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Sona Build Guide by JacquesMartin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author JacquesMartin

Sona the way she's meant to be played

JacquesMartin Last updated on August 4, 2013
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Support sona

Sona Build

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Why would you do that

At some point, supporting aegis/mana shard etc. is simply boring and I looked into ways to increase Sona's damage potential in a 1v1 situation. I looked over her ap ratios to find them disapointing : with a .75 ratio on her only damage spell beside ultimate and 1.75 total with it included, it was very obvious AP was not the way for me to go.

On the other hand, Sona's base range, her attack speed and animation make her a good candidate for ad carry kind of build. But these build as focusing on pure damage would not quite let sona be sona : no mana sustain, no cooldown reduction, and with her squishy stats and lack of escape, she would have a hard time to be able to stay in range for long.

That's why i worked this build, inspired by Blue Ezreal, tweaking it to make it fit her unique spell kit, and focusing on poking and kiting.

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Well this might surprise a lot of players, but this is truely how i build sona. Looking closely, let's analyse deeply what you get from this build :

- ICEBORN -> UTILITY (it's a support build after all)
- Q or W or E or R + AA -> ROFLDMG

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Solo laning

Sona can be good solo laning. Replace vision item by a banshee's veild (nice overall tanky stats from iceborn + banshee, extremely good synergy of passive with the kit). Don't get killed, and you now have an extra aoe stun ultimate, enjoy

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Are you serious. I want videos and proofs you actually play this

Here is a small aram attempt, i tried to finish faster because i dominated very quickly, but sona isn't so good at pushing.

I will later provide ranked stats as soon as possible.