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Twitch Build Guide by Eccentricks

ADC Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch

ADC Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch

Updated on December 21, 2019
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League of Legends Build Guide Author Eccentricks Build Guide By Eccentricks 8 1 21,100 Views 0 Comments
8 1 21,100 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author Eccentricks Twitch Build Guide By Eccentricks Updated on December 21, 2019
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Runes: What everyone does

Press the Attack
Legend: Alacrity
Coup de Grace

Magical Footwear
Biscuit Delivery

+10% Attack Speed
+9 Adaptive (5.4 AD or 9 AP)
+6 Armor


Like Literally Every ADC Ever
LoL Summoner Spell: Flash


LoL Summoner Spell: Heal


Threats & Synergies

Threats Synergies
Extreme Major Even Minor Tiny
Show All
None Low Ok Strong Ideal
Extreme Threats
Ideal Synergies
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Champion Build Guide

Some Basic Thoughts on Twitch

By Eccentricks
About Me and Twitch
Hey! I am Penove/Eccentricks. I am a Twitch main in the bot lanes of EU West. Just want to note that I am not a huge pro, and have never gotten higher than Gold. I lost my old account(which has been around since season 7) after moving to EU West, due to bad connection, so I have been farming to get back to back where I was. In doing so, I found Twitch, who has been my only AD Carry pick (other than playing Draven once and a while). I learnt him very quickly and found out a lot of neat little tricks with him.

So, instead of writing about all the little niches and going super in depth about stuff you probably wont care about since you are probably in bronze too, I want this to be more of a tips and tricks guide. Because Twitch isn't technical per-say, but, does require some good play to get to his monsterous late game, which also requires some guidance to use correctly.

So, lets not waste any time, lets learn to play Rat IRL! (Is that joke dead?)
Pros and Cons


+Imo, the best late game out of any AD Carry

+Great Poke

+High Kill Potential with Contaminate

+Ultimate Increases Range insanely

+Really good voicelines

+Demands a sandwich (I think?)


-Trash Early Game

-Can't really deal damage from far away without his ult

-Can't take damage for ****

-Not the best dance ever

-Easily can throw the game if you can't play well
Alright, just gonna go through the items real fast here. Because, the build is simple, but I am sure it could be expanded. If you have thoughts (because I am sure you do with my blasphemous item descisions) leave them in the comments, I will be sure to read them.

I'm also going to skip going over Runes and Summoner Spells as they are self explanitory and there is only one possible build of them for Twitch.

Zeal/Runaan's: Yeah, a weird pick, I know. Most people vye for Cutlass first, but not me. You can pick between them (thus chosing Ruined King or Runaan's) but, in the lower ELO's I feel that Ruined King doesn't dish out enough to feel worth it early. I like the item, just feel building it first takes too long, and my goal is to get out of the early game as fast as you can, and Runaan's helps you push waves in, and deal out damage too, thus helping you break the tower, and get CS to eventually start rotating.

Boots: Whichever one you chose, you are well off. It is sometimes better to choose one over the other, depending if you want ganks or more damage. But, I mainly buy Berserker's Greaves, just because Mobility Boots don't always help and are more neeche.

Blade of The Ruined King: A solid item, and the best item on this champ to have. Its active helps you 1v1 if needed, chase down enemies, prevent attacks and ganks... wow, it's too good! It also gives you some extra effects, all help which help Twitch considerably. Always buy this sometime in the match.

Third Item: Infinity Edge vs. Duskblade of Draktharr. Most always go Infinity Edge. Most Twitch's do it, its predictable, but the crit chance is too good to pass up... unless of course you are going behind. If you want to attempt something like a laneswap, or constantly gank the mid lane in a bad matchup in bot, look no further, Duskblade of Draktharr is perfect. Usually used on Jungle Twitch (a whole 'nother can of worms), Duskblade gives Twitch what he needs to catch back up, which may happen more often than you think due to his terrible early game. The choice is up to you, and you can definently use Infinity Edge if you are behind and Duskblade while ahead, they just require different playstyles I wont discuss in this guide because this segment is lengthy as is.

