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Sona Build Guide by Meanapple

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Meanapple

Sona Listen and die

Meanapple Last updated on January 7, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hey there,
Im Meanapple and this is my guid how to play sona not as a supporter (secondary).
And im from Germany, english isnt my first language and my grammar is horrible :D
see it as a guide with a bad accent.

Anyway, there are many players who play sona as a only supporter. But mid and late game this kind of sona is really easy to kill, make no damage, ult is the only usefull thing and the heal is to low to be helpful.
I know this because I played around 10 times against that sona and when we all are lv 14 their sona was lv 9 with around 1000 health.

With this sona you can support you team make tons of damage and troll the enemies ;)

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Who is Sona?

Sona is a Woman who is unable to speak but you will still hear her (Psychokinesis or something).

She talk a lot of musical rubbish. Words I dont know like Allegrissimo or Adagio. If you type /t and /j she will not talk.(Playing Dam Dam Dammm and something else).

She have 2 able skins each for 975 RP: Muse Sona and Pentakill Sona. And a Special Christmas skin: Silent Night Sona.

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-Aura buffs
-CC Ulti
-Heal, Damage and speed skill
-Great help at farming in bot lane

-bad farming
-sucks 1v1
-Not much kills
-Die fast early game

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Skills: Power Chord

Here are Sonas abilitys and her Passiv. I mention here what the skills do and how to use them well. Every ability except of Crescendo will make a Aura with a special effect. If you use a ability you cannot use another ability directly. You have a CD for every ability about 1 Second.

Power Chord: This ability is awesome. After 3 Abilitys you next normal attack will do extra damage or have a speciel effect. The Power Chord will have the effect of the last used ability except of Crescendo.

Tips and tricks:

-A very effectiv way to get Power Chord early is to stay in the base and use any skill 3 times. You will not lose any mana.
-If you get in a teamfight 2v2 choose you skills like this: Q > E > Q and normal attack on squishy targets.

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Skills: Hymn of Valor

Hymn of Valor: This ability do damage to 2 targets. This skill favorite champs that means if there is a pile of minions and 2 champs this skill will attack the champs and not the minions. You can not controll who will get attacked. The attack damage is 50/100/150/200/250 + 70% of Ability Power.Also after using this ability you and you partners will get a Aura that gives additional damage (8/11/14/17/20). The Power Chord effect is: You next Power Chord attack will make double damage.

Tips and tricks:

-Choose this ability as you first one and use it directly in the base for the Aura.
-Everytime when a opposing champion comes to close use this ability to make some extra damage. This is a perfect harrasing ability.
-If you follow a enemie with low health use this ability to attack them and try to get power accord and attack with it. This will kill squishy champs even if they have 40% of life.

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Skills: Aria of Perseverance

Aria of Perseverance: This ability will heal you and you teammate. You can not controll who will get healed. This ability will heal you and the teammate with least health. This ability heals 40/60/80/100/120 + 25% of Ability Power. The Aura will do bonus armor and Magic Resist (7/9/11/12/15). After "playing" this ability you and your partner will get double as much Armor and Magic Resist as of the normal aura for 3 Seconds. Tbe Power Chord effect is: The attacked enemy gets a debuff that reduce its damage by 20% for 4 Seconds.

Tips and tricks

-If you teammate get attacked heal him/her(it directly after.
-If you teammate will get attacked by a tower use this quikly before. This will gives him/her/it more armor so that the tower wont make that much damage.

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Skills: Song of Celerity

Song of Celerity: This ability will gives you and nearly partners extra movement speed. If activated it will gives 6%/8%/10%/12%/14% Movement Speed. The Aura will give 8/11/14/17/20 Movement Speed. The Power Chord effect is: The attacked enemy get slowed by 40% for 2 Seconds.
My opinion is that this is the worst ability. The movement bonus is low. But it is a decent ability for escapes and focusing.

Tipps and tricks

-If you team want to gank use your Song of Celerity to slow the focused enemie down
-If you are in base use this ability to move quik to your lane.

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Skills: Crescendo

Crescendo: Crescendo is such awesome :D. It let the enemies dance for 1,5 Seconds and they take damag! Damage output is 150/250/350 +80% of Ability Power.

Tips and tricks

-If there is a group of 3+ enemies use Crescendo for CC. Damagers will do the rest ;)
-Crescendo and Amumus Amumus Ult will make many damage and stun for 3 secs. Just unbeatable.
-If you have a Nunu in your team whos making his ult then use Crescendo to stun all enemis in his ult and let them die.
-Crescendo can stop abilitys like Absolute Zero, Requiem and Crowstorm.
-If you are onto escaping use Crescendo to stun all hunting enemies.
-Directly after you use Crescendo use Hymn of Valor and run away from the enemies.

