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Sona Build Guide by AnIh

Sona , The Boobs Master

Sona , The Boobs Master

Updated on February 1, 2012
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AnIh Build Guide By AnIh 5 5 14,979 Views 7 Comments
5 5 14,979 Views 7 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AnIh Sona Build Guide By AnIh Updated on February 1, 2012
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Hi im Anih and I bring you my new guide on Sona , she is one of the greatest support in the game and I love to play her .

In this build we will build her as a full support , if your looking for AD or AP sona this guide is not for you ! If you are looking to support your team like a boss then this guide is for you :o

For the language im not english or american so my apologies for the far from perfect english .
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Pros / Cons

Pros :

- Fit in almost everyteam , you dont tip your hand by picking Sona .
- She does a lot of thing (damage , sustain , cc , aura buff) but every aspect is useful .
- Poke a LOT in the lane .
- Good CC with an aoe stun for team fight .

Cons :

- Her heal is not the greatest , very innefective if it dont heal 2 targets (ie your full health) .
- Very mana angry if you need to heal a lot .
- Her basics spells fall off in late game (horible scaling with AP) .
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Skills description

Power cord is Sona passive

There is 3 ways to use this passive :

- After using Hymn of Valor : Deal maximum damage , most common use of it
- After using Aria of Perseverance : Reduce the target damage , almost only useful on dragon/baron
- After using Song of Celerity : Slow the target for 40% , use it to set up a kill in lane or stop the chase of an enemy

Tip : Dont forget Crescendo give you a charge .

Hymn of valor is Sona Q and damaging spell

This spell is an AP nuke that hit 2 closest targets (no need of targeting) , the first spell to rank up for the best lane poke of all support , this spell will allow you to dominate your lane and set up kills by constantly damaging the enemy carry and/or support .

Tip : pick it at lvl 1 and charge Power Chord with for maximum damage output in case of lvl 1 fight .

Aria of perserverance is Sona W and heal

This spell best use is to heal low damage on both you and you carry , let say you poked the enemy carry you both lost 20% of your life then this spell will heal you quickly , this is NOT soraka Astral Blessing and if you need to heal a lot of health you will need a LOT of time and mana .

Tip :
if your not full on health try to heal before taking damage so the increased armor/mr mitigate the incoming damage .

Song of celerity is Sona E and speed buff

The worst spell of sona , not that a speed buff is bad but the value are too low to max it earlier , help a bit but dont have as much impact as say Karma Spirit Bond .
the greatest use of this spell is to proc Power Chord slow part .

Crescendo is Sona ultimate and best ability

This spell is basicly an aoe 1.5 second stun , allow you to set up kills in lane , protect your carry from ganking , initiate , counter initiate , etc
This spell is like 80% of sona utility in late game so be sure to use it properly , try to catch high priority targets in it .

Tip : dont forget you can combo it with your Flash to catch up targets for your team .
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Skill order

Now that you know the spells you can understand the skill order , there is basicly 2 way of building sona :

The offensive Way :

The most common one and the one you will use most of the time , this offensive aspect of sona is the main strenght of sona in a lane , you will aim to deal as much damage as possible in lane to help your carry dominate .

For doing so , you will max Hymn of Valor , picking your heal at lvl 2 and your slow at lvl 4 .
After Q you will max Aria of Perseverance (you can pick the 5 th rank before or after the 2 nd rank of your ultimate depending of your preferences) to heal up your team a bit more .

The defensive Way :

In this case you will use Sona as a healbot in lane , you will still use your rank 1 Q with passive to poke but will have a way better heal .
This setup is the best when your laning with Vayne because she got incredible damage output but is very fragile and suceptible to get harassed by the enemy carry due to her low range , but you can use it with every carry if you feel the need to do so .