Fourth and Fifth Item: Statikk Shiv is self explanitory, it works well with our ratboy, and deals some great damage once you have Infinity Edge. As for Guardian Angel, sacrificing some extra damage I could have put into the build for this outstanding item actually helps wonders for you. There will be many times in late game where you will die due to bad positioning, only to have your team survive a bit longer and maybe even win the fight. Without you there, nothing can happen. Either your team loses that fight, or even worse, your allies cannot secure objectives (like Baron Nashor ) fast enough without you, causing them to be overtaken by the enemies and lose the objective, throwing the game. Guardian Angel is best in the fifth slot, as you will get use out of it and still get damage in later.

Last Item: Its all situational. Dominik is my main pick, due to it shreding whatever tank (*cough cough* Nasus) that may be annoying you at that part of the game, and there usually is one. Keyword usually. If there isn't, take either Phantom Dancer, Rapid Firecannon, or be brave and experiment! It is all up to your skills at this point, and really situational. But, if you are unsure, just go Dominik's, it usually works... Again, Keyword usually...
Early Game
In the early game Twitch will be expected to die at least once unless you are good at the champ. Run down the lane/to the buff and begin doing your normal AD Carry duties. Farm minions until you hit level 2, and be sure to do 2 things. Hit level 2 FIRST, and do so in a good position to attack enemies. This is the ONLY advantage you can get in the early game unless the enemy misplays, so be sure to get at least one kill out of it.

Be sure to ward if the jungler is threatening and yours isn't helping much. Don't blame the Jungler for not ganking you, they will usually not want to gank the bot lane as it is more risky than ganking top or mid. More so if you are behind in the game. This tip is basic League knowledge and if this is the first place you heard it, I'd keep it in mind.

As you get more powerful, you may be prompted to back to spend that gold and get Zeal. Don't. Wait until you absolutely have to (reaching under 10% health. Out of mana doesn't count) or you kill both of the enemy bot laners. That way the minions can't push and you have less danger of losing valuble CS.

Once you come back to lane, you should look to hit level 6 now before pulling off any Ambush plays. If your Support walks down mid, don't blame them, its a good play, and they will be back. Play safe until they do arrive. Be sure to get around 35 CS by the six minute mark (give or take). Once that hits, you have your ult, and you are mentally ready to make other players mentally unsure of their life descisions, you can begin ganking your own lane.
Mid Game (Aka: Twitch Gets Good)
Alright, looks like you hit level 6 and have your ultimate ready. You aren't crazy powerful, but, one wrong step and the enemy can either find themselves really injured, dead, or down a flash. All of these outcomes are good.

What you are going to want to do is path from the tower to the lane, using your Ambush as soon as you pass the tri-bush/gromp bush(?) on the blue side and red side respectively. If your support is Pyke, Shaco, or someone with Camo they can follow too if you ping them. Be sure before doing this that the wave is pushed away from your tower as if it isn't, you will lose a lot of CS from this. Once in the river, you have four options.
1: Contest Dragon with your jungler: Self explanitory. Be sure to set up vison on the pixel bush/behind dragon and bottom river bush before doing this.

2: Gank your own lane: For this, make sure the minions are in the middle of your lane and the enemies are there too. If your support stayed behind, have them bait the enemies forward without using any abilities until you are out of the bottom river bush. Once you are in the lane, stay back from enemy fire and burst them down with Spray and Pray. Try to aim for both with the piercing shots. For this to work better, the enemies shouldn't be full health and preferably have an ability or two down, as you will get chunked out fast if you do this poorly. Even better, if you catch your jungler walking down to bot lane, gank with him for maximum carnage.

3: Gank Mid Lane: Make sure the enemy is pushed up and walk in behind them. Be sure to keep your distance especially if it is something like a Yasuo who wont hesitate to ult you. Activate your ultimate once you are in a good spot and fire away. They will usually die, especially if your mid laner pitches in. Just watch out for the enemy jungler, if they see this play happen, they will come in to assist and it may spell death for you.

