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Sona Build Guide by neverwasalive

Support Sona Guide

Support Sona Guide

Updated on November 30, 2015
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League of Legends Build Guide Author neverwasalive Build Guide By neverwasalive 5,087 Views 0 Comments
5,087 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author neverwasalive Sona Build Guide By neverwasalive Updated on November 30, 2015
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SPACE Hi guys! Lomo here presenting you a guide on my favorite champion, The Maven of the Strings, Sona. This is my first guide and a work in progress so any comments or suggestions are very much appreciated!

Sona is an extremely squishy, poke oriented support champ who is capable of being an excellent lane bully with her Q Hymn of Valor, team medic with her W Aria of Perseverance, relentless chaser with her E Song of Celerity, and game changer with her R Crescendo.


+ Strong Poke
+ Lots of Healing
+ Auras benefits team
+ Game changing ultimate that is not difficult to land
+ Easy to learn (1 skillshot)
Due to the nature of her kit, Sona is very good in small trades and skirmishes, doing large amounts of damage with Hymn of Valor while mitigating damage with Aria of Perseverance. Her engages are equally as good as her disengages as the movement speed buff provided by Song of Celerity gives free mobility to her team. Crescendo is one of the rift's most feared ultimates as it can possibly stun the entire team and single handedly win teamfights.

- Squishy
- Mana-reliant
- Needs good positioning
Sona has one of the lowest base health in the game which makes her easily bursted down when caught out. Without proper mana management, she will run dry very quickly. In addition her passive Power Chord needs to be utilized properly to truly master Sona.
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A commonly misunderstood and underutilised passive, Power Chord is extremely versatile in that Sona can either burst, slow or reduce the damage of an enemy.

Hymn of valor is a an instant cast tracking nuke that hits two enemies as well as giving all allies including you bonus magic damage on hit for one attack. This is your bread and butter skill for lane control. I usually use Q twice before I reach the lane as it allows me to give our jungler a strong leash or heavily nuke an enemy right at the start. Try and tag your ADC with the aura and coordinate pokes as this will maximise your lane dominance. An interesting tip when harassing with Hymn of Valor is that power chord resets your auto attack timer. So when it is relatively safe, you can auto attack -> Q -> auto attack + Power Chord. With my recommended starting items, you can freely use Q as mana will not be an issue.

Your W is the shield to your Q's sword. When going for trades and expecting retaliation from the opposing duo, Aria of Perseverance should be used in conjunction with Hymn of Valor. Compared to your Q however, Sona's heal/shield costs a ton of mana and using it for every exchange will leave you healthy but useless. Management of health and mana during the laning phase will distinguish good Sonas from bad ones.

At lower levels your Song of Celerity only gives a small boost in movement speed to you and any allied champions. However it does it's job well at getting to places faster. Use it when going back to lane, rotating to mid or Dragon, or general chasing.

Your game changing ultimate, Crescendo has a relatively long range with a small travel time which enemies can walk away from. Devastating when used properly, Flash+ Crescendo gives Sona great intiating potenetial.
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Skill Sequence

> > >

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I run 3 Greater Quintessence of Ability Power for the stronger early game pokes and heals. In my opinion, these are the best quints to run due to the amount of utility, damage and survivability it gives.

9 Greater Mark of Magic Penetration gives Sona's Q more oomph in the early game where we max out our Hymn of Valor. I feel these are better than Greater Mark of Ability Power as the amount of AP it gives is really low.

I opt for 9 Greater Seal of Health for Sona as her base health is really pitiful. The health seals give a buffer for Sona so she isn't as squishy early game. These are better than Greater Seal of Armor effective health wise. Coupled with my recommended regeneration masteries Sona will have an easier time laning.

9 Greater Glyph of Ability Power will continue to accentuate Sona's early game by providing more damage/healing/utility. If worried that she will be too soft, Greater Glyph of Magic Resist is an acceptable replacement.
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The masteries i have chosen are meant to maximise Sona's lane presence and sustain in the early game. This is a cunning/resolve tree with the Windspeaker's Blessing capstone.

