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Sona Build Guide by xcondolence

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author xcondolence

Sona offers you her condolences 6.15

xcondolence Last updated on August 4, 2016
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hi I'm Condolence and this is my guide for playing Sona support. This is just the way that I play and build Sona. I'm not ranked or pro or anything I just play for fun because if you're not having fun you're doing it wrong. All that being said this is my first guide and I'm looking forward to seeing some feedback and constructive criticism, and I hope you enjoy playing my Sona build.

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For marks we go Mpen to give our poke just a little more bite. I think Armor marks would also be ok if you think you'll be taking damage or just aren't very good at not taking damage.

For our glyphs we have four Scaling CDR and four normal CDR, this combined with your masteries and items will give you exactly 45% CDR by level 18. For the extra slot I go with one Mana Regen just to help me spam my poke and shield a little more. Once you get Tear of the Goddess though the mana regen becomes largely useless, so you may want to put AP in there instead for the stronger early game poke, but I don't think 1 AP is as useful as the early regen.

For Quints and Seals we have Gold per 10. Now I've never seen anyone say to use these, they say that armor or basically anything else is more useful. After using them myself for awhile now I disagree. The passive gold helps you build your early game items much faster. coupling these with your Spell Thiefs Edge gives you 7 gold per 10 plus 8 for every poke right off the bat. On paper the amount of gold doesn't seem like that much, but in practice it makes a huge difference. We also have one empty seal(I did this for the sake of easy math)that we can fill with whatever your heart desires, again here I chose mana regen, but you could choose anything you think will be beneficial.

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12 points in the ferocity tree. Sorcery 2% AP gives us stronger pokes and peels. Expose Weakness, with all the poking you'll be doing as Sona this one is a no brainer and will help your ADC get that kill. Natural Talent gives us just a little more AP and AD to make our poke combos sting. Oppressor, while not great on Sona it is better than the alternative Bounty Hunter.

18 points in cunning. Wanderer gets us where we need to be. Secret Stash makes our Refillable potion a bit more potent. Meditation for the always helpful mana regen. Bandit gets us money every time our ADC gets a last hit and yet more money for poking. Intelligence for extra CDR because if you can't spam your abilities you might as well not even be playing. And Windspeakers Blessing cause your heals and shields need to be as strong as possible if your going to keep anyone alive.

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Your starting items should always include Spell Thief's Edge, the 2 gold per 10 and 8 gold for every poke is huge for buying your items fast, and the 5AP and 25% mana regen don't hurt either. I buy Refillable Potion every time because it is just more cost effective than buying regular potions. And Warding Trinket cause wards are your job and until you get Sightstone this is all you get.

On your first back you should pick up Frostfang(priority one) you want that extra money for all the poking you've been doing. After that I like to get Tear of the Goddess, it's only 1250 for both and if you keep poking you'll make that in no time. Now that you have Tear of the Goddess go wild, mana is no longer an issue and you want this charged up ASAP.

By the time your on your second back the Warding Trinket is probably just not cutting it anymore so its time to buy your Sightstone or Eye of the Watchers if you've made enough money, and since we have more convenient wards than the trinket we started with offers, we can change that to a Sweeping Lens and start getting rid of enemy wards near our lane. The combination of excessive wards along with getting rid of enemy wards whenever you can makes your lane an appealing place for your jungler to gank.

Now that we have as many wards as we can handle and a reliable source of income its time to really focus on our core items. Ardent Censer is always my first priority at this point because this gives you some serious peel power. In addition to making your W heal and shield for more, your ADC gets increased attack speed and magic damage on hit for 6 sec making it easier for them to secure a kill, not to mention the mana regen, movement speed, and CDR that you get in addition to these great effects.

Rylai's Crystal Scepter, 100AP, 400 health and your Q now slows enemies? This is great to have by the time laning phase ends and you're getting into more teamfights, the 400 health gives you some much needed survivability and the 100AP gives you a good bit of damage while increasing your heals and shields even more, plus your enemies will have to burn flash if they want to outrun the rest of your team because your money making pokes now slow two enemies by 20%.

Ionian Boots of Lucidity. These are pretty good for you, the bonus movement speed coupled with your E will have you wherever you need to be to back up the rest of your team in no time. The 10% off your summoner spells is also quite nice, getting that flash crescendo combo on a fleeing enemy or just throwing fatigue around more often will always help things go a bit more smoothly. 10%CDR is what you really like about these, that extra 10% is exactly what we need to reach the 45% cap and at a very reasonable price.

At some point you're going to realize that you have been spamming abilities so much that you have managed to fill that Tear of the Goddess that we got way back when we first went back to base. Well now its time to upgrade to Seraph's Embrace. this is a big power spike for you. You now get 80AP plus 3% of you Maximum mana in additional AP. This is also a nice defensive item, when you activate it you spend 20% of your current mana(which is usually pretty close to full) to create a shield that absorbs damage equal to the mana you spent plus 150 for 3 seconds.

One item slot left, if the enemy team has been paying you a little too much attention you'll probably want a defensive item, Zhonya's Hourglass is very nice but the CDR is wasted if you bought the boots, same thing with Abyssal Scepter, both would make fine replacements for Ionian Boots of Lucidity if you like. at this point I like to buy either Guardian Angel for it's well rounded armor/MR and resurrection.

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Skill Sequence

Skills, Q first always, you need that poke to make more money and harass the enemy's ADC and Support. After that comes W so you can start trying peel some of that damage your ADC is taking. At level 3 it starts to become a case by case basis, are you winning lane and needing to chase down enemies to get the kill? are you losing lane and need to escape quickly? If you answered no to both of those you probably don't need your E yet and will be safe taking another point in Q. Depending on how your lane is going you might hold off on getting E all the way up until level 7. Q and W are your priorities here, max them first every time you play. I usually don't worry about getting a point in E until level 4 or 5.

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There are only really two spells for Sona, Flash and Exhaust. Flash is great for escapes and pulling off a Flash Crescendo combo to stop fleeing enemies in their tracks while your ADC finishes the job. Exhaust is great both offensively, making it very difficult for you enemy to escape. Or defensively, slowing attack and movement speed giving you and your ADC the chance you need to escape.

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In Conclusion

So thats it. Thats the way I build Sona for almost every game I play support. Thank you for taking the time to read my guide and trying out the build. Let me know what you think, if there were things I didn't talk about that you wanted me to, or if you see ways you think I could improve, let me know.