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Ezreal Build Guide by Babit

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This guide has not yet been updated for the current season. Please keep this in mind while reading. You can see the most recently updated guides on the browse guides page.

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Babit

Sounds Dangerous - Babit's AD Ezreal build.

Babit Last updated on June 24, 2012
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Not Updated For Current Season

The masteries shown here are not yet updated for the current season, the guide author needs to set up the new masteries. As such, they will be different than the masteries you see in-game.



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Hello and welcome to my Ezreal guide. Ezreal is an extremely fun ranged champion that I play as AD carry. He has great poke, great escape, and a pretty nice burst. While his damage isn't as high as some other AD carries late game, he has tons of utility he can use to keep himself up to par. Ezreal is the master of kiting enemies and making plays in teamfights. In this guide I will try to bring you up to speed on some neat tricks and general gameplay for Ezreal. Hopefully you will fall in love as I have with this champion.

This guide is not going to be lit up and fancy, but it will contain in depth explanations. So even though there is going to be a lot of walls of text, just bear with me and read through.

This is just to show that I am not just some random mobafire noob on an ezreal kick. I love this champion, and have played more ranked and normal game with him than any other champion.

I was rushing bloodthirster a lot in these games. It seems to work better in solo que when you have that unsuspected sustain.

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Pros / Cons

Very mobile
High burst early
Great poke
Global ulti

Not as much damage late game as most other AD carries
High skill cap

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For runes I like to take 6Arp reds and the rest flat AD along with AD quints. This combination gives you around 10 ArP which I feel increases your damage more than just flat AD.

16+10% ArP

My other choices are obvious, you could mix them up and get some CDR etc. I prefer the extra defense.

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I run 22/1/7 for masteries. This focuses on giving me a lot of offensive boosts while giving me some extra mana regen to help with skill spamming.

Key parts in this particular page include..

10% spell pen because Ezreal actually does quite a bit of AP damage, and 10% penetration is hard to look over for 1 mastery point. Also you have to build into CDR which is really useful in order to get the 10% spell pen.

10% arpen.

6% extra damage to enemies that are under 40% hp. This is great for ulti snipes and just finishing people off in general.

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Summoner Spells

I know I have Flash/ Heal as the summoners, but this is something that I change almost every game. This is why in the masteries I have all 3 improved summoner masteries.

Ezreal can use a variety of summoner combinations very effectively. I'll list a few of my favorites here.

Flash/ Ignite This is something I've always toyed with and I've been seeing Chaox do it a lot recently. Ezreal has great bursts. Adding Ignite just makes it that much better. Not to mention, the mastery gives you +5 ad/ap which never hurts.

Exhaust/ Ignite This is a really aggressive combo. I normally don't run it because I love my ability to double flash, but Exhaust/ Ignite is definitely a monster when used properly.

Heal/ Ignite Same as above.

Vs Ashe in lane? Enemy team has Amumu Galio AND Sejuani? Cleanse is your best friend.

Exhaust I normally will let my support take the Exhaust, but sometimes it's nice to have it in your hands. Ezreal can definitely catch someone off guard with the ability to blink in and exhaust them.

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The items that are shown are really more of a guideline after Sheen + boots 2.

I start with boots 3 pots almost every time. Sometimes if I have a Soraka/Taric AND I don't need the mobility in lane, I will start Dorans blade.

First trip back:
9/10 Times on my first shop I go Doran x2 + Vamp/Boots (Boots if I don't want the lifesteal)
This is an extremely generic first shop that is just a good all around start to your build.

Always when your shopping think of what you need the most. Sometimes first shop back I get BF, sometimes I go triple doran, sometimes I go single doran + Sheen. Ezreal is a very versatile champion which allows you to build catering more to a specific situation/match up than other AD carries.

Sheen is just an awesome early item for Ezreal, and you get good use out of every stat on it. Your Mystic Shot procs the sheen effect on hit, the mana is VERY useful, the AP doesn't even go to waste.

