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Soraka Build Guide by ILoveMagi

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League of Legends Build Guide Author ILoveMagi

Soraka, The Overpowered Support

ILoveMagi Last updated on December 17, 2011
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Hello everyone,

This guide will turn one of the most underrated champions into a beast. Just so you know: I've been playing Soraka for a while now (for around 300 games) so I know what I'm talking about.

This guide will also change as much as possible.


Also feel free to give CONTRUCTIVE critisism. It will require comments to vote so please make your comment useful.

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You want to play Soraka? this is what to expect

You need:
* To know when to heal and when to stop healing (overheal is NOT good)
* When to use your Infuse
* A supporting sense, you do not want to attack the enemy without help (or in rare occasions...)
* To be a nice person
* Patience, Learning to MASTER Soraka might look easy, but a good Soraka is hard to find, but people will love you when you are.

You DO NOT want:
* Bloodlust: be greedy and you will probably fail
* extremely aggresive teammates, they will blame you for not keeping up with the healing trust me

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Why build Soraka AP?

Well supports are supposed to annoy your enemies with silences, slows, etc.
Soraka has here Infuse ability to silence her enemies, her Astral Blessing for heals and her Starcall to reduce their magic resistance and eventually slow them if you take Rylai's Crystal Scepter.

The point I'm trying to make is: Why would you screw up her already amazing abilities with items like Shurelya's Reverie, if you can make her contribute in the damage output and give strong heals at the same time.

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Pros / Cons


* You have strong healing
* You can be annoying like hell if you use Infuse well
* You can rip apart magic resistance with Stacall
* When your good you will be loved by your team
* The enemy team won't like you


* Besides Flash you have no other escape mechanism if things go wrong
* Early game can be bad if your laning partner is to aggresive
* Despite not wanting to last hit, you love good farm

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Skill Sequence

You might have been wondering why I take Infuse first. This is because you should not attack and kill at level one, and even if you do, your small 80 heal won't do alot since it has a long cooldown at start, better take Infuse to prevent damage.

NOTE: It's a good thing to let your party-members know you took Infuse first, some people tend to rush in counting on a heal

I take this one second, because you might have already been taking damage. Heal up as much as you can.

NOTE: Use Astral Blessing first and then Infuse on your ally. This will refund your and your ally's mana

This little toy absolutely destroys the enemies magic resistance and deals quite a lot of damage. Also think about my combo: Rylai's Crystal Scepter + Starcall the other team will hate you for it.


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The runes are pretty common and yet powerful:

Why i take these (secundary) marks is because the primary's aren't really useful to Soraka, the only primary marks are for physical damage or magic penetration, you want more AP for your heals as magic penetration wont affect Astral Blessing

These are for more mana regeneration, although you have Infuse early game you might have mana trouble if you have to heal a lot.

These are for pretty much the same reason as the marks. The only difference is that these ARE primary runes.

These reduce you cooldown by a rough 7,17% which means you can use your abilities more (1.5 seconds less cooldown on Astral Blessing just because of your runes)

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I use another underestimated thing (since the Fizz patch) together with Soraka, the utility tree. This grants you lots of mana regeneration and lots of cooldown reduction.

It increases your Clairvoyance duration with 2 seconds, agreed this doesn't seem much but it can be a lifesaver, also i don't see where i should put another point.

Gives you increased mana.
tip: or +10 energy if you are a ninja like Kennen

You are a pretty slow champion so this will help you run away or towards enemy champs

This masterie will give you more mana regeneration

Because I have to waste a point, so I choose to get more gold instead of 1 silly percent of Spellvamp.

As support you won't get to farm as much as carries already so you' should level faster.

The more mana you have the more health regeneration is basicly what this does.

reduces your cooldowns with 6%

reduces the cooldown on your SUMMONER spells

I want more AP and more Cooldown reduction so here we have it

More cooldown reduction!

NOTE: only with your runes and masteries you now have 17.17% cooldown reduction, which means your cooldown on Astral Blessing is dropped again.

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This part will explain why I take these items, it is NOT the ultimate Soraka build because all games are different.

It gives you early game health, mana regeneration and even ability power.

NOTE: Try to stay in lane untill you get 1050 gold for the next item

They make you run faster and reduce your cooldowns by 15%

As mentioned before the combo with Starcall is a huge pain, you can slow entire teams with this toy, the health and additional ability power is a nice bonus ofcourse.

If the enemy team hasn't surrendered by now, this toy will probably make them. Your Ability power will go through the roof which increases your heals and damage.

Here we have it: even more Ability power and more another 20% Cooldown reduction.

NOTE: the last item is almost always different.
This increases your heals on yourself and reduces your cooldowns by another 10%

NOTE: Have you noticed your cooldowns are now reduced by 62,17%?

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When to use which spell

early game there are a few ways to use it:
1) When you are under attack: use it to disrupt their damage
2) When your allies mana is low: use it to refill his
NOTE: Try to always cast it on your ally, your mana regains as much whether you cast it on an ally or on yourself, so why not help your team.

In teamfights however I think Infuse should ALWAYS be casted on an enemy preferably an AP enemy.

Always use this to heal up your ally look who is most likely to die. For example: a Volibear with 600 hp left or an Ashe with 700 hp left. Who will you heal?

Here is where much Soraka's go wrong, they spam it. Early game you should ONLY use it to attack the enemy, NOT to clear minions, ofcourse this is different late game.

A global heal, you will have to get used to keep an eye on all health bars, use it when you see your allies will kill someone it will give you a support (and thus money)
NOTE: This can screw up Karthus his ulti very well

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Summoner Spells

Use this as an escape, prefent using it as a chasing mechanism, ofcourse if the enemy gets away with 50 health use it to chase

This is a skill that every support should take.

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Keep these in mind:

1) Your a support you DO NOT last hit minions, let your carry do that
2) use Wish when you see that unreachable teammembers are going to make a kill, it will give you a support and thus gold
3) In early-game use Starcall for the enemies, NOT for the minions
4) In teamfights, use Infuse to silence not to get mana
5) use Clairvoyance as much as you can