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Sona Build Guide by Jaycemerollin

AP Carry ♫♪♫ Sona mid ftw ♫♪♫

By Jaycemerollin | Updated on March 25, 2014

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This is my first guide on Mobafire and i will start my first guide about my main , sona
i will soon make a guide on Janna mid and nami mid or top
Feel free to leave comments!
i am currently in silver 4 and i was able to get there thanks to sona mid ( with the help of my friends in duo ofc )
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Pros / Cons


: your enemy will think that you troll , and will not take you seriously
Has a HUGE burst
Has some sustain
Has many buffs and debuffs to help in teamfights
has one of the best ultimates in teamfights
Amazing poke with Q +( passive ) basic attack


: Super squishy : if you are caught in a hard CC ( Stun / knock up ) you will be dead / almost dead
Doesn't have many escapes
Your own team will think that you troll and will probably not let you mid , so first of all i suggest you try her in normal with your friends ( 4 of them + you so they let you mid ) , after getting better at sona mid ( wich is very easy ) try using her in ranked
( DONT , TRY , THIS , IN , BRONZE , as they will NOT let you mid with sona just because she's a support )
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Fleet Footwork
Phase Rush

Magic penetration marks : you're going AP , not AD or tank , so you'll need the Magic penetration
i suggeest using magic penetration not flat AP as it will give you a good damage early game , so later on you won't have trouble building AP
Armor seals and Magic resist glyphs : both of them are good , increases your defences greatly since sona is really squishy
AP quint : combined with the Magic pen. marks gives you a huge boost in early game
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Skill Sequence

Ability Sequence
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18
stack your passive twice when you first spaw by casting Q twice in base
grab your heal next for more sustain and next your song of celerity
then you focus on levelingR>>Q>>W>>E
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Laning phase

First of all after stacking your passie twice , head over mid lane and start farming , when you see the enemy champion near cast your Q and follow it up with staccato ( auto attack ) , the enemy should then back off a bit
Remember : never ever ever push your lane since you are super squishy and you dont have an escape except Flash
after seeing your enemy with less than half HP ( you must first have 2 stacks of your passive before using this combo )
cast your ult then Q follow it up by staccato ( auto attack ) and ignite if he didnt die , follow up with 2 ~ 3 basic attacks and he should be dead
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Match ups

Katarina easy :
she is melee , you will be able to harrass her very easly , she doesnt have CC , so you dont need to worry alot , if she uses her E on you and cast her ult , simply use Crescendo and start your basic sona combo + ignite and some AA or Q and she will die
Akali Same thing as katarina : pre level 6 you win her easly as she only have to hit you in melee in order to do damage , after the lv 6 , it will be like the same as vs a katarina so use the same strategy
Lux easy : dodge her CC ( wich is easy ) and she'll be totally useless , if you were caught in her Q , she will come near you and try to AA you , when she does that , you will use your Q ( if you have 2 stacks on power chord ) if not heal yourself up and cast E then Q her with 1 AA and she will run away , i Garente it
Malzahar medium ~ easy : he will cast his E on the minions so you MUST , M.U.S.T , stay away from them so you dont get affected by his DoT , now you might wonder how is it easy to lane vs a malz , where he is why , to do max damage he will tend to use his Null Zone right before casting his ult ,sona's skill have no cast time meaning you can move AND use them , so if you see him casting his W , simply use your Song of Celerity and get away from it , if he ults you without the null zone , he wont do much damage and you can heal it up easly
Veigar medium : he has very low health and defence and he will probably be building full AP , all you have to do is , go with rabadon + lich bane and then buy items that give magic pen and Hp
such as Liandry's Torment and Abyssal Mask. try to not get caught in his E or take Clarity instead of ignite wich will minimize his damage output on you
Fizz medium : 1) he is melee
2)don't be scared and don't push your minion wave so he will have to come near tower to last hit , when he does that you can use Q + staccato ( AA ) on him
3) it is very important to dodge his ultimate since it has a HUGE slow and a knockup wich will give him enough time to kill you , so i suggest you take Clarity
Gragas: medium , he will aim his barrels at the minion wave to last hit , stay on the side of the lane ( don't forget to ward or you'll get ganked easly ) IF he uses his dash on you , run away while casting E if you don't have enough power chord stacks , use your heal , to heal up the damage and Q + basic attack , once he gets at half HP , use your sona combo to finish him off.
Heimerdinger: medium ~ hard: he will use turrets ===> he will push alot , here's the trick , hit his turrets , but dont destroy them , so he doesnt replace them with new ones , since he will be pushing , ask your jungler to gank for you very often , so when he ganks , hit the turret with 1 basic attack and use your Q to hit both heimer and turret ( if it doesnt hit the turret it's fine ) use staccato on him to do tons of damage , you should never stop moving while laning with him as hill turrets will hit you with their skill shot , only stop moving for CSing

Now you might be thinking , what is tough for sona to handle?
no one
jk tanky midlaners and assassins counter her
like talon with his "teleport" and silence , wich will not let you use the same combo like the one vs katarina and akali, mordekaiser , wich is super tanky , morgana with her CC , wich will not let you get close to her + her shield that will negate your ult
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use sona vs champs who dont have hard CC and who have burst damage
don't be scared if a champion comes at you ( unless you're out of mana / health ) if you look scared , the champion will take the chance to abuse his "powers"
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Some of my scores with sona ( not all )

^ sorry about bad language :x

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This build is still under developement
League of Legends Build Guide Author Jaycemerollin
Jaycemerollin Sona Guide

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♫♪♫ Sona mid ftw ♫♪♫
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