Unless I'm doing extremely well I tend to grab a Sheen earlier in place of a B.F. sword. Another thing to consider is once you have a Sheen your Mystic Shot is almost like a free crit on a stupidly short cooldown. (Especially with Ionian boots)

B.F. sword is still a good early pick up. Particularly if your doing good in lane already. It doesn't add quite as much damage to your Mystic Shot or give you mana, but it does add a good bit and your auto attacks become a true terror.

After Sheen/BF:
At this point in the game it gets entirely situational. Your options are: Trinity Force rush, Infinity Edge, or The Bloodthirster. You have to make the decision to buy what you need for YOUR game, I cannot tell you when to buy each of these items.

However I can tell you my preference :)

Sheen> Infinity Edge: I feel like this is the best of both worlds for Ezreal. Getting an early Infinity Edge helps keep up with other AD carries in damage throughout the game, and makes your autos true terror and your damage is unpredictable with your q being somewhat of a "crit".

Sheen> The Bloodthirster: Always a safe choice. A bit cheaper than IE, and great damage. Always a safe choice.

Sheen> Trinity Force: I tend to do this if either A: I'm really loaded when I go back. B: I really want that Phage proc.

If you got BF instead of Sheen early: Either rush The Bloodthirster or Infinity Edge - I do this if I'm snowballing really hard, but only then.
If you got an early BF sword, but things aren't going as well as you'd like. Get a Sheen and improvise.

At this point you probably need some armor pen, so Last Whisper or The Black Cleaver. If you don't need the armor pen you can build defensive here.

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Skill Sequence


Trueshot Barrage
As usual you want to max your ulti whenever possible. Ezreal's ulti is a key part to his viability. It does pretty huge damage, and it's AoE with global potential. Do not look at it as a snipe for low hp enemies only. You have tons of uses for your ulti.

Steal dragons. I do this all the time it's awesome. Takes good timing though.

Steal barons. This is realllly hard to time right, but it's absolutely possible and I've done it multiple times before. Potentially game changing when you pull it off.

When it looks like a teamfight is about to start up, the first thing I do is check to see if I have my ulti ready. You wanna wait until your absolutely sure everyone is going to commit to the fight and try to hit as many enemies as possible with your ulti, but be sure to prioritize the squishy carries. This is massive. It will take a fat chunk of hp from the tanks, and likely 1/3 of a squishies hp all at once. This will turn a teamfight around anyday and is EXTREMELY important later on in the game when you don't the raw power of other ad carries.

Mystic Shot
Next in priority is your Mystic Shot. This skill is your bread and butter. It does really nice damage, scales 100% off of AD 20% of AP. The range is insane, and it lowers your cooldowns every time you hit an opponent with it while being on a low cd itself.

Use your q for harassment. Use it to last hit minions that you would miss otherwise. Use it to last hit minions from a safe distance if your low. Use it to check brushes. Use it to check dragon/baron. Bread and butter.

Arcane Shift
Your next priority is your Arcane shift. This skill is just awesome and it is what makes Ezreal what he is. With range comparable to flash, and a nuke on the closest enemy. This skill has tons of versatility. Use it to jump walls. Use it in combo for harassment. Use it to escape sticky situations.
Arcane shift can be your best friend or your worst enemy. It can be a potent offensive tool early game, but be sure your not over committing. If you shift into a graves' face and he doesn't die in 1 second your going to get slapped in the face and have no way to escape.
Later on in the game you should always save your shift for a defensive/repositioning move in a fight. People can kill you too fast and things are too unpredictable for you to put your shift on cd. The exception being when you are absolutely sure you are going to be safe, and need the repositioning(chase, jumping into dragon/baron pit, etc).

