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Soraka Build Guide by Paperkliip

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Paperkliip

Soraka Support - Heals for the team

Paperkliip Last updated on May 8, 2013
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Not Updated For Current Season

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Hello, welcome to this Soraka Build, I thought of. I have played Soraka many different ways, I think this works best for me. I hope you see it also. I think the Support role is the most impotent role in the game. I just want to let everyone know I do play Soraka a lot. I think she is one of the best Supports, more to the best Support Champion there is. I like the heal as well as the Mana she throws out. Fast at heals late game. Keeps team fights strong. This is my quick guild to help players become a little better on the support of this champion. Please Remember read the "NOTES" section on the side for reasons of why chose them.

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I have chosen Exhaust and Heal. Exhaust to do exactly what it does. It can save your life or help early feed on your Attack Damage Carry. I think it is a great idea to have Heal as your second Summoner Spell, You have two heals for early game also it can save the whole team in team fights. Plus you end game with three heals. If you don't want Heal trade it out for Teleport, so you can get back to your lane faster after you go Shop or death. I think in late game i think Teleport is useless.

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Team Work

Try to remember your job is to keep the team happy. What I mean is with the heals and Support job. You would like to keep the ADC alive. Remember your job is to keep them alive. Don't waste a heal on your self if you can reach a heal out to a team mate. You stay in the back of the fight and try not to be seen. Remember to silence the main person, that is bothering your team. If your being focused just try to out run them and hopefully your team can help peel them off you in time.

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I choose to build strongly in Items that give out Auras. I As well as giving a few stuff Soraka may need. Cool down reduction Health and Mana Regeneration. We'll Mainly as a Support gain Money Money Money. You have to remember keeping the map warded all times. So you need to buy wards. LOTS OF WARDS. The game gets annoying with no vision. Get them wards. Also dont waste your money on Sight Wards. Get the Vision Wards. They are better and only 50Gold more. They allow you to see anything invisible. Such as enemy sight/vision wards, Shrooms, champions some others.

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Skill Sequence

I think getting your Astral Blessing is most impotent. I choose to max that out because keeping the heals strong is impotent thing as Soraka. Then i choose to get Infuse to keep the Attack Damage Carry with good amount of Mana. Then you can also Silence the enemies for s longer period of time as well. I think Starcall should be very last thing to get, you dont want to waste 1 point of not gaining your silence or heal. Also of course you want to get Wish (Ultimate) as soon as possible.

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I have chosen 5-0-25, Most of this should be self explanatory. I will explain what I think should be. I have chosen to get Wanderer over Meditation So you can travel around the map much faster. You would need to get from point A to point B. You really will not need to have just 3 Mana regeneration. Mastermind and Artificer are very impotent. You should get these to keep your Summoner Spells and active Items fast and ready as soon as possible. Twin Shadow's are a great item, giving Vision and slows. As well as keeping Heal Summoner Spell up. Expanded Mind you could trade out to get Meditation if you like. I choose to have high Mana instead. Late game you'll have more Mana Regeneration, that is why I dont get Meditation. I think Biscuteer and Explore is useless compared to gaining the extra Experience and Gold start out in Awareness and Wealth. As I have said before getting places is impotent that is why I have chosen Nimble.

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The runes are very self explanatory. I think getting gold maxed out as fast as possible is a good idea. Then getting that little cool down reduction is also good. You dont need scaling Cool Down Reduction because your Items are there for that. Scaling Ability Power is a Great idea, Late game your heals would be a little better.

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I can not explain how many supports i have seen chasing down creeps or stealing them from other champions. You have you mastery Awareness for a reason. That is what gives you, your experience. Farming is not at all your job. Stay off the creeps unless you don't have any other champion on your team with you. Don't go from middle lane to Bottom lane just to clear the creeps. Warn your team to go and clear.