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Sona Build Guide by Shadows2Shadows

Support Sona S4 Silver IV Guide

By Shadows2Shadows | Updated on July 26, 2014

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Reason for this Guide

Season 4 is my first season, and I placed at silver 5 to start. I have been supporting as Sona since before account level 30. With easily 100+ normal wins as Sona under my belt, she easily became my first pick to take into ranked gameplay. I commented on a forum how I had used Sona in SoloQue to move easily through my promotion series and into silver 4. A player messaged me, asking what my build was, which is my reason for creating this guide. This is by no means a pro guide, but simply answering another LoL players request.
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Everywhere I go, I hear about Sona being a mobile aura station, healing unit, and nothing more. Meanwhile, my personal experience with Sona has proven that she can deal out tons of damage, often surprising both sides of the match, and often shutting down bottom lane. In late game, Sona can bring together Power Chord, Crescendo, and Hymn of Valor to deal out an impressive amount of damage (often KS'ing other teammates on an opponent who was at full health if not held in check).
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I've never spent a lot of IP on my runes, therefore I don't have what would be considered the standard Sona rune setup. While this setup has worked well for me so far, I may dip more into armor runes in the future.
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Sona is a utility champion, and her masteries reflect as such. This is honestly something I set up a long time ago, and haven't had a reason to revisit.
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Item Build

Starting Items

Warding Totem

This is the standard trinket for Sona. I usually use this to ward the enemies lane bush to keep sight of the opposing support champion. I can also use this to ward my lane bush if my ADC and I are pushed back. Always remember to ward in the middle of the bush (slightly more dangerous than the nearest end) to get maximum vision on the entire bush. This trinket is used near the end of laning phase for warding river if you haven't yet acquired your sightstone.

Spellthief's Edge

A lot of top sona guides say to take Ancient Coin, which isn't something I have attempted to use. In a winning lane pushing heavily, SE has easily kept up my mana regen (with careful use of spells) until as much as level 6 without backing.

Stealth Ward

This ward is placed around level 4-5 in the river to watch for any incoming ganks.

Health Potion x2

With enough practice with Sona, I find I only need to use these if I have suffered a large hit from the opposing team. Otherwise, careful conservation of mana usually puts me selling at least one of these pots back to the store for item room.

First Back

Your first and second back will meld together depending on how well you have done in lane so far. Optimally you want to go back into lane with
    2 faerie charms
    Sweeping Lens

A lesser time in lane will have you pick up the ruby crystal for your sighstone, keep your warding trinket, pick up one faerie charm, and possibly another stealth ward.

Faerie Charm

This item will give you enough mana regen until your second back.


This item will take over your warding needs for the rest of the game.

Sweeping Lens Trinket

You can now destroy enemy wards, as your sighstone negates the need of your warding totem. This will also be needed to sweep if your jungler is ready to take on dragon.

Second Back

Chalice of Harmony
This item will increase your mana regen while giving a small amount of magic resist for potential damage.

Boots of Speed
Opinions range on if a support should ever take boots, especially early in the game. Personally I prefer to have mobility, as I SoloQue and can't coordinate quickly with my ADC every time. If you don't feel you need to take boots, then take...

This will give you more mana regen, while increasing your gold income.

NOTE: In the case of excess gold, I recommend choosing one of these items and continuing on to build your crucible.

Third Back

Depending on your choices in your second back, this will differ. Your main reason for coming back is to build your Mikael's Crucible.

Final Items

These items are very situational to your game. However, I must stress that I place Lichbane above all of these items.


This is where all of the surprise damage from Sona comes from. Instead of Boots or Frostfang, you can start building your Sheen early.

Frozen Heart

If you feel you need to be tankier, this is the item for you.

Ruby Sightstone

If you find yourself running out of wards, this item will help.

Guardian Angel

I rarely build this item. Most often, games are finally over. Technically, there is no room in your build for this item. You have to replace your Frostfang for this item. There is an easy case to be made for taking Zhonyas, but I take GA as I don't have the skill level to use a Zhonyas.
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Why this build works

This build allows Sona to do early game poke damage, and pull her abilities together to almost kill non-tank champions lategame.

Fighting in lane

Building up to your passive, and hitting the enemy adc with it, is very important in lane. This will scare off your enemy and allow your adc to free farm.
Sonas Q is all about proximity. Try to time your Q attacks near full health minions so that you don't take cs from your adc.

Summoner Spells


This will help you either make plays, or get out of tight situations.


Most people as there support to not take heal if the ADC does (which they commonly do in SoloQue). The reason I take this is the same reason my ADC is taking heal. I can't communicate with them, and I need to know that I have an extra heal ready.


NOTE: Ignore the scaling for when to scale abilities, as I can't exactly remember the levels.

Q - Take this first to push back the enemy for a level 1 advantage. Careful work with your ADC will make sure you don't die during this phase.

W - Take this at level 2 to start bringing back your ADC from trades.

R - Level 6 standard

E - Level 7 for helping engage with your ultimate, or running from enemies.
League of Legends Build Guide Author Shadows2Shadows
Shadows2Shadows Sona Guide

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Sona S4 Silver IV Guide
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