4: Proxy: This play is extremely risky and should only be done if you are ahead to increase your lead AND you have experience doing it. Practice it in normal.
The goal here is go behind the enemy tower and take one wave of minions with the help of your W and E, then go back to base in a bush. When walking through the tri-bush or gromp bush(?), be sure there arec no wards. You may consider getting a sweeper if you plan on making this play. In doing this, you push your wave up into their tower and deny them CS. This play is very situational and requires a lot of planning, so make it count.

Either way, without these plays, Twitch still is powerful in the Mid Game, after he gets Runaan's Hurricane he will clear waves much faster and he can probably take down the tower at his first item with the correct support. Ganks aren't necisarry, but are helpful and usually end in a kill if you play well and use your ultimate.

Overall, the midgame is good and ends once you get Blade of the Ruined King and maybe destroy your tower. After that, I consider it late game and the stakes are about to rise higher, so prepare to carry your team.
Late Game (Lets finish this off...)
Twitch is a beast in teamfights (I have gotten two of my twitch pentas in team fights), and will definently be looking to start some once he gets Infinity Edge. I recommend avoiding starting teamfights without it, but don't hesitate to assist in shooting the tanks during them. Don't attempt to 1v1 anybody if they have more items than you, are higher level, or are one of your bad matchups. Doing so may not only lead to your death, but also start a teamfight that your team wont win.

You can split push now, which is a strength of Twitch, but I wouldn't do it without aformetioned Infinity Edge unless you are going for the outer towers. Still, even with your crit chance or going for a T1, you still need to follow Penove's Rules of Split Pushing, or PRoSP. (patent pending).

Rule One: Have Vision on the Enemy: Not a lot of new players actually care if the enemy is anywhere nearby. They push, they die. Be sure to at least get a glimpse of where enemy is. If you can only see four out of the five, determine if you can fight the remaining enemy, and be sure to keep your eyes on the map as you do your work.

Rule Two: Have the Enemies Dead: What is better than having vision? Killing them! Optionally, you can try to push a lane when 3 or more enemies are dead for a good chance of getting a wave into the base. To improve this, push the lane while the rest of your team pushes mid lane. If your team wants to attack Baron Nashor , help them. The Nashor will help you more than a split push and you can use rule one to improve your Nashor push.

Rule Three: Don't get Greedy: Killing a tower is nice, but, late in the game, minions are worth more. Even if you can't get the tower, but safely kill a single minion wave, you will get a lot of money and XP, and force the enemies to push the minions back. Overall, you're not only getting closer to your next item, you also split the enemy team, opening teamfight options up. You will have the numbers advantage if you do it well.

Rule Four: DON'T DIE: You are an asset to your team, play as safe as possible. If two enemies run out of the jungle, you need to have your Ambush ready so you can run away like a madass. BE SAFE! If you die, your team will lose footing and objectives.

Other things you can try in the late games is the Legendary Two Player Nashor. If you have a high attack speed Jungler like Trundle (who is really good at these), Nocturne, or Shaco (further proving this champions worth), you can take on this with two players only. Be sure the enemies are dead or occupied with your team. Try to make it as quick as you can and use your abilities as much as you can. Hold onto your W if you need to stop someone from aproaching. It won't do much to Nashor anyway.

Other than that, group up, build your items, look for picks and collapse oppertunities and try to keep your distance, and don't dive with your ult and flash (even actual pros make this mistake, it happened at Worlds once). You are on your way to winning yourself a game.
To finish, I say Twitch is an extremely powerful late game carry that will probably not get nerfed any time soon. If you get past the early stage, you will win with good play. Just watch out for Nasus and stay strong against any of your matchups. Don't forget to like the guide if you enjoyed. Or do, that quote is overused.

I will answer any questions the best I can in the comments.

Hope you enjoyed this guide and if you are an aspiring Twitch player, I hope this allowed you to win a match or two.

But remember the most important rule of all...

Have fun! This is a game after all...

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