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Soraka Build Guide by AlexJumper

AP Carry Soraka, the Unexpected Threat

AP Carry Soraka, the Unexpected Threat

Updated on April 5, 2013
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlexJumper Build Guide By AlexJumper 2,021 Views 0 Comments
2,021 Views 0 Comments League of Legends Build Guide Author AlexJumper Soraka Build Guide By AlexJumper Updated on April 5, 2013
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Hello everyone! :)

My name is Alex and this is my guide on Soraka, The Starchild, with a little twist :P

Keep in mind that this is my first guide, so I'm always open to constructive comments and discussion, your thoughts, tips, and anything else you think that could make this guide better.

You guys are awesome! :D

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Pros / Cons


Her passive helps you sustain pokes from the enemy AP carry a bit more.
Huge damage output thanks to her Starcalls, reducing her enemies' magic resist.
Ultimate can be cast globally. (You can still be a support away from your carry :P )


Quite squishy early game, safe play is encouraged
Spamming Starcall early game leads to Mana hunger :/
Cooldowns are your worst enemy.
Fear the gap-closers.
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Let's start with some runes, shall we?
I run with Magic Penetration here, that's a standard for AP carries.

Next up, Flat Armor, gives off some extra durability against ganks, pretty much useless for any other reason.

Then, Flat Ability Power, because we want our spells to hit hard.
These are my personal preference, I use them a lot, and while these are open to change and discussion, I consider them optimal
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That little extra help you get early-on from your masteries really pays off later.
The new masteries add a little diversity to your regular play-style, with a couple of tricks up their sleeve.


This one helps us spam our spells more often.
Not much but helps us get down the tree.
Armor and Magic Penetration got nerfed a bit.. *sadfaic :(* This makes our spells hit harder.
Well, placeholder. Doesn't really amplify the damage a lot.
The extra Ability Power is always welcome, albeit a small amount.
Now that is an interesting one. I can already imagine the possibilities. :D
I keep on imagining this one as a very small version of the Deathcap. :lolz:
I think this one helps with last-hitting, as well as making your bananas fearsome to people who are trying to get away.


Self-explanatory. You WILL need this to stay longer in lane.
Faster way home.
Very helpful for your Flash to be up faster.
We want our Shurelya's to be available more, so we pick this one too.
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Skill Sequence

Get a point here early, helps with last hits, but finish second to last because mana cost is too big early on.
Your main damaging skill. Good for early trades, shuts down attempts of retaliation, and even saves your bum when escaping.
Stay in lane a bit further and bust his(or her) balls some more. Don't rely too much because you will find yourself without mana very quickly.
This is what makes Soraka counter Karthus. :P
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That's all folks!
If you have something to add, correct, or just share an opinion, leave a comment for me to talk about. And if you liked what you saw here, maybe you would rate this up and I'll give you a cookie :D
Alex signing off.
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League of Legends Build Guide Author AlexJumper
AlexJumper Soraka Guide
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Soraka, the Unexpected Threat

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