Essence Flux
Your Essence Flux is a decent skill, and often goes overlooked. It does a decent amount of damage if leveled early, but it just costs too much mana to be realistic. Nevertheless it has a pretty cool buff/debuff.
I like to just toss this out in a teamfights and dragon/baron. It has a pretty decent range so a lot of the time you can get a clear shot on the ad carry, but it can also be just as useful hitting your own bruiser and a couple of others in your team. This also stacks your passive for each champion hit which makes a fast strong difference in your damage output.
A lot of people don't even take this early, but I feel like it really does work in lane. It's just an unpredictable "invisible" debuff which can catch people off guard the first couple of times you pull it out and really improve your ability to exchange.

Don't forget about your passive!!! Your passive is a huge part of Ezreal It allows you to build straight damage like Sheen and Infinity Edge, relying on your passive for attack speed.

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Ezreal is a monster lvl 2-9. Your utility allows you to outplay almost any lane, and get to whatever goal you've set for yourself. Zoning enemies feels a lot safer since you have your shift to quickly get out of retaliation, and flash if you need to get even further away. I like to play safe but take opportunities if they arise early.
Once you shop and get a couple of dorans blade your mystic shot really starts to hurt. If your being aggressive already you can really start dominating for the next few levels at this point. You should be lvl 6 and that increases your lane presence dramatically.
If your having to sit back and play safe, just harras/farm with Q and farm as hard as you can. Wait for ganks, or just stay alive until midgame where you can make a big impact on teamfights.

Now the lane phase is over and teamfights are starting to break out. People are roaming around, and opportunities arise for you to really capitalize on. Ezreals late game may not be as good as your typical AD carry, but his midgame is a lot better than the majority of them. Remember to keep farming, but be sure to make your presence known while you are this strong. This is where you can win a game single handedly as Ezreal. Your Mystic Shot will probably be taking somewhere around 1/5th of a squishies hp, and your Trueshot Barrage is turning every teamfight around. Get active and make plays. There is no telling you how to play at this point, just know that this is your strongest point in the game.

Now I know I've been saying the whole time that Ezreal is weaker late game, but don't let this deter you from doing your job. You still do great damage. At this point in the game is when your utility really shines. Your Essence Flux is slowing peoples attack speed by 40% while also buffing your teams attack speed 40%. This is a pretty significant buff/debuff and can really make a difference. At this point in the game your normally kiting more than killing, but you are the kite master Ezreal and this is what your made for. Keep yourself alive and the enemy team will probably kill themselves trying to reach you. Do your job and stay alive late game.

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Every AD carry has certain synergy with certain supports. Here I'll list a few of my favorite combos for bot lane.

Sona+ Ezreal
This is my favorite lane to run. This combo is just extremely versatile. Early on your poke is phenomenal and early kills are a very real possibility. You can use this to be very aggressive early, OR just let sona sustain you while you play safe and poke from a distance. Once you both hit lvl 6 you can kill anybody at 75% hp with 1 combo. Have your Sona initiate with an ulti and ulti right on top of that. Close the distance so your opponent cannot just run/flash away and do the deeps. This is pretty much a guaranteed kill and goes beyond just the laning phase. Be sure to abuse this all game.

Soraka+ Ezreal
Everybody loves this combo. There's not much to it. Soraka gives you mana and more heals than anybody else. Most people resign to a passive farming lane when they have Soraka, but that's just not the case with Ezreal. Mana problems are about your only excuse for dying in lane phase as Ezreal, and without mana problems you can 2v1 the enemy bot lane with good play.

Leona+ Ezreal This combo has tons of potential. I don't like Leona as a support so much due to lack of sustain or any defenses for the AD at all, but her ability to lock people down can get really dangerous with an Ezreal. Leona = kill lane. Abuse your double ulti power throughout the game like with Sona and get those kills.

Alistar, Lulu,and Janna are all great supports in general and you can really dominate a lane with any of these supports.

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I hope that this guide helps you understand and enjoy my favorite champion. Thanks for the read.

This guide is brand new at this point, so constructive criticism is welcome. If you downvote me please tell me why. If you upvote, well, thank you.