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Pantheon Humor Guide by Duvakiin

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League of Legends Build Guide Author Duvakiin


Duvakiin Last updated on April 3, 2014
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Hello! My name is BOXXY. haha x'3 Nope. I am "I MightKillSteal"(EUW)/ "TheDutchmanSuck" (EUN)
And welcome to my guide SPARTANS, WHAT IS YOUR PROFESSION?

First of all, i will start to say. I play 4 fun. Not to take it seriuozz. Because i wanna have fun. And not be a pro that rage on everyones little fail. I therefor makes builds that fuqh the rulez. But, in my deffenz, i have been caged in Co-op vs al because i play with everyone, and everyone are often my friends that has just started or dont want to play PvP.
SO...Here is my guide. TO SPARTA"
Oh...And i play him as ADC (Let the raging start)

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Pantheon (or AKA "MANTHEON") Is a very fun champion to play. He is a high damage dealing early melee AD. He has both strong poke (With his q) and burst, which can make the opponents life miserable. He has a high range ultimate ability (That i have heard, gona be nerfed ._.) That allows him to jump across a whole lane! He can dive kill, if people ran away, then you can simply jump after them, or if people wants help.

At the beginning, his damage is real high. (Because of his E)

There are downsides to Pantheon, his E passive (Instand crit 15% Enemy Health) Makes him dangerouzzz at the beginning, but at late game it has no matters. And you need to have an SPARTAN ballz to use his ultimate. If you are not Lan'ing or have clear communication with something like skype. "Then you gona have a bad time" Beacuse his ulti demands good communication, to gank correctly. You dont want to enter a teamfight when your teamets haz left. And good communication are not always a given in the LoL community.

If you want to play Pantheon, you're going to have to be a man of 300 BALLZNESS and take some good damn risks.

In this guide Noob Troll Build, I will show you how to build Pantheon (Ish) And how to play with the technique, and when to take the right risks.

Become an SPARTAN!

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Pros / Cons


+ Strong poke with Spear Shot
+ strong burst with Heartseeker Strike
+ Both awesome passive/damage reduction
+ great roamer (Beacuse of Ult)
+ Grand Skyfall acts as free Teleport
+ strong laning and mid game


- Early Mana eater, esp. w/o blue buff
- vulnerable to CC, esp. stun and silence
- can be risky laner (vulnerable to ganks) NB (He has Block passiv to help tho)
- weak wave clear early
- ultimate can be difficult to use Like a Baws
- damage falls off late game

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Because of his E passive. Build up your crit dmg.
Thats my spartan way.

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Whatever u feels like c:

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have not been able to explain the build. Ravenous Hydra is life steal and hp regen which makes you to survive longer. Atma's Impaler you get to take care of some crit even if you offre main build that. And iceborn here makes you less squishy, and the slower. When he has passive blockers that this is enough to be thought litt.Frozen Mallet helps with life + slower then some. Combres amigo?
Moreover, the act for fun, I play to have fun, not ve eat it to be serious. And here I use the pantheon botlane. Thus you do not need to be tanky when you are adc.

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Skill Sequence

If top, start with q. If bot start with e, then w.

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Flash, because then you can last hit crit poke them ^_^
Combine Teleport to make double teleport with ur ult.

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Team Work

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