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Azir Build Guide by LoliconOtaku1212

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author LoliconOtaku1212

Soar to Victory! [AZIR GUIDE]

LoliconOtaku1212 Last updated on July 20, 2015
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Ability Sequence

Ability Key Q
Ability Key W
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



Offense: 23

Legendary Guardian

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Utility: 7

Threats to Azir with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Akali Her burst is a lot weaker now, since her E doesn't proc her mark, but make no mistake, she can still kill you. I put her at level 1 because your ranged, and she can't dash over your wall. Just don't be stupid by walking into melee range.
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Hello All! I'm LDrago123456 and I have recently been maining Azir. I am in Silver 3, HOWEVER I have learned quite a few things in my short time playing him. Azir is an extremely hard champion to play, however if you manage to get good with him he can help carry you to worlds beyond what I know. I would like to get ONE THING CLEAR, I do not own any third-party resource such as but not limited to: Photos, Videos, Songs, etc. All credit goes to those who created them.

I would like to thank Drift King Azir on YouTube for inspiring me to play Azir, and I hold him in high respect as one of the best Azir players in the LoL community.

Through this guide I aim to give you a good grip on the fundamentals as Azir and teach you just how fun and strong this champion is! I am a beginner to Mobafire and any help is appreciated!

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Pros and Cons to Azir

Strong poke
Good escape
Self/Ally peel
Insane DPS
Super long range
All in potential really strong
Main damage sources are all AoE (Area of Effect)
Play maker
The Emperor of an ENTIRE KINGDOM
Needs SUPER good positioning in team fights
Possibly one of the hardest champions to get good at
Team fights are usually instantly lost the moment you die
Needs a lot of practice to be perfect at his combo

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This mastery tree stems from Drift King Azir (see the pun? hahaha... no). This tree focuses on maximum damage and DPS Azir can dish out. You might be wondering why no defense points since he is already so squishy. It is precisely because he is so squishy that we don't get defensive masteries. He is so squishy the few points we give him are completely useless, also, the utility tree gives him Mana, more movement speed, and extended potion duration, everything Azir needs to get around and survive.

Offense Tree

We take fury to increase attack speed to increase soldier DPS, allowing our team fight damage to increase.

This is a no-brainer. CDR + Passive = More AS & lower CD on spells.

Expose weakness allows us to do more damage after we deal damage with our Q. Our soldier attacks also count as spell damage, so we proc this a lot.

More AP, More Damage.

More AP, More Damage.

Helps finish off enemies quicker.

More AP, More Damage.

Magic Penetration allows our soldier attacks to hurt more, AP doesn't help increase the damage as much as magic pen does.

This is a given on any damage dealing champion.

Utility Tree

More movement speed allows us to get to lane faster and roam with more efficiency

More mana allows us to survive the rough laning phase and spam our Q's.

Allows us to sustain in lane longer then opponents that don't take this mastery.

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Greater Mark of Magic Penetration

Greater Seal of Attack Speed

Greater Seal of Scaling Health

Greater Glyph of Magic Resist

Greater Glyph of Scaling Cooldown Reduction

Greater Quintessence of Ability Power

Credits goes to Drift King Azir yet again. Through my understanding, and not quoting from DKA, this set up focuses on maximising damage, while making sure Azir does not blow up from 2 autos by the enemy ADC, hence the HP runes.

This rune set up should be easy to understand but to help some people out heres a few answers to some potential questions:

Q1: Why do you take only a few Attack Speed Seals?
A1: Helps increase our DPS and it doesn't hinder our late game survivability, as Attack Speed is hardly an issue on Azir.

Q2: Why do you take only 3 MR Glyphs?
A3: In my opinion it helps deal with early lane bullies a tiny bit however small. You gain Max CDR without the 3 extra glyphs anyways plus this helps your survivability.

Q3: Why run flat AP Quints?
A3: Helps Azir's already weak early game.

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Ability levelling Up Order

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18

This sequence is not set in stone however this is what you will probably be doing in 99% of your games. The only 1% I can think of that you would change this order, is maxing E over W as second choice. I personally can't think of a good enough reason for doing this, however if you feel like this DPS build isn't the way to go for you, and you prefer a more bursty build, you can either drop Azir right now, or somehow make up for it in-game. Azir is meant to be a DPS champion as his abilities don't exactly allow spamming. Sure you can spam Conquering Sands but your still going to be using your auto attacks instead of your E.

We always max Conquering Sands first as it is our main poke tool and damage tool early on. Arise! is maxed second since this is a DPS build and with each level into Arise!, it increases the damage the soldiers deal per auto. Shifting Sands is maxed last as it is mainly used for escape and utility. Emperor's Divide is taken whenever possible to lower CD and increase damage, each level also adds a soldier, increasing the width, meaning it can clog entire paths in the jungle, disabling all enemy attempts at getting to you.

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Azir's main play style w/ Tips Part 1

Azir is simpler then you may think, it just comes down to executing it. When playing Azir theres only 5 things to keep in mind:

1. Keep your distance

This means the only thought you should be thinking about is... RUNNING AWAY. Abuse Azir's range and stay the **** away from all fights. This rule CAN be broken under special circumstances, of which I will get into later in Part 2.