In cunning, I take Wanderer to have stronger roaming speeds and you won't be taking last hits anyway so Savagery is useless.

This tier is up to personal preference as you will not be using either benefit very often. I take Runic Affinity as an accidental kill on the enemy jungler will give you a larger advantage. Sometimes my team has like a Yasuo or Katarina mid and my jungler offers me the crest of insight or blue buff which helps in spamming.

As Sona is not assassin, I take Meditation for the improved mana regeneration which stays relevant throughout the game.

Bandit is the obvious choice here as a support, you need a means of funding your purchases and core items.

To enhance Sona's role in teamfights, Intelligence is taken for the sweet 45% cooldown reduction. Crescendo on a 55 second cooldown late game ensures it is always available for a fight.

While Sona has good poke, I find that she cannot reliably hit the opposing laners 3 times in succession to make good use of Thunderlord's Decree . Windspeaker's Blessing is thus taken for the huge amount of toughness you give to your team.

Starting down the resolve tree, i take Recovery for the greater lane sustain which will synergise well with the later masteries. Sona also tends to not build personal tankiness reducing the effectiveness of Unyielding .

Explorer is taken for the same reasons as Wanderer for greater roaming ability. If you prefer some tankiness, Tough Skin is perfectly viable as a replacement.

You do not get the 15% bonus resistances from your capstone therefore I favor Runic Armor for better trading and its synergy with Recovery and Perseverance.

Our last point will go into Perseverance . However, Insight is also very strong in itself and coupled with Ionian Boots of Lucidity you may be able to Flash or Exhaust an extra time in games.
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Starting items

The Spellthief's Edge is a staple choice for all poke based supports. I take Faerie Charm over 3 Health Potion for the increased mana regeneration which allows us to stay for extended periods in lane. Any harass you take can be healed passively by the masteries in the resolve tree. It is not uncommon for me to be able to buy Frostfang, Ionian Boots of Lucidity and Sightstone on my first back due to the incredible amount of health and mana stustain with this setup. Stealth Ward for early game vision and map-control.

Core Items

These items are what I consider to be absolute core for Sona. A bad item in the past, Riot has done a good job in making Frost Queen's Claim relevant. The active can be used in many ways including but not limited to chasing, disengaging and scouting. I prefer Ionian Boots of Lucidity as it plays to the strengths of Sona, long, drawn-out fights. Sightstone can never be left out of a support's inventory however I do not agree on rushing it as your Stealth Ward should be sufficient for evading ganks and early vision. Obviously switch to the Sweeping Lens (and later Oracle Lens) after buying Sightstone. Get a Vision Ward every back for map-control.

Offensive Items

When ahead, these items are excellent to push your early game lead. As a very cost-efficient item for most mages, Morellonomicon gives very well-rounded stats. Between Frost Queen's Claim and this, Sona can stay in the battlefield almost indefinitely due to the mana regeneration. The AP is definitely not wasted on Sona and the 45% Cooldown Reduction cap can be reached. My preferred snowballing item of choice is Lich Bane. Only get this if you completely dominated your lane. While considered a niche item, Ardent Censer is extremely good on Sona if your team has 2 or more auto-attack dependent champions. If item slots allow, I will get Rabadon's Deathcap as my last item for the insane amount of AP it gives.

Defensive Items

In almost all my games, I get a sheen item. Iceborn Gauntlet is an excellent item against heavy AD and tanky teams. If their team has a lot of magic AOE damage, Locket of the Iron Solari is an excellent pickup. And for times when your ADC or Mid gets constantly shut down by CC, Mikael's Blessing deserves a mention.
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Hope you guys have enjoyed my guide. I will try and add more content when I get the time and any constructive feedback is very much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
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League of Legends Build Guide Author neverwasalive
neverwasalive Sona Guide
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Sona Guide

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