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Sona Build Guide by Ruit77

Not Updated For Current Season

This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Ruit77

Sona - Mastering the Strings

Ruit77 Last updated on August 23, 2014
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Threats to Sona with this build

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Threat Champion Notes
Lucian Lucian is countered by Sona for sure. In most cases Lucian will cast abilites to poke enemies at long ranges, but with Sona heals, his pokes do nothing. Also if you cast your ultimate when he does, it will cancel his.
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Introduction to Supporting as Sona

Support is commonly known for being very boring and useless to the team. Most people will say when they are at the bottom of Ranked Draft things such as "I don't own any supports." or for some " I don't know how to support." This is obviously not true in any way or matter. Soraka is a 450 champion you should buy before level 20, and Alistar is a free champion you get for subscribing to League on YouTube. Also, they can't be bad at support because all they have to do is ward, not cs, and poke/cc enemies. If you can't do that, then how are you going to ever going to farm a lane and carry the team. Support is the underdog. People think that supports are nothing in League, but they end up being the real carries after all.

Now after reading the lines above you might think I'm crazy, but I'm not; I just have achieved a new method of carrying. This method has carried me into Gold V, starting at Bronze V. You will carry as a support if you do 3 simple things, and I am going to teach you the ways of a Support in this guide.

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Pro and Cons

Now there are a lot of Pros and Cons to Sona. If played right, she can be one of the best late game supports available. However, if you mess up, she can be one the most useless champions in the game. This should not be problem if you follow the guide. It will help you become a better Sona, but more importantly, a better support.


+ Endless Heals
+ AoE Shield
+ High Chase/Escape Potential
+ AoE Dance Party (Stun)
+ Constant Poking/Kiting
+ Very Fun :D

- Very Squishy
- Somewhat Long Cooldowns
- Low Damage Output
- High Mana Costs
- Countered Easily by Hard CC

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Step 1 to Supporting (Warding)

Now I don't know how to make this anymore clear, you MUST buy wards or a Sightstone. People die all the time from lack of vision, and lack of map awareness, and will die in the jungle vision-less. Now we as league players know that the person will blame support for no wards. You are not the only one who should be warding, but you should be the main person warding key parts of the map. Now what specifically is a key part of the map you should ward? Well the map below will show you what you should be warding and which wards you should use. The River should always be a main priority to ward, but when and where should you put the rest of your wards. It all depends on how the game is going. Lets say for instance you are on the BLUE Team, the bottom left team, you will want to place the wards on your side if they are pushing hard and winning in fights. But what should you do if you are winning? Place the wards on the other side of the river where the enemies are. The key to winning with wards is to place them in important areas that have things like buffs or camp. This will give you the advantage of two things. Free kills and buff timers. Use them wisely, and use them often.

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Step 2 to Supporting (Managing CS)

If you play support, you should know not to cs, yet you may not know all of the rules to managing cs as a support. One thing you should know is that you should not attack minions in the middle of the field. It will mess with the ADC and their method to cs-ing. If you push lane, then your ADC and you should have no problem with farming up and out cs-ing your enemies. There is a point in time when the enemy bot team will be much more offensive then you, and you will have to farm passively. When waves start to push into your tower, like the image below, you will need to follow these instructions. This should work for you and your ADC on melee minions. You will let the tower fire a single missile at the melee minion. While it is firing the missile, you will Autoattack it once, and only once. At this point the ADC should be able to 1 hit. Obviously it an early game thing only, but the early will decide if your ADC will get out farmed or not. Yes, I know League is all about the late game, but if your ADC gets out farmed by 40-50 cs, and late game kicks in, you might fall off with your ADC.

After you try out these methods and patterns, you will learn what works for you on your supports. Some supports can help their ADC farm under towers better than other supports. Personal experience is the best way to discover how some truly works for you.

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Step 3 to Supporting (Utility)

Sona has a very well designed kit. She is able to manage a good constant poke on the enemies, while still able to heal herself and the ADC she is with. The main item to all builds, which I do recommend highly, is the Talisman of Ascension. This item will give you extra gold over time, but for team it will give everyone an increased movement speed, and with your E, it is even increased more. This may be great for starting and exiting fights, but it can also be used to dodge abilities. If somebody shots a gun, chances are you will not be able to dodge it. Now lets say you were able to move the speed of the bullet. you would be able to dodge it, if your mind was that quick. If you reflect that on League, it is the same thing. I could give my ADC, Caitlyn, enough movement speed to dodge the Jinx ult. If she doesn't think fast enough, the speed I have her was useless. She would already be dead.

The E and the Talisman do give you guys the movement speed, and a slow, but it is not your only CC. Your ultimate as Sona is a game changer. Your ultimate is an Area of Effect ability that will give you the opportunity to stun all enemies in the box range of your R. A good combo to do is flash + R + E. This is great because you suddenly take them by surprise, and stun them. Then to follow up you give your team movement speed to catch up with you to kill the enemies. If you kill 3, and you have at least 4 left, go for towers. Towers over kills in most situations. It is also great to use your Talisman in the combo, just for extra movement speed.

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I am glad if you read this far, and I hope you have learned lots about Sona. She has a lot of potential to carry teams late game, but this can only happen if you take control of her and play her right. I hope everyone who follows this guide will learn the ways of Sona as I did and become an overall better support. I went from Bronze V to Gold V so far this season, and who knows where I will be at the end. All I know is that I have fun and get better each time I play, except when i play with those guys that call GG three minutes because of a first blood. Yet this has nothing to do with trolls, that will be my next guide. :P Until next, enjoy and have fun, but most importantly, be a good player. It helps yo and your team improve.