game, as in the end, with the Elixir of Sorcery, you can rack up 1000+ AP.
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This is my standart rune page for AP champions. I really don't plan to sustain damage, as I usually play safe. The thing about Mages in this game is that there aren't that many items to lower Magic Damage, so magic penetration isnt that much helpful (unless you're going against a tanker on middle lane, which is very unlikely). Focusing damage dealers is the way to go. Why Scaling Ability Power and Mana Regen? Because at level 10 you already have more than you would have with plain runes. I chose Mana Regen for the seal because it was the most helpful, as Sona tend to dry up on mana too quicly. With that, you'll have a steady flow of mana in the early game, when you still don't have Mana Regen items to hold you longer. The same goes for Scaling Ability Power. As the starting items don't give you a lot of AP, you're sure to rise up in power.
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This build is intended to max up CD Reduction, AP and Mana for Sona. Even though her ultimate reduces cooldown for her primary skills, her ultimate itself doesn't benefit from it. With a full build, my ultimate CD is 56s. My Song of Celerity Has 4-5s cooldown, enabling me to run fast if I'm surprised and healing with Aria of Perseverance very often as well. Hymn of Valor too gets a lovely boost, since it benefits both from her high AP and CD Reduction.

Start with Doran's Ring. I really don't like Doran's items, but the ring is special, as it gives you Mana Regen passively and when you kill a minion. Buy the ring and two potions. Be sure to get your totem. Junglers tend to storm mid too often when you're playing as Sona. Now, start saving money for the Catalyst of Aeons (or the Blasting Wand), but be sure to finish Rod of Ages first. It will give you health, mana, AP and it scales overtime. It will also give you a steady regen of mana and health.

Once Rod of Ages is finished, go for the Tear of the Goddess. Now you can spam abilities at will. As we won't be using boots, Song of Celerity will be your main passive accumulator. And you will need mana for that, so the Tear is a natural choice. Now you save everything you can to finish Lich Bane. Mana and the ability to rise the damage of your passive is just too good to let it pass. At this pont, you're probably very strong and enemies are runnig from you.

But we haven't quite finished yet. Next on the list is Nashor's Tooth. CD Reduction, Attack Speed and a nice little damage on your basic attacks. It's very good to clear big waves of minions, now that you're probably starting to face them. And then, Morellonomicon. More mana and CD Reduction. You're probably thinking I'm a crazy guy, burning up 10% CD Reduction. The thing is, there aren't many items that give mana, CD Reduction of 10% and a good ammount of AP. And that mana is going to be very importanta in a minute, when we finish Archangel's Staff. It will give you even more AP.

Now we're finishing, so you should probably think about finishing Archangel's Staff. Tear of the Goddess should be almost filling up (if it's not full already). Now, Archangel's Staff gives you AP based on the ammount of mana you have, and we've been building up mana for quite a long time now. This shold give you an already whooping ammount of AP as soon as you finish it, and we still have room for Rabadon's Deathcap, which will take everything you've been building up om AP so far and give you 30% more, with the advantage of adding more 120 (+30%) AP.

Now, you should be wasting enemies like no one, and we can still buy the Elixir of Sorcery, so you can rack up even more AP. with that, your AP count must be over 1000, which will make you a preety and silent glass cannon, exploding everything in front of you, but easily being broken in the process.
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Skill Sequence

I'm not really sure about the levels after 15, though. But the sequence is simple.

1- Max up Hymn of Valor as soon as possible.

2- Crescendo should be top priority once it's available.

3- Song of Celerity should be the second maxed up.

4- Aria of Perseverance should be the last maxed up. Unless you're having problems with health, then you should take one or two levels on that before maxing Song of Celerity.
League of Legends Build Guide Author UncleOffmeta
UncleOffmeta Sona Guide

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Snowballing Mid Sona AP
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