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League of Legends Build Guide Author ILoveMagi

Clawing through

ILoveMagi Last updated on May 8, 2011
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Hello, this is my second build, this one is going to be about Udyr, The Animal Spirit.
This guide is a JUNGLING guide, I might add other guides(like laning) if this guide does well.
WARNING: please read everything in the guide if you do not like the items, they might be in the guide itself, don't rate down for nothing

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Greater Mark of Desolation these runes are to damage even tankies more.

I take these seals because they synch nicely with Nimbleness

Greater Glyph of Replenishment Why flat mana regenrunes? Well, at the beginning you might have trouble with switching stances, they burn mana early game.

Greater Quintessence of Desolation same reason as Greater Mark of Desolation

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Why defensive masteries? Well without them you can not solo the blue golem. Also you wont be killed so easely.

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Summoner Spells


You have to gank and you have no range, this spell might solve this, it speeds you up which can result in you being able to land a stun on your target.

This spell is a MUST on jungling champions, also on Udyr


This spell slows your enemy, but you have more speed with Ghost and when you get Frozen Mallet you get slows already.

You could jump in and stun, but the range is limited. This could be used for better escapes though, but I still prefer Ghost.

For total obliteration, but to use this you have to get in range, which is hard for Udyr, you could use Ghost to get in range... Oh wait... Only 2 Summoner Spells allowed.

I am going to tell you this only once: this skill IS useful. This skill is ignored way to much, although Ghost is better you can use this, put it in a bush and go ganking.

If you go against heavy CC teams this will be useful, unfortunatly you don't know the enemy when you are choosing Spells so you better don't.

NO, why even try?

I like this more on support units, and ganking should be done on enemies already in line of sight.

You should have blue buff all the time, you don't need mana, in emergencies you have Turtle Stance to get mana, so NO

The healing is only a small portion for the damage that some champions can deal.

You gank, which means attacking by surprise, a 3 second whirlpool above a minion can be seen very easely and isen't surprising at all, don't take this.

This is just way better for tanks. you can use Ghost more

dude... wtf no, only good for feeders.

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How to Jungle/gank

(source: google) Please tell me how to get an enlarged version. Also I'd like to put in a video of me showing how to jungle


You start of with the blue golem, if you are not sure about yourself, get someone to pull the blue golem, but normally you should be able to take it out with no problem. Just spam your as soon as you attack, use use your Health Potions, (1)

then proceed to the wolf camp, they are easely killed, you might wanna go lighter on them because you get mana that way, (2)

next up are the Wraights: start of with and switch with you have to start with the Turtle Stance so you get a shield (YES the shield stays if you switch to Tiger Stance) (3)

Next up is the red buff, You should have atleast have half your hp (use a Health Potion if needed) do the same thing over again. (4)

Same goes for golemcamp (5)


You should start doing this when you reach level 5 and you have , you start of with Tiger Stance, then Turtle Stance (you are not attacking yet, this is to get stacks), then when you switch to Bear Stance you have your 3 stacks and go full speed, Bear Stance to stun and Tiger Stance to damage, switch between these to.

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This is a jungling guide so that means your item choice is very important:

Start off with and 5x s

Clear the jungle as explained above, when you have done this you will normally have enough money to get a as you probably have not killed any opponents yet.

Clear the jungle as much if you can and go and gank if you are sure you are going to kill them.

Get to make jungling faster and easier.

For the boots i go for , The attackspeed bonus is just very useful combined with the upcoming lifesteal.

Next up is some lifesteal: go for ] This is to ensure your survival.

Now we can start getting damage, first get your tankwrecking item

Upgrade your Targon's Brace to , It gives you the attack speed you need. (for you and your team)

Get a for your survivability and killability, you get hp and you slow your enemies which makes you able to kill them easier.

for even more tankripping get , this brings your attack speed to a max cap of 2.5 attacks/second (that's right, you can't go any higher) when you have all your stacks of Monkey's Agility

The last item usually depends on the enemy team, when they have a balanced team I'd go for because if they are smart they will focus AP's then you.

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Pros / Cons

- First jungler i actually enjoy playing
- With the right items and timing you can rip apart every character
- Your Shield can get you lucky escapes (if you have Ignite on you, you can pop you shield)
- Great escaper
- You look awesome, especcialy with Primal Udyr Skin

- You have meleerange, which means the enemy will always see you coming, this is made up by your speed though
- You have sadly enough no ultimate.
- The jungling and especcially the ganking takes some practise.

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Last words

Enough whining already, try this build, keep in mind that you need practise so don't blame me for every fail game, leave comments and decent explanations if you rate down so i can try it and maybe change it.

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Change Log

06/05/2011: Guide has been released