2. Map Awareness

Simple, just look at the minimap. I will say it again. LOOK AT THE BLOODY MINIMAP. If your bot lane has warded dragon, then look at the bloody thing at the bottom corner of your screen to see if 1) Enemy jungler is coming to gank OR 2) Enemy jungler inbound.

3. Warding

I didn't include wards in the build. Want to know why? Because regardless of WHAT you build, wards are ALWAYS a part of your build. You don't want to die? Get some vision so you know when to run.

4. Positioning

This is probably one of the hardest parts to playing Azir and is something that will come with time. Ideally you will want to be in the back. Even farther back then your own ADC, heck as Azir, your WHOLE TEAM is your meat shield... ADC included. You want to place yourself where you can dish out damage while being safe, for example if the fight is taking place in river, look towards placing yourself in one of the monster pits or buff spawn areas. More info on this covered in Part 2.

5. Mana Management w/ CS'ing

This seems like a no brainer, you want to poke your opponent but CS at the same time, and at the same time as well make sure you have enough mana for a WE escape. This is harder then you think. At level 1, you will start off with 440~ mana, your WQ combo takes 110~ mana, meaning you only have 4 tries at level 1. This will increase over time, but you should prioritise CS'ing and gaining a lead rather then poking. Remember, Azir literally has 0 kill presence in lane until level 6. I'm not telling you NOT to poke, I'm telling you to poke SMART. Always have enough mana to WE so you don't need to burn flash.

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Azir's main play style w/ Tips Part 2

Keeping your Distance Part 2:
Only thought in your head when playing Azir. RUN. Don't look back, RUN. Azir needs to stand still when attacking with his soldiers, so if you don't keep your distance, your asking to be engaged on. Running DOES NOT MEAN LEAVE YOUR TEAM TO DIE. It means staying away from danger. You dish out enough damage to make up for your cowardice so it's fine, if 4 of your teammates die but you scored a pentakill, who cares?

Positioning Part 2:
This is something that you can learn with any champion, however it is important you know what your doing when playing Azir. Remember you have little to no resistances, so if your out of position, your dead. Use walls and corners to your advantage, you have insane range, so you can attack behind walls. Great places to set up tent to kill people are:

1. Blue/Red Buff areas
2. Dragon Pit
3. Baron Pit
4. Behind 4 teammates

Azir is a faster paced champion then one may think, his Arise! > Shifting Sands > Conquering Sands combo requires a lot of practice. Most people say use the Arise! > Conquering Sands > Shifting Sands combo to start and get used to Azir. I completely and utterly disagree. To get the feel of playing Azir requires time, however if we skip the slow combo and go to the fast combo, I feel that it will reduce the amount of time it takes to get used to Azir.

Here is a video made by Drift King Azir on doing the "Drift" with Azir:
Here is a montage made by BootsToo***es on the China Server I think:

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Laning with Azir

Laning with Azir is not too hard to grasp the concept of. Essentially you want to play it SAFE. Let me reiterate. S. A. F. E. SAFE. Never engage on the enemy unless you can do several things:

1) Comfortably do the WEQ combo
2) Enemy is <=50% HP
3) You are level 6
4) You aren't on the brink of death
5) You know where the Enemy jungler is

You want to farm at a distance, so get used to using your soldiers to CS as far away as possible. This doesn't mean set a solder down and just walk, I mean set one down, then ATTACK AND MOVE. ATTACK AND MOVE. This is essentially the same technique as kiting.

Focus on farming, if you want to carry your game, you should focus on not dying and collecting as much cash as you can get.

Know the enemy jungler's jungling path, that way you know which brush to ward at 5 minutes or whenever you feel like you need vision.

Remember to look at your minimap, Azir may not be the best roamer before level 6, but he can still protect his jungler if he comes in contact with the enemy. Zone the enemy mid laner out while attacking the enemy jungler for a 2v1.

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Roaming with Azir/ mid game to late game

Buy wards, and put them in places that the enemy tends to go through a lot, such as river or paths that converge such as near raptors. When you get good enough with the WEQ combo, you can set up tonnes of kills for your team by ulting the enemy from behind into your team. Never use your E to travel quickly, you might find yourself getting caught and dying.

Keep a timer on Dragon and Baron, always look for opportunities to push. Remember, kills don't win games, pushing does. If the enemy only cares about kills, punish them by taking their towers, you will end up winning.

Keep an eye on your minimap so you make use of the wards you placed. Never overstay your welcome, you might die and throw the game.

Using your passive in this stage of the game can make or break a push. For example, you are seiging bot lane, and your at their inhibitor turret. All 9 other players are headed to your location, so you set up a turret on the ENEMY tier 2 turret. This protects your team, zones the enemy and allows your creeps to push up. Knowing WHEN to use this passive comes with time, as more games pass you will get the sense when it will be helpful.

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Closing Words

I hope you all learned a thing or two from this guide, with the upcoming changes to Azir this will probably change his build and play style a lot, but until then this is the way to go. As before mentioned, All third party resources are NOT OWNED by me and I claim NO CREDIT for them, ALL credit goes to the original creator. If anyone would care to help me format and pretty up this guide feel free to E-mail me if you would like at

See ya!