Tip : dont forget than your not forced to follow those 2 ways to the end , you can for example pick 3 ranks in heal and then max Q or 3 in Q then max heal , you need to adapt to the situation !
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Summoners spells

: For me just the best support summoner spells .
Give bush vision for ganks allow you to ward safely spot dragon/baron etc

: Since Sona have no escape and very little mobility .
I think its mandatory on her , also allow for flash Crescendo combo .

Alternative summoner spells :

You can always choose to use Exhaust , Heal or even Ignite if you prefer , its personal preference but for the team i think CV / flash is the best combo .
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For almost all my support I use those masteries ie 0/9/21 , they provide the basic armor to stay alive , mana and mana regen to use your spells .

The great part is the gold per second which added to other sources have a good impact and the starting gold allowing you to start with more wards and so recall later along with the cooldown reduction on your spells and summoner spells .

You can change some stuff like Summoner's revolve if you pick Heal , mastery of choice between Improved Recall and Swiftness also you can choose to pick the improved experience on kill/assist instead of flat exp buff .

Strenght of spirit require 3 rank to be useful and then you lose too much CDR , dont think its worth it .
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Greater Mark of Resilience + Greater Seal of Resilience : Armor for increased survivability , you need to stay alive long enought if your focused to allow your carry to fight back , also allow you to poke get poked and pull ahead and to tank tower a bit more .
Greater Glyph of Warding : Magic resist for reduced damage from both support harassment in lane and mages AoE in team fight
Greater Quintessence of Avarice : In addition to the masteries you will have the equivalent of a gold item as soon as lvl 1 , to make sure you can ward the map in every situation

Alternative runes :

Even if those runes are cheap and pretty much standard on all supports , you can not own it so there is a short list of possible alternatives :

- Greater Mark of Magic Penetration : Spell penetration for more damage in the lane .
- Greater Quintessence of Armor : More tankyness
- Greater Quintessence of Ability Power : More damage on Q
- Greater Glyph of Scaling Ability Power : More damage on Q
- Greater seal of replenishment : Mana regen is not bad

Again , I recommand you to have those runes at least glyphs and seals since they are standard on many champions .
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Starting items

The basic of all starters is the Faerie Charm , cheap item providing you early mana regen , building into philosopher's stone and leaving room for a lot of wards

Talking to wards , you have 3 options :

- 1 health pot 4 sight ward
- 2 Vision Ward 1 Sight ward
- 1 health pot 1 Vision Ward 2 sight ward (then you need only 1 rank into Wealth mastery)

If really depend on your playstyle and if you want to clear wards for a lot of early ganks from your jungler .
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Core items

This is the items you want to have as quickly as possible .

Shurelya's Battlesong : Providing your team such an amazing initiate / counter initiate tool which is just too good to ignore , you can upgrade it late if someone in your team (mostly your tank) pick it early , allowing you to picks more wards/oracle and get aura items earlier but its not bad to have 2 of them .

Heart of Gold : alongside with philosopher's stone it fil your basics need as a support : be alive and have enought mana to support your carry / team .
You can sell it in late game or upgrade it to Randuin's Omen .

Boots: why no specific boots ? i dont think having tier 2 boots is that important on sona , read the next chapter for more information
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Other important items

For boots there is no really mandatory choice for sona , CDR is a good thing but not as much as for Soraka or even Janna due to the already low cooldown of sona spells .
Whatever boots you choose it must not be your priority , focus on warding and getting your more important items .

Most of the time you will run Ionian Boots of Lucidity for the increased CDR , it give you more uptime on your aura and casting spell more often

Some games require situational boots :

- Mercury's Treads : if your getting target by CC this can help you a lot to stay alive
- Ninja Tabi : great defense againts ad champions , same than previous if your getting targeted by auto attacking champions often
- Mobility Boots : if you find yourself moving lane to lane often it can greatly help , best boots for warding .

Never buy any other boots they are not worth it on Sona .

