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Soraka Build Guide by DragoNote

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author DragoNote

Soraka: Help From The Stars

DragoNote Last updated on August 25, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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First of all this is my first build, so feel free to comment me on what i need to improve. Soraka is one of the fun supports but net annoying one to play against as. The reason for that is her ability to heal your mates and silence the enemy. She can save your life in the situations so bad and when its hard to escape or just impossible without her.

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Against Other Support

Sona is not really any match for Soraka in terms of healing. Sorakas heal is 3 times stronger than Sona's, but yet Sona can deal more damage than soraka, unless you max out the Starcall first but if you gonna do that, your heals would be pointless and more death will accrue.

Level of Threat: Medium

Leona is often picked as a support. She has decent amount of defense ( both like magic and physical ). Yet she can only stun the appointment and/or stun them with the unti. When playing against her try to silence her before she uses Zenith Blade so your partner in lane could run away or the gank would be stopped.

Level of Threat: Medium

Lulu is not often picked but can too work as a good support. Yet she can do decent amount of damage to you or your lane partner. Ty to stay away as far as possible from her or try to silence her as much as possible. also be very cautious of her Whimsy because it can ruin a good gank, so Silence her first.

Level of Threat:Low

Lux Can be played as a support or AP mid. You should away from her or if you good evade her skills, which is hard to do. All her shills have pretty long range, so its hard to push and stay safe against her. Lucent Singularity slows and damages you or you partner quite well which is bad for you and your partner. Your Astral Blessing will drain your mana quickly if you are not gonna be careful. Also try to stay away from your partner but yet in your skill's range. Especially if you gonna have to retreat and Lux uses Light Binding which can stun both of you, and both of you can die. Try not to go for the silence because you gonna lose more than she will, just heal and give mana to your ADC so he/she does the job better.

Level of Threat: High

I would suggest placing 1 ward in the bushes to see Blitzcrank movement and try to evade his grab. If he grabs you that can be a kill for the enemy team or a lot of damage dealt to you or ADC. Its kind of hard to go for silence and also pointless because of his CC, always keep on eye on him and evade as much grabs as possible.

Level of Threat: Medium

Nidalee Can heal too, but yet Soraka's heal is way stronger. Nidalee is also good at poking with Javelin Toss so try to evade that as much as possible or stay behind your minions so they take the damage. As with Blitzcrank ward the bushes.

Level of Threat: Medium

Taric Can also heal his team mate, even though he can heal more often Soraka's heal is still stronger and more efficient ( not in mana use ). Also Taric has a lock stun witch is kind of bad for you or ADC. Try to silence him when you see him going for poke.

Level of Threat: Medium

Mumu Mumu also in many cases is played as a support. Thanks to his Visionary he can poke with barely any mana usage. When you see him trying to deal damage to the minions to gain that free spell attack him so he would run away ( in most cases they will ), be careful of him because he can slow your or your ADC with Ice Blast and speed himself or his ADC up with Blood Boil. In late Game he is more threat to your team than most of the other supports, so silence him as much as possible.

Level of Threat: High

Alistar is now usually used as a jungler but yet some still go for support. He has an AOE heal and can heal summoners and minions a like, which can slow the process of getting your ADC powerful. He uses Headbutt when escaping and/or trying to push you away from your team or your tower to try and get a kill. Pulverize AOE stuns and kicks you up in the air, so avoid being in a group so not everyone gets stunned. Try to silence him when u see him going for an attack. But yet he has a lot of CC so silence wouldn't work for too long but probably enough for an escape or just to mess up the gank.

Level of Threat: High

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Gaming With Soraka

Early Game: Always Try To stay behind your ADC, and try to move with him just like in a Dance. Keep the river warded, you can put the ward in the bush or between the dragon and the bush for a little more heads up. Also if needed ward the bush below if you notice that their support is poking a lot from there, Just a for a heads up of what he is about to do. And heal efficiently, not just after one hit by few minions but a legit full heal that you are able to do. Try to stun the enemy or give ADC a boost in mama if needed with Infuse.

Mid Game: If you pushed the lane and killed the tower and have a free roam, still don't forget to ward and if you notice that the enemy team wards too buy Oracle's Elixir to limit their view of the map. Again Always stay behind your team so you could heal them and not really take the damage your self. Also keep an eye on all of your team mates especially if some of them are low hp. Use Wish to heal them if needed but first make sure if if they REALLY need it, because you might need your Wish later own.

End Game: Do everything as you did, and just try to save your team from dying and keep them alive as long as possible. You can stop warding around the map if you are losing or winning, just have 1 or 2 wards around Dragon and Baron, just to still see if the enemy team wants to take ether one of them, or tell your team to take it as soon as they re-spawn. If everything is going well you can stop with the wards and just push to the win! If you are losing badly stop the warding too and just try to have fun at the end as much as possible!!!!!

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Laning with ADC

Soraka can work with any ADC out there, as long as they don't push the lane too hard, which un-able's you to heal and help them stay alive for longer. Your Astral Blessing since it has a long cool down rate.

The most effective ADC partner I found was Kog'Maw since his attack range is long and he deals good amount of damage to the enemy, aslo a good ADC partner would be Caitllyn Since she too has a long range and good damage. Draven could be a great partner too, but if not played correctly, you would run back to base every 3 or 4 minutes to get more mana. If he pushes too hard and not careful the Astral Blessing would drain you super fast. Soraka can work with any ranged ADC out there, its just harder to work with close range ones 1. Slow push because of your skills. 2. Fast mana drain for the heals. 3. Both have to retreat unless known for sure that you ADC will survive and get at least one kill ( sometimes you have to sacrifice yourself so ADC will leave, its better for u to die than your Adc ).

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Pros & Cons

+ Good Heal
+ best heal in the game
+ global healing can save allies even if you're not near
+ very annoying to the opposite team
+ silence
+ can grant mana to allies
+ great debuff on Starcall
+ Starcall has spammable damage
+ stacking CDR will be more valid than ever

- low damage early game
- you will not be allowed to farm
- long cooldowns on all skills except the only one that's not very useful at early levels...
- painfully long cd on heal
- all AP ratios are semi-low
- squishy early till mid game
- often focused
- can't use Infuse on herself anymore

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Just a quick look over the Masteries. I went 0/9/21

Going with The Magic defense and Physical Defense with cool down reduction and additional gold in the begging and over 10 seconds. Because your ADC would take all the minions but yu need to buy items too and that's how you do it.

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Summoner Spells

What I usually go With

With Heal you can help your Adc survive while your other heals are on the cool down. I would suggest you use it in the most critical times, after all of your other heals. As with teleport it just helps you go around the map and help your team in ganks or save someone or just for the push.
Can Also Take This

Flash could be useful in running away or it can save you that few units to get to the place faster, or just jump around to evade the attacks. Exhaust is useful for not letting the enemy run away and help your ADC pick up the kill and not chase the enemy for too long.

But i would suggest in taking the first two just because more probably for your team to stay alive.

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Where to Ward??

The places you should ward but don't really have to because it would be just the waist of money. The most important is your river bush and the bush right on top of your tower. Also put wards near Dragon and Baron, just to see if the enemy team tries to take it, so you can steal or stop them from taking in it.

If your jungler gets Wringgle's Lantern they should ward some of the places too.

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Again this is my first guide ever so hope it actually helps if not plz tell me how i can improve on this and make it look better. This is the way i play Soraka and many people play her differently but i like it this way. Thank You For Reading This Guide !