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: This rune is important for enemies like Rammus because of their high armor and magic resist.

: You will often use you heal and damage skill so get out of mana fast and the first item you have is to slow to regenerate fast enough. This rune is helpful because you will have a extra stock of mana. You could also take Greater Seal of Replenishment for faster mana reg. It you choose.

: This Rune gives you more Ability Power. This is of course important because sona´s skills work with AP.

: This Rune gives extra Abilty Power. The Greater Glyph of Potency do to but not much enough.

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I use 21/0/9 Masteries. Why? Thats why:


More Ability Power
Less Cooldown
More Magic Penetration
I use this just because there isnt anything else good. You can also choose anything else just get the 3 Points.
Ability Power per Level :3
Even more Ability Power :D


Nice cd reduction for flash.
A cool Mastery that takes you earlier from the death.
andImprove you mana generation.

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Summoner Spells

Heal is a really nice spell. This can safe you or you teammates and will be usefull in teamfights.

Flash is the best spell in the game. Its perfect for escaping and focusing.


Clairvoyance is a regular supporter spell. You can detect others and reveal ganks.

Exhaust slows enemies down. Perfect for ganks but do not choose this if another one in your lane already choose it.

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Items Early Game

This is my common built for early game (lv 1-9):
Use this as a first Item for mana generation. You will need it!
Mana Potion are for mana. What else? You dont need health potions yet because of you W skill (heal)

If you come back first time with 500-775 Gold buy this:
Improve you Ability Power more and the cheapest item for
also buy Mana and Health Portions now, 2 each.

IF you come back first time with 775-1200 Gold because of first blood or long time on line buy this:
For more Movement speed
Improve you Ability Power more and the cheapest item for
and of course potions, 2 each.

If you come back first time with 1200+ Gold:
For more Movement speed
Much more Ability Power
and yes of coure potions, 2 each.

After that buy and the other stuff you cannot get by first time back.

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Items Mid Game

Here are items for mid game (9-15):
Until here you should had bought . This item will slow you enemies down, give you ability power and heatlh. This is helpful in escapes and teamfights.

Next item should buy Catalyst the Protector. This will give you more Health, Mana and a passiv buff if you get level ups. May you buy this before Rylai´s Crystal Scepter because of the passiv.

Then you buy . This gives you Ability Power, Health and Mana and the same passiv as of Catalyst the Protector

After this 3 Items you will have many Life so you wouldnt die that fast, Ability Power and Mana and nice Passivs.

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Items Late Game

This items are for late game (lv 15-18):
Fiendish Codex is a good item and will use aswell. Fiendish Codex will reduce you cd by 10%, give AB and Mana generation.

To increase you Fiendish Codex buy Morello's Evil Tome for more AB, Mana generation and more cd reduction (20%).

Deathfire Grasp have same effects like Morollo´s Evil Tome (just a bit less) and have a amazing passiv. This passiv will immediately take 30% life of your focused enemie. If your build is completed it will even takes 44% life.

Rabadon's Deathcap gives you very very VERY much Ability Power! With this item you attacks and heal will be OP.

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Alternativ and Situation Items

If you have enemies like Ashe,Vayne or Caitlyn or other AD than buy .
Frozen Heart will give you much armor, mana and reduze the attack speed of enemie by 20%! Replace Deathfire Grasp and buy it before Rod of Ages or even as first item.

As an alternativ first item you can buy for manageneration for you and your mates. But then you can not buy mana pots. But if you buy Mana Manipulator you should buy next for Life, and a buff for you mates that gives them mana regeneration and cd reduction. Replace Morello's Evil Tome with Soul Shroud then.

If you get low money then buy Philosopher's Stone. Philosopher's Stone gives you 5 gold every 10 seconds and mana and life generation. The upgrade Philosopher´s Stone to Shurelya's ReverieShurelya's Reverie for better regeneration and a great passiv. After buying the fifth item sell this and buy the sixth.

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Playing Sona Ap make fun but you will get flame if you lose. More will be added later like Ranked Play, Dominion or other Generall Info

If you like this guide and if it helped you then please rate this positiv :)
If you dislike please comment why. And please do not dislike because of my bad grammar. I know its horrible but I cant change it.

Written by: Me(anapple)