If you have to use your spells a lot , whatever if its because fight go long or because you need to heal a lot in lane then Chalice of Harmony is great for Sona , you can pick a early Meki Pendant and upgrade it later ;
Thanks to it you will just never be oom and the extra MR help a lot to survive mages AoE .
The other choice for mana regen is Mana Manipulator , more expensive than Meki Pendant and the upgrade is not worth is but if you fighting a lot and both you and your carry need more mana this can be useful , but very situational item .
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AP items

Regarding the AP on Sona , as opposite to Janna and Soraka AP is really not a great stat for Sona , it only increase her damage , which is not a bad thing but not what you are looking for .

I recommand if you want to get some ap only 2 items :

- Kage's lucky pick : if you have a good early game and want to dominate your lane even more whitout affecting too much your build , this item give you cheap AP and an additional gold source

- Will of the Ancients : see the chapter about it

Dont buy any other AP items , if you got a lot of gold just build big aura items .
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Aura items review

There is 3 major aura items you gonna need to consider shopping if the game goes long enought :

Aegis of the legion is the #1 aura item for early / mid game , the best way to get it is with a big influx of money , like say you won a dragon fight picked the dragon and maybe a tower then you gonna cut your normal build and rush straight to Aegis for maximal effect .
You need to watch up for few things when considering Aegis :

- Do someone (most of the time the jungler) already build this item for himself ? then you better get an other item
- How far in the game we are , like I said aegis is a early/mid game item , rushing it is great but in late game you maybe better get a Zeke's Harbinger .

Pros :
- more tankyness for you
- great all around bonuses for everybody
- built from basic components you may already have for other item

Cons :
- not that useful in late game
- since its from 3 items you cant buy them all due to the ward slot

This item is great to support your caster the most , here some tips on how to choose it :

- If your running double AP , they will most likely both build one so dont do it yourself
- If you have a single mage and he already have it , you can buy it to maximize his impact in the game (ie he is fed and will carry you)
- If your mage dont have it then its a great thing to do to buy it yourself
- In any case , dont forget wota is NOT only for mages , AD champions such as Urgot and Pantheon just become so much stronger with spell vamp

Pros :
- The stats are good for yourself , the spell vamp will almost heal you more on your Q than your W
- Will turn for example a WOTA cassiopea into an unstoppable force

Cons :
- Useless for auto attackers
- If your doing bad the AP wont help you

The best late game support item , will turn your ad carry and any ad/autoattacker in your team in an even more deadly beast of doom and destruction ^^

Pros :
- The best support item for AD
- Will buff a lot your non carry AD champs such as Irelia Shyvana Udyr etc

Cons :
- Totaly useless stats for yourself
- Expensive

In any case dont forget its a late game item rushing it will leave you whitout any basics stats you need .
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Ward , warding , map control .

Ok here is not a complete guide on how to ward but just some few general tips

1) ALWAYS ward , you MUST buy wards everytime and not like carry , you must buy wards PRIOR to items and not after , wards all the time and not only 1 !!!

2) Always try to spot where and when the enemy support ward and then give the timer so your jungler can try to come before its refreshed or from an other way .

3) Pink wards are really underused and underated , in the lane you should use a LOT of pink wards and no oracle , because you followed my previous tip and you know where enemy wards are you can clean them with your pinks .

4) When you ward yourself or clean enemy wards always make sure to not lose too much experience , not get caught and not let your carry die alone always warn him so he can play more safe the few second your not with him .

5) When you can leave your lane THEN consider picking an oracle and starting clean top / mid wards , even easier if you grand [[mobility boots] , but always remind than when you pick oracle you MUST play safe and not die .

6) In late game when killing 1 enemy can mean instant victory , dont hesitate buying a LOT of ward and ward every single place , its not rare I shop up to 15 wards so you can take every possible advantage at a crucial moment .
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To end

I hope you enjoyed this build , if you have any comment on something you think is wrong or something I can add to the guide dont mind leave a comment , and :

May the boobs power be with you !

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